The A in the Opposite Dorm Always Thinks I’m Pretending to be a B

The A in the Opposite Dorm Always Thinks I’m Pretending to be a B 对面楼的A总觉得我在装B

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Author: Payaso
Total Chapters: 61
Genre: Comedy, Omegaverse, School, Sci-Fi, Short
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Translators: Shuyu
Release Schedule: Sporadic


As a Beta, Ning An’s goal in life was to work hard, make money and get rich. However, his own dear father changed his aspiration and made him become a military academy student. Initially, he wanted to spend his days lazing about. What? The first place in the year gets a generous scholarship? Then staying up to study and train my body is nothing at all! The first place scholarship is definitely mine!

The A in the opposite dorm: So you’re actually an O.

Ning An: Ah?

The A in the opposite dorm: I know. You’re risking it all to prove that an O is not inferior to an A.

Ning An: You know my ass. Laozi is a B.

The A in the opposite dorm: You need to correctly recognise your own gender ah.

Ning An: …… Teacher. Report. I’m afraid this person is stupid.


Author: This is AB, this is AB, this is AB. Spoilers!


Translator note: ‘Pretending to be a B’ is 装B (Zhuang B). 装B also means to boast or show off.

This novel has been updated to the new version which has 59 chapters and 2 extras. The new chapters are spaces differently but the story is pretty much the same up to the end of ch 26.

Translator's Note

Arrogant way of referring to oneself. Often used comically.

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  1. In any novel, it’s always the MLs that discover the “true identity” of the omega MCs, but what if… the MC had no “true identity” and was actually a beta all this time? Pffftttt sucks to be you ML

  2. Tsk, FL’s translations aren’t usually good, so you might as well just translate it better than them. I’m willing to wait for your translations.😘

  3. I personally like CG’s translations! Thank you for translating this! Looking forward to this!!!

    This sounds great! And actually AB pair! So MC wouldn’t get chased by other Alphas and MC wouldn’t be affected much by ML! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Hi Shuyu-san.

    I want to ask if you don’t mind. Is it okay if I re-translate this novel into Indonesia? Of course I will be of course put you on the credit so that people will also be interested to read your works!

    Thank you very much for your hard work. I would be waiting for your reply!!

  5. Subscribing because I’m a sucker for Omegaverse and because I read the first ten chapters and I’m looking forward to reading more.

    Thank you to the translator & editor/s for your hard work!

    • This novel has no extras. Each chapter on that site isn’t an actual chapter. It’s just split up by word count. This novel officially has 33 chapters.

      • But there is extra content that does not exist in the one with 33 chapters as I have read the both of them where the process of them getting together is completely different

        • Idk man. The version I’m translating has the author’s comments at the bottom and it ends at chapter 33.

        • Which version do you like better. I could consider switching everything to the other version but it might cause confusion with the admin.

          • The first one is fluffy but the second one is more realistic because there is so much more content and that they don’t get together as fast as in the first version .The first version is more of a fairytale like what everyone wished would have happen. But I really like the extras from the second story. Its actually up to you and other readers to decide because I have already read both versions and honestly I like both but I just wanted to inform u in case you decided that you liked the other one and wanted to translate the other one instead. Thank you for reading and taking the time to reply to my comments:)
        • I’m going to slowly convert the chapters into the new version. Basically just splitting the chapters and editting :). The 33 chapter version was cut short because of the author’s health. I think she decided to rewrite the novel when she got better

  6. I’m so sad that’s it’s only 33 chapters and lmao, I just now realize that it’s probably cuz it’s short that it updates so slowly hahaha.

    • Nah it’s just that this isn’t the main novel I’m translating. Also once a week is considered quite fast compared with other translations.

      I have found an updates version of this novel that has a few more chapters and 2 extras so I’m slowly converting all the chapters over

  7. sorry before, I’m a reader from Indonesia because of language limitations I use Google Translate to read this story

    And because I was interested in the story line, I uploaded it to my wattpad account

    Sorry I didn’t have permission before, I guess it wasn’t a big deal but now there is an interpreter who is angry because he thinks I’m a thief

    I’m sorry that I took this translation without prior permission, but really I didn’t mean any harm

    I just like the novel and want to share a little

    I also included this website link in the story description

    Once again, I’m sorry

    May I continue to read and upload Google translate translations in my Wattpad account?

    I sincerely apologize, so I hope I can be forgiven


    • But there seems to already be an Indonesian translation out there? I don’t know the site though

      • Thank you very much

        It is true that someone has translated this story in Indonesian.

        I just found out last week when this story has been translated

        I think it doesn’t matter if one story is translated by several people

        But the translator was angry and thought I was cheating him

        Though my intention to upload to Wattpad is only for personal records and so that I can easily read it again

        But he did not believe and wanted me to delete it

        I personally don’t want to delete it because I like this story

        Sorry I didn’t ask permission before, I can’t speak English well and I’m confused about how to ask for permission from you

        • I mean, if you’re just going to google translate everything you might as well read the proper Indonesian translations right? Since you’re putting it on Wattpad for personal records, I suggest you keep everything as a draft so only you can see it i.e. not public

          • It can indeed be saved in draft form, it’s just that reading in draft form is not fun

            More comfortable when in book form

            may I save in book form on wattpad?

        • You should talk about this with the Indonesian translator because this is about the Indonesian translation not the English translation. I don’t really have the right to tell you whether you can or not.

  8. Me crying cause I still want mpreg but magical since hes beta no beans. Like what I think os that all should be able to get pregant just take a super long time to do it and very rare for male betas. But you know my fun spoiled. My milk soiled. But you know whatever time to have fun watch ml make an rumble out of himself. Hopefully. Gosh I love storys when ml are banking on this being that and getting complete shut down. Rarly happens. Thank you for translating. Imma go read and watch my hopes get crushed cause you know gotta get my m fuel somewhere.😀 ok but I cant wait to see how it plays out
  9. How cute Synopsis.

    Hi I’m from Myanmar (Burma). I would like to translate this novel to burmese Version. I’ll absolutely give credit to Original Author and Eng Translator. I’m hopefully waiting for your reply. ❤️❤️

    Thank You!