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The A in the Opposite Dorm Always Thinks I'm Pretending to be a BChapter 10


Dusk is the time when day and night intertwine, as well as the time when demons run rampant…… The stories Elina told were all true. The long corridor seemed to be endless, with the same dim sunlight passing through the same windows. Behind him was the darkness that was relentlessly chasing him, but even though his legs were trembling, Ning An still turned around to charge into that darkness. He must not let it touch Ning Meng. Must not……

“Ning An, Ning An.” k0ifTQ

Ning An was awakened by the subtle pain on his cheeks. He opened his eyes and saw He Xin’s face enlarged in front of him. The two of them stared at each other for a while before Ning An finally found back his voice.

“He Xin.” Ning An held the edge of the treatment cabin and climbed out. The blue jelly-like fluid flowed off his body without leaving a trace. “What happened to me?”

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“We also want to ask you the same thing. When Student Fu brought you here, you were completely unconscious. He also said that it was he who knocked you out. In the end, what happened during your fight with Xu Yu Sheng?” Chen Siyu came over said in a huff: “The medical treatment ended but you still didn’t wake up. We were afraid that there was something wrong with you.”

“Sorry, I made you guys worried.” Ning An straightened his clothes. “I didn’t lose right? I can’t quite remember. You said Fu Ke brought me here?” JCoZ4r

“Yes ah. I still thought it was Xu Yu Sheng who gave you a critical hit, but now I’m wondering if he actually did hit your head. How come you can’t remember what happened ah?”

In any case, it was good that the two of them were fine. It was also quite late, so the three of them said goodbye to the doctor and left the infirmary. At the entrance, they ran into Wang Yi who had hurried over.

Wang Yi first thoroughly looked He Xin and Ning An all over before giving Ning An a smack. “You brat, you’re really something.”

“Don’t don’t don’t! Brother Yi, don’t hit me so hard. Otherwise, I might need to go in again after I just came out.” IHOx1w

“Sorry, I was just agitated.” Wang Yi gave up the thought of giving Ning An another smack. “I’ve already heard about it. I can’t believe you’re actually so fierce.”

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“Brother Yi must be joking. If I were really that strong, then it wouldn’t be me who went to the infirmary.”

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“Kfii wf, kts vlv sbe revvfcis ufa lcab j oluta klat We Te Vtfcu. Tbe kfgf yfjafc ab remt j rajaf jcv sfa sbe ralii xfqa jrxlcu tlw ab mbwf jujlc.” Rlcu Cc cevufv Lf Wlc klat tlr fiybk. Lf Wlc vlvc’a rffw ilxf rbwfbcf ktb kbeiv jma bea bc lwqeirf. zH3xnr

“I couldn’t accept it. He spoke so rudely and also said that Instructor Qin was……” He Xin was a little embarrassed. “Was I too impulsive? I also dragged you into this.”

“In any case, I wanted to fight for justice. How could I just turn a blind eye when I see my own friend being beaten like that?” Ning An had also heard of how Xu Yu Sheng’s group of people looked down on those in Class 6. If it were him, he probably also wouldn’t have been able to bear it.

“Who says Class 6 is easy to bully? Didn’t that Xu Yu Sheng get first place in the entrance exam? I’ll make him unable to sit steadily in his number one spot!”

“Then I’ll also work hard!” rdJXYw

Their spirits surged, wishing to change direction and head to the training grounds again, but after being discovered by Chen Siyu and Wang Yi, they were dragged all the way back to their dorm room.

When Fu Ke returned to the dorms, he went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. While washing, he saw the bruised marks under his ribs and recalled how he had effortlessly carried Ning An in his arms. He wondered if that boy usually had proper meals.

He pressed on his bruised skin and felt a little pain. Ning An usually looked so weak and fragile, but when he bared his fangs and brandished his claws, Fu Ke didn’t expect that he was actually quite fierce. Also, that faint sweet smell on his body……

The more Fu Ke thought about it, the more his heart ran wild. He quickly turned up the cold water and rinsed off the soap on his body before going to bed. His mind was filled with pheromones, only startled out of thoughts by a notification sound from his terminal. It was a message from Ning An. m girB

[Thank you for today.]

Fu Ke silently stared at the rabbit emoji sending out hearts at the end of the message. After a long while, he replied.

[You’re welcome. Rest early.]

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Ning An quickly responded. nTizjS

[En, en. Good night, sweet dreams.]

Fu Ke switched off his terminal and laid on his bed like a piece of wood for a while, but then he opened his terminal again and sent Fu Yue a message.


“Ning An, your body wash smells really nice.” He Xin had used up his own body wash. It didn’t make sense to go out and buy some more at this time of night, so he just borrowed Ning An’s. Putting a towel on his head, he sniffed the scent on his arm. “En, so sweet. I want to take a bite out of myself.” r4QuCa

“My sister bought it.” Ning An took back that bottle of body wash. “Honey milk scented. What the hell?”

“If you put some honey in milk and boil it, it is very tasty. My grandma would always do this……” He Xin’s voice trailed off and he gloomily sniffed his arm. “I’m a little homesick. Ai……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“The dorm is our home, civilisation depends on everyone.” Hearing He Xin say that he was homesick, Ning An also thought of his own family. However, at this moment, who knew which planet Ning Xin Bo and Elina were discussing business at. He patted He Xin’s shoulder, trying to cheer him up. “Wait until vacation. I’ll invite you to eat honey cakes.”

“Oh, there must be a lot of delicious food in the Capital Star right?” He Xin, who was always attracted by food, returned to his usual self, looking like a ball of sunshine. He happily opened his terminal and browsed through the delicacies of the Capital Star. XQvfR2

Ning An suddenly recalled that the box of things Ning Meng had sent him was still in Qin Zhao’s office. He became nervous, but then felt that he was thinking too much. Instructor Qin wouldn’t be someone who would use face masks and such, right?

But the fact was that Qin Zhao would always refresh Ning An’s understanding of him.

“I thought you didn’t intend to come retrieve this.” As before, Qin Zhao had his legs casually propped up on the table. “It would have been a waste to not use them.”

“You’re really hardworking and frugal.” Qin Zhao had only used a mask. As compensation, he had stuffed chocolate biscuits into the empty space in the box. Ning An unceremoniously tore open a packet. “I didn’t expect you to be so delicate.” OgQCR8

Qin Zhao dramatically sighed. “If I don’t start taking care of myself at this age, I won’t be able to find a partner.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ning An rolled his eyes in Qin Zhao’s face. Qin Zhao then rolled up a few documents and smacked his head. “You brat, respect the instructor. Because of last night’s incident, Class 1’s instructor came to find me.”

“What? The thief is crying thief? Shouldn’t I be the one to lodge a complaint?” Ning An felt extremely wronged and pulled up the doctor’s diagnosis on his terminal.

“Well, I don’t think you can defeat him. You were beaten, and yet the person who beat you came knocking on the door to cause trouble. Isn’t this unreasonable?” Qin Zhao only took a glance at the diagnosis before shifting his gaze. “So, I beat him right back to where he came from.” xASKhF

“Thank you Instructor.” Although Qin Zhao wasn’t good with his words, he was still fiercely protective of his children. To put it lightly, yesterday’s matter was just swapping pointers, but on a serious note, it was a vicious brawl that required punishment.

Qin Zhao smiled and accepted his gratitude. “In the future, if you want to vent your anger and fight someone, don’t just openly go to the combat arena. Find a corner to put a sack over them and beat them up. They won’t know anything……”

Qin Zhao’s tall and mighty image in Ning An’s heart instantly collapsed. Instructor, you shouldn’t mislead children like this……

Qin Zhao continued to talk to Ning An about some preposterous reasonings. When Ning An finally left, it was almost 9 o’clock in the evening. At this time of night, students were either at the training ground or in the library. There weren’t many people on the road. The evening wind blew the trees on either side, their shadows causing Ning An to shudder. OvVXxK

Looking at that dark corner, he thought that someone would suddenly jump out and put a sack over his head. “This teacher!” Ning An felt that Qin Zhao was deliberately scaring him and cursed him again in his heart.

When he walked to the front of the teaching building, he heard some voices coming from the corner. His body reacted faster than his brain and hid behind a tree. Scolding himself for his cowardice, he stretched his head out to carefully listen to the voices. It sounded like they were going to fight.

Translator's Note

The chinese for this is 小子. There’s no real english equivalent to it. It can mean child/brat. In this case it’s used like a mother berating a child.

Translator's Note

Attack with words

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    Thanks for the chapter.