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The A in the Opposite Dorm Always Thinks I'm Pretending to be a BChapter 15


When the date displayed on Ning An’s terminal arrived, Fu Ke started to restlessly look around the cafeteria during breakfast.

“Fu, what are you looking for? Is today’s breakfast not to your liking?” Ever since he was questioned by Fu Yue, Derek also became a little curious; did Fu Ke make another friend recently? khR2JV

“It’s nothing.” Derek could tell that this was a half-hearted reply, because although Fu Ke said this, his eyes still didn’t return to the food on the table.

Derek also tried to follow his gaze and look around, but he couldn’t find what he was looking for. Pursing his lips, he decided to forget about it and dig into his breakfast.

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The same thing happened at lunch; it was even to the point that Fu Ke had almost spilt soup all over Derek.

“Hey, listen, Fu.” Derek was grateful for his quick reflexes. “I don’t know what’s wrong with you today, but if you’re looking for someone, I suggest you use your terminal to send them a message. If you don’t have them added as a friend, then just forget I said anything.” zyTkYt

Fu Ke suddenly realised how much of an idiot he was and immediately sent a message to Ning An.

[Are you still coming to the library tonight?]

Derek watched as Fu Ke stared at his terminal while absent-mindedly scooping up the soup. “If you keep staring, your soup will go cold. Fu, are you in love?”

“Um, no.” Fu Ke paused for a moment when he heard this and then put down the spoon. Just when he wanted to say something else, his gaze was firmly captured by Ning An’s reply. ATOIfY

[I won’t be bothering you tonight. I won’t be at school for the next few days.]

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Seeing Fu Ke’s eyebrows furrow, Derek felt that his guess couldn’t be far off. It was just that Fu Ke himself might not have noticed it.

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“I’m done.” Fu Ke drank the rest of the soup in one go and stood up to leave with the empty tray. “I’ll be going first.”

“Lfs, kjla!” Gfgfx ibbxfv ja Me Bf’r yjmx jcv revvfcis atbeuta bo atf qtgjrf ‘njief ibnfg bnfg oglfcvr’. Lf weaafgfv j ofk kbgvr lc tlr tfjga yfobgf tf rqfv eq jcv olclrtfv fjalcu tlr iecmt. Aera jr tf kjr ifjnlcu, tf tjqqfcfv ab gec lcab Lf Wlc ktb kjr tfjvlcu lc atf rjwf vlgfmalbc. nFmcC6

“Hello.” Derek had a good impression of this sunny and cheerful youth. He remembered that he was always with Ning An. “You’re by yourself today?”

“Hello, Student Li……” He Xin suddenly remembered that Derek had told him to call him by his name. He quickly fixed his words and replied: “Hello, Derek. Ning An will be away for the next few days.”

Chen Si Yu and Wang Yi always came and left together because they both had mental strength training. Although He Xin had a good relations with the other students in his class, he wasn’t particularly close with any of them, so he could only eat by himself.

“Do you want to go together to the training ground tonight?” Derek felt that He Xin looked a little lonely and hence decided to make an offer. “Or are you going to the library?” PGXjIc

“I was planning to go to the library.” Song Xing had praised He Xin in the morning class, saying that he had made great progress. However, the mecha structures mentioned in theory class always gave him a headache. One time, he had almost fallen asleep in class, so he needed to spend some more time studying.

“Student Liszt should have your own plans, right? I can go by myself.” He Xin had learnt from Wang Yi that Derek came from an influential military family. The knowledge learnt in class must be very easy for him to understand.

“I told you that you can just call me Derek.” Derek noticed that He Xin was still a little reserved around him. “I’ve decided that my plan today is to be together with you.”

“Ai, isn’t this very troublesome for you?” He Xin didn’t expect Derek to offer to accompany him. Although it sounded strange, He Xin still happily smiled and his eyes curved into two arcs. “Well, thank you. I’ll see you in the library tonight.” Un60BV

How can anyone smile so brilliantly? I only said that I was going to accompany him to the library. Derek resisted the urge to rub He Xin’s head and nodded: “Okay, I’ll see you in the library.”

“Oh, by the way Derek, who won between you and your neighbour when you were on the balcony?” He Xin recalled the scene he accidentally saw on the balcony that night. “You were comparing your bodies, right? I think your figure is better than his.”

“Ah, so you saw it.” Fu Ke had dragged Derek back inside after he was informed by Ning An. Although he was told off for being embarrassing, Derek felt that since it was dark outside, no one would see. He was also just fooling around. But after hearing He Xin mention this, he suddenly felt a little embarrassed. “We were just playing around.”

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Derek thought for a moment and then asked: “Was I very noticeable?” W7Sqmc

“Not really, I just happened to see you when I went out to hang the washing.” He Xin just didn’t expect that Derek would have such a childish side. He wasn’t as unapproachable as he had imagined. “We can see your bedroom from our balcony.”

“What a coincidence.” Derek started to think if he had done any other foolish things on the balcony. The answer was far too many. “You, are you always on the balcony?”

“Um, no. I only go out there when I need to hang the washing.” He Xin felt that Derek’s expression didn’t look too good and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. It’s windy on the balcony at night. Be careful not to catch a cold.” xnSYCo

“I will. You should also be careful ah.” Reaching the fork in the road, He Xin waved goodbye to Derek. “Then I’ll see you at night.”

“Mm, see you tonight.” On the way back to his dorm, Derek started to seriously think over what Fu Ke had said about his inappropriate behaviour. Indeed, he really should start paying more attention to it.

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Fu Ke felt a little unhappy, but he didn’t know why he was unhappy. Looking at the high-calorie food prepared for Ning An according to Fu Yue’s instructions, his chest felt a little stuffy. Ning An had only sent his one reply and didn’t say anything after that. o7CdH0

Perhaps an Omega’s estrus was really hard to endure.

Since Fu Ke was an Alpha, he couldn’t accompany Fu Yue during her estrus. But seeing his little sister’s miserable expression every time, he knew that it must be very uncomfortable.

Then it’s better if he didn’t disturb him too much. He could give him the food when he returns to school.

After thinking this, Fu Ke felt a little better. At first, he had thought that Omegas shouldn’t go to military school, but seeing how hard Ning An worked, he couldn’t bear to expose him. Perhaps he had just made an impulsive decision to enter military school; he would soon realise that there are other places more suited for him. ajmHgy

Perhaps when they become more familiar with each other and share their secrets, Ning An would be more willing to listen to his advice.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fu Ke thought for a moment and opened the online store on his terminal, buying the book that he had already added to his shopping cart.

Let’s scatter the remaining thoughts in the training ground!

***** 6FVeya

Afraid that Qin Zhao would add more extracurricular homework for him, Ning An anxiously returned to school and immediately handed in his report. Then, carrying the two big bags of snacks that Ning Meng had stuffed into his arms, he returned to the dorm. She had said that the snacks should be shared with the students in his class, and the rest should be left for his roommates. She also didn’t forget to prepare a portion for Fu Ke and Derek.

“This is the honey cake that I said I was going to take you to eat before.” Ning An handed a packaged box with slightly damaged corners to He Xin. “It might be a little cold. It’s tastier when it’s hot.”

“Thank you.” He Xin picked up a piece that was still warm with a fork and put it into his mouth. His eyes instantly lit up. “Wow, this is really good!” Then, he sat there hesitating on whether to eat a second piece. “Would I not be able to grow abs if I eat this?”

He Xin had specifically asked Derek on how he trained his body. He noticed that Derek didn’t seem to eat any sweets. AOHst1

“What’s the problem with that? If worst comes to worst, just double your effort in the training ground at night.” Anyway, Ning Meng had stuffed Ning An full of cheesecakes, cream puffs and so on these past few days. His barely visible abs that he had worked so hard on could no longer be seen.

“Okay.” He xin immediately relaxed and started to eat to his heart’s content.

“Hey, Ning An.” Chen Si Yu and Wang Yi returned after they finished eating. Chen Si Yu was also holding a bag in his hand. “We just ran into Student Fu downstairs. He asked me to give you this.”


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