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Supernatural Movie Actor App (Unlimited)

Supernatural Movie Actor App (Unlimited) 灵异片演员app[无限]

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Author: 戏子祭酒
Total Chapters: 153 chapters (Ongoing)
Genre: Action, Doting Love Interest, Horror, Power couple, Supernatural, Survival
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Translators: Rainbow Turtle
Release Schedule: Sporadic


Xie Chi is a patient with multiple personality disorder. On the surface, he is educated and gentle but the secondary personality is cold and powerful, with explosive strength.

Xie Chi can never fall in love because the secondary personality is his boyfriend.
Xie Chi’s only dream is to one day embrace his lover.

In order to realize his dream, Xie Chi voluntarily bound to the Horror Movie Actor App. The app regularly releases horror movie notices such as Spirit in Red Clothes, Zombie Lovers, 1552 Haunted House…
The selected actors will be placed in a real horror environment to survive.

On the first day of filming, the first male lead with a dirty personality blocked Xie Chi in the corner. “Follow me and I’ll help you be the second male lead.”
Xie Chi smiled softly and shook his head. “That isn’t enough.”
The first male lead was dumbfounded.
Xie Chi smiled slightly. “Brother, help me beat him up.”
The secondary personality gave a cold smile to the first male lead.
End of the shoot, the first male lead: Xie Chi.

Others: Struggling to survive.
Xie Chi: Defy the natural order to change fate.
A combination of absolute wisdom and absolute force.
Starting from the 18th tier, Xie Chi will eventually become… the horror movie emperor.

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  1. Omg more horror~ and I finally see a relationship between two personalities~ Thank you for sharing this story~ this is gonna be fun~

  2. After reading the summary [….]

    So… how their romance gonna develop…?

    Anyway set a camp here xd

  3. It seems that I’m a bit late but can make it up with enthusiasm!!! I’ll set camp and patiently wait for updates😇

  4. Hehe another novel translated by Rainbow Turtle? You know I’ll be reading it~ I’m really curious about this one, I hope it’ll match my expectations!

  5. So… narcissism but not narcissism.

    Yep, this is my type of story.

  6. rainbow turtle, you are torturing me with your collections. I love this despite how it sounds like selfcest. O3O I didn’t see this in your review lists, I think I want to ask for your whole reading collections XD

  7. Hello!

    I want to ask you if you don’t mind, i want to translate this novel into my language through this translation of yours if you don’t mind, can i do it?

    I’m waiting for your reply.

    Thank you for taking this novel


  8. sharing a body? sharing a body? sharing a body? important things need to be said multiple times.

    rainbow turtle? i trust you, la~

  9. It looks fun.. and interesting.. gahhh I love it already but the chapter is too little 😭

  10. Hello! chrysanthemumgardenTranslation Team! My name is

    bel-chan, I’m from Indonesia. I have read your English version of

    “Supernatural Movie Actor App (Unlimited)” that you have translated and I am

    very happy after reading it. Can I ask your permission to translate your

    version into Indonesian and upload it to my Wattpad account? I will include

    your web name so people can see it and are interested in reading your work.

    My wattpad account link is https://www.wattpad.com/user/Bpis02 you very much for your attention. I will wait for your

    reply soon



    • I can’t help but notice your comment I’m not part of the Translation team and…. i don’t know if you already saw it but rainbow turtle put a link above, which is the answer to your query regarding to translating this series to other languages and the reasons why.

    • As a fellow translator from Indonesia, I couldn’t help but feel annoyed, sorry if I might be rude, but if you are interested on a novel and want to translate it, first check if the translator have forbid translation to another language from their translation or not; if not then contact them using email if possible. Yes, it might be ignored by them, but spamming in comment section would make others feel annoyed too. Again, I’m sorry if you feel my words are rude.

  11. Another horror pit? Goddammit. Don’t sign me in finger, please. clicked add you wounded me. Really. cry soundlessly when could I sleep without threat of nightmare involving ghost if I couldn’t control my naughty finger?! Ah, forget it, let’s jump.

  12. The moment I read that multiple personality disorder patient that falls in love with his other personality I got hooked! Haha, such an interesting characters. Wonder what will happen in their ending~

    Thank you for always bringing is awesome stories to read, Rainbowturtle-saaaaan! 😂❤

  13. I’m guessing who will be his ml then-

    “Xie Chi can never fall in love because the secondary personality is his boyfriend” shock interesting~

  14. By description I have a feeling this author watched doctor House.

    In case you have no idea what I’m talking about there’s an episode about a girl who’s believed to have a boyfriend, though no one saw him, but they were all worried for the girls state, since the “boyfriend’s” hobbies were quite alarming. Yet in the end it was revealed that her boyfriend is actually herself.

  15. My only query is how do they do intimate stuff if they’re in the same body?

  16. Hello there. I want to translate this story into another language. Would you please let me do this?