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Supernatural Movie Actor App (Unlimited)Ch32 - Zombie Lovers (15)


[Wtf… is that Zhang Linu’s hand?]

[Puppet master! No wonder why Zhang Linu said he relied on his hands to do something. He has to control puppets so he naturally needs flexible fingers. No wonder why the goddesses were immortal. They were dead.] YAitOU

[I was still wondering if the bigshot could find the strings of the other four women and was silently worried he wouldn’t be able to pick out all the strings. As a result… I’m stupid enough. Fuck, just cut off the puppet master’s hand!

[I’m kneeling. Following along a stretched thread, breaking the illusion, finding the puppet master hidden in the illusion… this method is so simple but I couldn’t think of it at all.]

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[A big man won 1 vs 5, fuck.]

[I said that Peony spoke in a tone very similar to Zhang Linu! The moment the bigshot said she wasn’t good-looking, she immediately became manic. Wasn’t it the same as Zhang Linu previously? The little blind one said this was a brothel and he roared, screaming at the little blind man. He was paranoid and nervous. He can’t stand anyone saying that his babies are bad.] KTrJtu

[Zhang Linu knows ventriloquism? He spoke through the puppet’s mouth?]

[No, the goddesses seem to have their own consciousness?]

[Look! The big brother only cut off one of Zhang Linu’s hands. He destroyed five puppets but the five puppets of the other hand are still alive!]

[This is really fucking evil.]

4 CJLp

[Ah, Yue Xiuming is a bitch!]

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10 minutes ago.

In the illusion that Yue Xiuming and Yan Jing were in, there were apricot blossoms everywhere and light rain. The ground was covered with withered flowers and there was fog everywhere. It was the most beautiful place in the world but Yan Jing was running in horror.

He opened his yin and yang eyes and could see Goddess White Apricot. He had a blurred outline of the surrounding objects and could avoid it in time, but he was always harmed by the details. vJz60p

He stepped on a stone and slipped, falling to the ground fiercely.

His knees were bloody and his legs shaking uncontrollably but he endured the pain to get up. He glanced back and sighed when he didn’t see White Apricot.

Fortunately, he and Yue Xiuming had just run separately and White Apricot chose to chase Yue Xiuming. This gave him a chance to breathe.

His injury wasn’t light. Yan Jing limped to find a place to hide himself. Fortunately, he and Yue Xiuming were sent to the same illusion. White Apricot might be strong but she was only one person and couldn’t catch two people at the same time. YVEm8P

He was surrounded by apricot blossom trees. Yan Jing found the thickest trunk, pressed his body close to the tree and hid.

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Every second seemed too long. Yan Jing was sweating as he desperately recalled what Xie Chi told him about the environment. However, there was no inspiration.

Lf wera yf jyif ab ub bea. Ktfgf wera yf j kjs ab mifjg atlr ujwf yea ktja kjr la? Tjc Alcu kjr rb cfgnber atja tlr olcufgr aklamtfv.

Qts? Qtlaf Cqglmba kjr mifjgis j utbra yea ktfc tf rmjccfv tfg ybvs, tf vlvc’a rff j utbra ybvs. Ktfgf kjr bcis j gfrlveji yla bo rbei ifoa lc atf ygjlc. Qts? Qtja kjr Qtlaf Cqglmba? Vtf tjv cb tfjga, cb lcafgcji bgujcr jcv cb yibbv. Vtf kjr mbwqifafis… fwqas. Bbwzft

Inspiration flashed. Yan Jing’s eyes widened as if he had spied on some terrible truth. He gasped heavily and his chest shook violently.

White Apricot was like… beautiful skin on a wooden shelf. She was… a puppet. Pull the string!

The only way to kill the puppet was to find the string that was used to manipulate her body!

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Yan Jing’s heart jumped quickly as he trembled with excitement and relief. Find the string! White Apricot was a puppet. Yan Jing was blind and had no way to find the location of the string. Even so, he wasn’t the only one in this illusion. There was also Yue Xiuming. He just needed to meet with Yue Xiuming and tell Yue Xiuming how to clear the game. Once Yue Xiuming found the string, they could both survive! BsmqYf

Vitality reappeared on Yan Jing’s face that was originally grey with despair.

No wonder why. There were obviously 10 ladies while their group, together with NPC Taoist Xuan Cheng, had only seven people. Under the condition, that one lady could be given to one person, he and Yue Xiuming were placed together.

It was because he was blind and it was impossible for him to find such a small string. If he was assigned to a lady alone, he would definitely die. The app didn’t want to destroy all his life paths and let him die meaninglessly so he was given a teammate. His only way of life was to find Yue Xiuming and cooperate with him.

Yan Jing bit his lip, endured the pain coming from his knee and finally chose to leave the seemingly safe and concealed apricot tree to find Yue Xiuming. S0MFbt

Danger was everywhere and the pressure was like a mountain. As time passed, Yan Jing was on the verge of collapse and he whispered, “Brother Xie, where are you…”

Xie Chi brought him a huge sense of security. It was only one separated from the man that he knew how much spiritual support Xie Chi gave him. Xie Chi never seemed to be worried or afraid. He could always think of a way and there was never the possibility of falling. Once this person disappeared, all the fear temporarily asleep in Yan Jing started to multiply.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Blindness intensified this fear. He couldn’t see…

Why couldn’t he see? If he could see then he could fight. He could fight with White Apricot and perhaps find the thread. Then perhaps… vJycFk

Why did he exchange his sight for the ability to see ghosts? Why? Why was he so stupid? If he didn’t do this then he wouldn’t need to rely on others!

The great resentment invaded his sense of reason. Yan Jing grabbed his hair angrily only to become sober and feel ashamed.

No, he couldn’t regret his original decision because of the result. If he had to do it one more time then he would do the same. His grandfather was blinded by a zombie and couldn’t see zombies. His grandfather saved others all his life and couldn’t lose his eyes. Losing his eyes meant losing everything to him.

The thing Yan Jing didn’t tell Xie Chi was that his grandfather had died a few years ago. r80w69

He died at the end of his life and went very peacefully. He walked at ease with a smile but Yan Jing had cried because he seemed to have lost the meaning of living. Yan Jing grew up with his grandfather and had never seen the outside world. Once his grandfather was gone, it was as if he was the only one left in the world.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This was why he nodded without hesitation when the app picked him.

His wish was really small. He didn’t ask for his grandfather to be resurrected because his grandfather knew his destiny. His grandfather looked at life and death and had already achieved a full life. There was no need to revive his grandfather because of Yan Jing’s selfishness, ruining his eternal peace. Yan Jing just wanted to see his grandfather again one last time, talking to him again and listening to him laugh again. This was just fine.

Wishes, regardless of whether they were big or small, were strong. This was probably the reason why he was selected by the app. He just wanted to fulfill his dream. His only wish was ‘say goodbye to Grandfather’ and it was only worth 200 points. 7ompTI

He thought he could slowly save the required points in the low level movies but then he was stuffed here by his agent.

Countless thoughts flashed through his brain. Yan Jing wondered bitterly, ‘Am I looking back on my past because I’m dying?’

Just then, there was the subtle sound of a foot stepping on a branch. Yue Xiuming! It was Yue Xiuming! He sensed it!

Yan Jing’s dim eyes suddenly lit up and he was so excited he almost fainted. He ran in that direction, waving his hands while running. Yue Xiuming obviously saw him too. Disgust flashed on Yue Xiuming’s face and he was vigilant. The two of them had joined together and White Apricot was likely to wipe them out. 6h2ndQ

Yue Xiuming thought so and backed away a bit. Yan Jing couldn’t catch up and cried anxiously. Finally, he shouted, “I have a way to go out! Come here! Don’t run away!”

Yue Xiuming’s footsteps paused and ecstasy flashed across his face. He came running over, shaking Yan Jing’s shoulder with excitement. “Hurry up!”

He didn’t want to stay in this ghostly place. He felt that he was only alive because White Apricot wanted to play with him or because the horror movie mechanism was at work, giving them a certain amount of time to clear the game. Who knew when this ‘certain amount of time’ would pass.

“The string! White Apricot is a puppet—” Yan Jing had just spoken half of it when he stiffened and adrenaline soared. His hair stood up because White Apricot was behind him! Mu1BAC

In not even one second, White Apricot teleported not far behind him. Her master was attacked and her five sisters dead. She had to immediately kill the two people in the territory of her illusion.

Yue Xiuming ran away and Yan Jing also ran while enduring the pain, but the distance between them and White Apricot was rapidly shortening.

Perhaps it was due to Yue Xiuming’s luck value being adjusted but White Apricot chose to kill him first. The moment her hand fell, Yue Xiuming didn’t even think. He pulled Yan Jing over to block in front of him.

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White Apricot’s movements froze and her smile stiffened. The face that was full of life drained and her body crumpled and she seemed like she would fall to the ground in the next second. The other end of her string was broken. However, White Apricot’s hand pierced Yan Jing’s body because of the tremendous thrust. c WuF3

“Uh…” Yan Jing looked incredulous as he stared down at his blood-stained belly.

He… was going to die?

“How could this be? Why didn’t White Apricot move? I didn’t mean to kill you. I… I was forced!” Yue Xiuming panicked completely.

White Apricot didn’t move and he was the one who pushed Yan Jing over. He killed Yan Jing and Xie Chi wouldn’t spare him! dHE5wt

Yan Jing covered his belly and smiled sadly. “Brother Xie, did you come to save me? Unfortunately… I am still killed by someone else.”

At the same time, Lu Wen was covered with cuts and bruises as he was tormented by Crabapple. He spat out a large mouthful of blood, raised his sword in a trembling manner and prepared to fight again. Crabapple laughed and was mocking him when she suddenly fell to the ground.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Wen froze for a moment before smiling in a complicated manner. “Xie Chi, is it you?”

All the immortal goddesses died at this moment. eRCjKS

Xie Xinglan caught up with Zhang Linu, who was running for his life, and cut off his other five fingers. This was only a minute after he cut off Zhang Linu’s first hand.

Since his illusion had five goddesses, Zhang Linu stretched out his entire hand into the illusion while the other five fingers were extended into other illusions. Xie Xinglan could only cut off the hand controlling the five ladies in his own illusion but he could leave the illusion, find Zhang Linu’s hiding place and cut off his other five fingers one by one.

[Bigshot wuu wuu wuu. I’m still amazed that he cut off his hand. Then he went out of the illusion to save people. This is a fairy IQ.]

[Yue Xiuming is too cheap! This is the end of the little blind man. His boss killed White Apricot for him but he was harmed by Yue Xiuming. Now he is hurt so badly. Even if he is angry, it doesn’t help. He will only live a while longer at most.] Y680xk

[I can’t bear to watch it.]

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[Yue Xiuming was going to lose his life. You can’t blame him.]

[It’s too tragic. Taoist Xuan Cheng is dead and the little blind man is finished. Now only Lu Wen, Yue Xiuming and the bigshot are left.]

[My guess is that Yue Xiuming will immediately flee when he escapes the illusion.] Lq4MRk

[Why flee? The bigshot might want to get revenge for Yan Jing but don’t forget that actors can’t kill another actor!]

[Isn’t this movie coming to an end? I don’t think there is much plot left. Only going to the Zhao house.]

[What good and bad in a zombie movie? The little blind man is going to die. I really didn’t expect it.]

[A living man can be helped but a dying person can’t be saved. He isn’t alive at all.] Q5ji1O


On Xie Chi’s side, Zhang Linu had lost both hands and was rolling on the ground in pain. Xie Chi turned around and looked at the illusion he had previously been in.

It was a beautiful glass cube around two metres in width and length. The trees were human ribs inserted in the soil, the cooked meat hanging from the trees were… finger bones tied with rope. The rope wasn’t a real rope but… intestines. The warm jade of the ground was actually the fluffy part of the stomach. And the pool where the aroma of wine overflowed… was a blood pool that was half a metre long and wide.

The five ladies were lying on the ground and behind them were broken strings. On the other side of the strings was Zhang Linu’s cut off hand. SgTqZ2

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