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The A in the Opposite Dorm Always Thinks I'm Pretending to be a BChapter 18


At this moment, the students surrounding the combat stage watching the excitement were all silent. If this continued on, someone might die.

“Call an instructor.” bRr5WJ

“Someone call for an instructor.”

In the beginning, it was just a whispering proposal, but then the voices got louder and someone finally left the training ground to find a military instructor.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

How come this kid still hasn’t collapsed? Xu Yu Sheng always liked to get things done quickly. It was the first time he encountered such a troublesome person. His patience was running out and he couldn’t bear it anymore.

“…… Go die.” Xu Yu Sheng put the last of his strength into his hook, aiming for Ning An’s temple. xl69AN

“Stop.” Xu Yu Sheng’s fist was gripped by Derek and his whole body was dragged to the side. He could only stumbled along before steadying himself.

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Wu.” So fierce. Fu Ke murmured an apology before performing a karate chop on the back of Ning An’s neck. Ning An let out a short gasp and fell limp in his arms. Fu Ke then hugged him up and walked towards the infirmary.

“Student Xu, are you okay? Do you need to go to the infirmary?”


Xu Yu Sheng’s face turned pale as he looked at Derek. He now also realised what would have happen if his punch had landed on Ning An earlier. Shaking his head, he turned around towards his group of friends, who then crowded around him and escorted him out of the training ground.

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Derek shrugged and then rushed to the infirmary.

Aiyah, that Xu Yu Sheng beat you up so severely. I really want to go find him and take revenge!” As soon as Fu Ke entered the infirmary, Chen Si Yu, who was watching over He Xin, saw Ning An in his arms. “He even fainted……”

“I was the one who knocked him out.” Fu Ke passed Chen Si Yu and handed Ning An over to the doctor. “At that time, the situation was quite delicate.” DhuM8t

The doctor gave Ning An a preliminary examination and found that there were no broken bones. He then signalled for Fu Ke to put him in the treatment cabin next to He Xin. A blue transparent jelly-like liquid then slowly enveloped Ning An.

Chen Si Yu still wanted to ask more questions, but the doctor tapped the board in his hand with a pen, indicating for them to listen. “There’s no broken bones. They can leave after another hour. Ai, look at their ghostly appearances. They’re really a bunch of lunatics. Who will sign this form?”

“Ah, I’ll do it.” Chen Si Yu followed the doctor over. “I share the same room as those two. Is it okay if I wait for them here?”

“There’s a rest area over there.” The doctor took back the form Chen Si Yu signed and then started to input the information, passing Chen Si Yu a bottle of water along the way. wL5Fbd

When Derek arrived at the infirmary, he saw Fu Ke staring at the treatment cabin in a daze. He sat down, scooted over and then gave Fu Ke a slap. “What’s wrong Fu? Are you okay?”

When he looked over, he also saw He Xin in the next treatment cabin. “Oh…… there’s another one…… so fierce.”

Derek was making a remark about Xu Yu Sheng, but Fu Ke recalled the few times he had been hit when Ning An was thrashing about. Feeling the dull ache in his ribs, he followed in agreement. “Yes, he’s very fierce.”

“Student Fu, Student Liszt.” Chen Si Yu asked the doctor for two more bottles of water and passed it to them. Seeing that they were both looking at the treatment cabins, he said, “We really troubled you two today.” v7XAul

“Don’t mention it, it’s nothing much.” Derek pointed at He Xin. “Did he also get beaten by Xu Yu Sheng?”

“Yes. About that, I want to ask. Ning An, he……” Chen Si Yu remembered that Fu Ke said it was he who knocked Ning An out. “What was the situation back then?”

Those two were extremely fierce.” It was the first time that Derek saw such an expression on Ning An’s face; he looked as though he wanted to tear his opponent to shreds. “Is there some past enmity between them?”

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“Even if there is enmity, it wouldn’t count as much.” Chen Si Yu thought, the interaction between those two could be counted on one hand. It seemed like He Xin was very important to Ning An. “Regardless, I want to thank you for today. It’s fine if it’s just me here, you guys don’t need to keep watch.” d2V7zy

The two of them really had no reason to stay, so they both nodded and bid farewell before returning to their dorms.

Translator's Note

A type of punch.

Translator's Note

Expression of surprise. Can also be a sound of pain

Translator's Note

Expression of surprise or shock. Also like a nagging expression.

Translator's Note

Ning An and Xu Yu Sheng

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