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The A in the Opposite Dorm Always Thinks I'm Pretending to be a BChapter 11


Under certain stressful circumstances, an Omega may experience a sudden onset of estrus. This was the case for Xu Yu Sheng. He had thought that the injuries he received from his fight with Ning An weren’t much of an issue. Even when he realised that his whole body was covered in bruises while taking a shower, he had simply applied some medicine onto them.

How could he possibly be beaten by an insignificant crane tail into the infirmary? He would never let anyone question his abilities. Hence, on the next day, he appeared in the training ground as usual. c0Td34

But today, his feelings were clearly different. The sweat flowing from the Alphas in the training ground was just like aphrodisiac. Although the scents of the pheromones were very faint, it was like they were coming from all directions, suppressing him and making it difficult for him to breathe.

He knew exactly what this reaction was. Quickly bidding farewell to his friends, he turned and left the training ground. The inhibitors he had prepared for this month have already been used up, but fortunately, he would always have a spare just in case.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Now he just needed to find an empty location and wait for the heat to pass. In a state of panic, he didn’t pay attention to where he was going or what was in front of him, bumping into some people at the corner of the teaching building.

“Sorry……” Xu Yu Sheng squinted and tried to identify these people. He wanted to break away from this group and leave, but evidently, they didn’t intend to let this happen. iDKEs0

“Yo, isn’t this that Beta who’s first in the grade.” Xu Yu Sheng recognised the voice as someone from the Alpha ‘brotherhood’. His heart immediately sank. “How did you become like this? To actually be beaten to this state by a crane tail.”

“……Please let me through. I have an urgent matter to attend to.” Xu Yu Sheng tried to get past them and leave, but he was yanked back and pushed to the ground.

“No matter what urgent matter you have, you also can’t bump into someone and just leave, right?”

“I already apologised.” btuQO4

“You think it’s enough to just apologise?”

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“Vfflcu sbeg ofiibk raevfcar, sbe vbc’a fnfc ulnf j ugffalcu, yea lcrafjv yewq ragjluta lcab atfw. Tbe wera tjnf vbcf atlr bc qegqbrf, gluta?”

We Te Vtfcu kjr erejiis jirb nfgs kliv, jcv atf qfbqif bo atf ‘ygbatfgtbbv’ tjv yffc ectjqqs klat tlw obg j ibcu alwf. Lbk mbeiv atfs ifa ub bo tlw rb fjrlis ktfc atfs olcjiis byajlcfv atlr bqqbgaeclas abvjs.

Seeing the group of people surround him, Xu Yu Sheng knew that he couldn’t talk his way out of this situation. Usually, he wouldn’t be afraid at all. However, today’s circumstances were special…… yqPGkp

Someone sensed something peculiar and doubtfully sniffed the air around them. “Why do I feel like I smell a……”

Ning An suddenly rushed out and madly sprayed the large bottle of moisturising spray that Ning Meng had given him into the faces of those people. He then pulled up Xu Yu Sheng who was still sitting on the ground in a daze and ran.

Instructor Qin’s dirty move was really quite good. Ning An held his parcel box in one hand and dragged Xu Yu Sheng along with the other, rushing into the teaching building. He found an empty classroom with the lights turned off and dashed inside. Shutting the door, he then leaned against it and listened to that group of people curse as they ran past before letting out a sigh of relief. When he intended to open the door and leave, the hem of his shirt was firmly grasped and pulled back.

“…… Ning An.” Xu Yu Sheng’s vision had already become quite fuzzy. Leaning in extremely close, he could finally make out Ning An’s face, but then immediately pushed him away. “Hurry up and leave. In a moment, even you will……” xRKVwL

“I what?” Ning An failed to understand. He noticed that something was wrong with Xu Yu Sheng, so he put the  box down and moved closer to take a look.

“Don’t come over! You……” Xu Yu Sheng didn’t even have the strength to retreat. He leaned his head against the wall and panted. “Th-they should be coming over soon…… Leave now.”

“Estrus.” Ning An was quite surprised, but now was obviously not the time to ask questions. He crouched down in front of Xu Yu Sheng and said, “Where’s your inhibitor? Do you have an inhibitor?”

“Here……” Xu Yu Sheng took out a needle with the medicine dose inside from his bag. His hands were shaking so much that he almost dropped it onto the floor. Ning An quickly came forward to take it away from him. h6eQWV

Xu Yu Sheng’s arms weren’t thick. It was hard to imagine that they could produce such powerful punches. Ning An quickly found his vein and injected all the liquid inside.

Xu Yu Sheng leaned against the wall and waited for the inhibitor to take effect. Beside him, Ning An shook the bottle of moisturising spray to see how much he had just used. It felt too wasteful.

“How come you didn’t seem to be affected at all?” From the way Ning An skilfully injected the inhibitor into him, Xu Yu Sheng basically already determined that Ning An was the same as him, that they were both Omegas who had hidden their identities. “My pheromones……”

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“Why would I be affected?” Ning An took out a pack of chocolate biscuits from the box and passed it over to him. “I am a genuine Beta. If you don’t believe me, then I can take my clothes off right now for you to look. Wait no, that just makes me look like a hooligan.” 214wVb

Xu Yu Sheng chuckled.

“It’s true that a lot of people would think that I’m an Omega, but how can it be that easy to deceive the school doctor……” Ning An suddenly paused and shut his mouth. Wasn’t there someone who had deceived the physical examination doctor right in front of him? “How did you get into this school?”

“With an illicit drug. It can make my physical indicators look the same as a Beta’s. I also relied on some connections.” Xu Yu Sheng felt the heat in his body gradually subside. He supported his hand against the wall and stood up, looking at Ning An with a complicated expression. After all, only yesterday, the two of them were still opponents. Xu Yu Sheng said with some uncertainty:

“The matter about me being an Omega, can you help me keep it a secret?” If this was exposed, then all his efforts so far would go to waste. “You can raise any conditions.” Aw6iZK

“How can you be so reckless ah? Are you preparing to be a hero who sacrifices himself for a righteous cause?” Ning An ate a biscuit in puzzlement. “As for keeping a secret, you can keep it yourself. In the future, just don’t come and find trouble with Class 6 again.”

“Are you now alright? Then I better get going.” The Alpha ‘brotherhood’ who were roaming around outside had left. Ning An picked up his parcel box and also intended to leave. “Oh right, is the classroom now filled with your pheromones? Before you leave, remember to open the windows to ventilate the room.”

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He can’t smell it? Although a Beta’s perception of pheromones aren’t that sharp, but to not be able to smell even this, how dull was his perception? While Xu Yu Sheng was puzzling over this, Ning An had already left. Snapping out of his daze, he looked thoughtfully at the open door.

‘As for keeping a secret, you can keep it yourself’? He really was an interesting person. Xu Yu Sheng opened his terminal and wanted to send Ning An a message, but only then realised that he didn’t have Ning An added as a friend. Wang Yi and Ning An were in the same dorm, so Wang Yi should have his contact details. Forget it. oTVMpR

Xu Yu Sheng switched off his terminal. Before leaving, he didn’t forget Ning An’s reminder to open the windows. As for expressing thanks, it’s better if he did this in person.

Although Ning An was certain that the ‘brotherhood’ group didn’t see his face clearly, but they had obviously seen Xu Yu Sheng’s. Ning An paid special attention to whether they would come to cause trouble. Naturally, he had to find Chen Siyu for this matter.

“That ‘brotherhood’ was beaten up, didn’t you know?” As soon as Chen Siyu said this, a few people in the cafeteria looked over at him. He apologetically glanced at these people and lowered his voice, telling Ning An, “During combat class, Student Fu single-handedly knocked all of them to the ground.”

“Why did Fu Ke fight them?” lf2UQW

“I don’t know. Maybe it was a personal grudge.” Chen Siyu used a napkin to wipe his mouth. “In any case, they’re usually so wild and violent. Many people didn’t like them, so what Student Fu did can be considered as eliminating a public threat.”

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A lot of Betas had suffered under the bullying of the ‘brotherhood’. Since their physical strengths couldn’t match with those Alphas, they could only suffer in silence. Hearing that those people had all been taught a lesson, everyone clapped their hands and cheered. Fu Ke’s popularity amongst the students also increased quite a bit.

“They’re much quieter now, and they also act more low-key.” Chen Siyu threw his used napkin into the bin. “Unlike before where anyone who looked at them must give way, just like an organised crime syndicate that collected protection fees.”

“Hahaha.” Hearing this comparison, Ning An burst out into laughter. “You’re a real talent.” Nwpqgs

Chen Siyu shrugged. “I think my description is very accurate.”

“Student Ning An.” A voice cut in like a knife, abruptly breaking off Chen Siyu and Ning An’s conversation. Looking up, they saw Xu Yu Sheng. “Can you come with me?”

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