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There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a HaremChapter 98.2


While waiting for Jun Zhenzhen to wake up, Ye Zhizhou had a good chat with Jun Chenguang and Jin Wei, learning a lot of things that weren’t mentioned in the plot data at all.

The protagonist’s leg disease had arisen from within the womb, but she could actually walk. It was just that the protagonist herself thought it was ugly to limp, so she demanded to use a wheelchair. Consequently, after using the wheelchair for too long, her leg muscles degenerated and gradually, she couldn’t actually walk anymore. 2gSoTy

Jin Wei had married Jun Chenguang when the protagonist was one year old. After marriage, she always raised the protagonist as her own daughter. Even if she had two children later, she still treated the protagonist, this eldest daughter who was in poor health, very wholeheartedly. And because the protagonist had poor health, she was always partial to her. Jin Wei indeed didn’t allow the protagonist to enter the kitchen, but the reason wasn’t the one mentioned in the original plot. It wasn’t that she was afraid that the protagonist would learn how to cook and steal the family fortune, rather, it was more that she was worried Jun Shujing would hurt herself. When the protagonist was a rebellious teenager, she didn’t learn from good examples and secretly started to smoke cigarettes, resulting in somehow harming her body. A lot of oil smoke is produced in the kitchen, so Jin Wei was worried that Jun Shujing would further hurt her body if she inhaled too much oil smoke. Afterwards, she had forbidden her from entering the kitchen.

As for the part where Jin Wei locked the protagonist up and didn’t let her attend school to make sure she was a waste—complete nonsense. In order to let Jun Shujing have a good future, Jin Wei put all her energy into it. Every year, she would hire 8 to 10 tutors for the protagonist, but the protagonist didn’t like learning. She didn’t want to go to school or learn from the tutors. Later, in order to go against Jin Wei, she would deliberately seduce the male tutors, which forced Jin Wei to change all the tutors into female tutors.

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“Perhaps it was true that she didn’t have any aptitude for learning. Jun Shujing failed to get into a good university after taking her college entrance exams twice. Later on, she abandoned the idea altogether and stopped trying. Instead, she stayed in her room all day to play games. She even begged us to buy her that holographic game pod.” Jin Wei sighed, “Zhenzhen couldn’t stand seeing her so dispirited and said a couple of things to her… Later, we found an art school for Shujing. She had liked painting since she was young so we wanted her to continue her studies and become a painter. Afterwards, we would open a small gallery for her… We just didn’t expect that she was so resistant to it that she actually ran away from home.”

Jun Chenguang patted her hand, shook his head and sighed, “It’s not your fault, these years I’ve been…” d98sjr

“It really isn’t Mom’s fault.” The door in the corner of the room was pushed open. The still weak Jun Zhenzhen leaned on the door frame with a cold gaze. “Dad, why do you think your businesses suddenly got worse for no reason? It was all because of Sister! Her heart has already completely rotted! On the day of the accident, I went shopping in the city’s central mall and saw sister and a man come out of a women’s clothing store, talking and laughing. Do you know how shocked and surprised I was then? She had walked out! Walked out with her own legs! I went up to her to persuade her to come home, but… heh, she almost killed me! It wasn’t until then that I learned that she always hated Mom, Brother and me! And Dad, she thinks you’re biased and ignored her, so she wants to destroy all of the businesses you’re so proud of!”

Jun Chenguang and Jin Wei were shocked when they heard this. Ye Zhizhou opened the plot information, wildly flipping through it before he firmly drew a big X on it.

“Zhenzhen, you’re saying that Shujing wanted to kill you?” Jin Wei got up and went over to support her. Her voice was shaking. “So y-your illness…”

“She poisoned me!” The rims of Jun Zhenzhen’s eyes slowly turned red, she was both angry and felt wronged. “She said that I loved being beautiful and that I liked wearing skirts to provoke her, so she wanted to make me ugly and let me slowly become a madman everyone hated and then die painfully. Mom, you don’t know how terrible her expression was back then… She’s my sister. The sister I grew up with. How could she do this…?” 2enki9

Jin Wei hugged her with a vacant look in her eyes, and slowly, the rims of her eyes also became red. She didn’t know how to face the truth of what her youngest daughter was saying.

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Jun Chenguang’s complexion paled. He tightly gripped his hands together, his eyes filled with disbelief. “How could this be… How could it be Shujing… My restaurants, your illness, she… I thought that she just didn’t want to rely on us anymore and wanted to strive to live by herself.”

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Jun Chenguang’s mouth moved when he heard these words but in the end, he didn’t say anything to refute them. The shock that Jin Wei received today was immense and she leaned on the wall to the side, with the same vacant expression on her face, staring into space. 5QMaT

Ye Zhizhou took in the three people’s reactions, slightly sighed in his heart, and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t allow her to continue to harm people.” The protagonist of this world would even hurt her own family. It’s really…

Another three days later, the protagonist had become notorious on the forum and became the target of everyone’s insults. In the game, the protagonist’s name had completely disappeared from the wealth ranking. In the real world, Gentleman’s Pavilion’s business experienced upheaval several times and many stores were closed. Except for the main restaurant in B city, most of the other stores that were still open had poor business. Because of the rapid expansion, after losing most of their business and the income support from the game, Gentleman’s Pavilion’s fundings were on the verge of collapse.

Relying on his undercover agent Qi Xing, Ye Zhizhou clearly understood the protagonist’s current situation.

“Yu Jiangbo and some others refused to give Jun Shujing money?” He switched the hand holding his phone and reached for his mouse. “What’s going on? Did Tang Ye and Shi Zhe also refuse?” Tang Ye was the one who was most deeply poisoned by the protagonist’s dishes, while Shi Zhe was the great hero who helped the protagonist cure her legs. Their feelings for the protagonist should be a little deeper than the others. 7JECx4

“They refused as well.” Qi Xing paused before adding, “I asked them to have a meal at Fu Yuan a few days ago. After we ate, I heard that Tang Ye had diarrhea for two days. Shi Zhe had some rashes. The others also experienced some sickness. You… should be careful, their hatred for Fu Yuan right now is quite deep.”

In order to detoxify as many potentially poisoned people as possible, all of Fu Yuan’s recent dishes have crushed pills added to them. The symptoms that the male leads experienced are normal during detoxification. Ye Zhizhou’s hand that was moving the mouse stopped and he sneered. “I’m helping them detoxify yet they hate me, are they tired of living?”

Qi Xing awkwardly coughed and weakly said, “I’ll give them an indirect explanation. They should also be aware that their body is gradually feeling better.”

Ye Zhizhou rolled his eyes and directly hung up. He then clicked open the thread that Jun Zhenzhen posted with her real name. ITGgYu

As soon as Jun Zhenzhen’s post came out, the game forum blew up again—the exposing of God Jing Shu actually extended from the game into the real world, moreover, the people who were involved in exposing her went after her in real life and didn’t stop attacking her. This was simply the major show of the year, too exciting!

At eight o’clock that night, Ye Zhizhou stood outside the instance, formed a team with all the male leads who all logged on, and used the team summoning command. After the male leads appeared in front of him one by one like radishes, he opened the sharing function and clicked on the game forum. “Killing the Zerg queen requires 50 players to cooperate so I also invited some other experts. Before they come, let’s have a look at the forum. Oh, right, by the way, I’ve also prepared some snacks for you to taste. Have some, they all give buffs.”

Ge Lu, in the form of Side Account nth, came forward to give the blankly staring male leads the food. He smiled insincerely as he said, “Eat. Work properly after you finish eating.”

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Male leads: “…” NUBXbk

“Behave properly. Don’t randomly eat vinegar!” Ye Zhizhou swatted him forcefully and opened Jun Zhenzhen’s post. After looking at it for a couple of seconds, he stopped and then closed out of it. “I also called God Jing Shu this time to help clear the instance. It seems that it’s a little rude to read the forums about her behind her back. Let’s change to something else.”

Qi Xing glanced at him speechlessly, in those few seconds, what they should or shouldn’t have seen, they all saw it. Opening it and then closing it, isn’t that just to make them interested in it?

Sure enough, the other male leads’ expressions all changed after glancing at the post’s title. Because they were usually busy in the real world, they didn’t have much time to play games and had even less time to look at the forums. For the male leads whose gossip knowledge was still at “Jing Shu’s food has problems, so her business was affected”, the words “intentional murder, food poisoning” that they just saw had a huge impact.

After eating at Fu Yuan, the male leads whose brains were now less damaged quickly took the bait left by Ye Zhizhou and looked at each other. Yu Jiangbo spoke for all of them, “Let’s just look at the first post. Jing Shu is our friend so we have to care about those contents.” v5dj8c

Ge Lu pulled out his sword. “Eat. I’ll show you when you eat.”

Male leads: “…”

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Ye Zhizhou pulled his lover back and once again opened that post. “Then, before God Jing Shu comes, we can look at that post.” The fish bit the bait and the net was set, now he was just waiting for the protagonist to come over.

How does it feel to pull out all the flags at once? He’s looking forward to it! RiqShO

Ge Lu glanced at him with jealous eyes, his expression became darker, and he moved to block his view of the male leads. He said sinisterly, “Do you think they look better than me?”

This vinegar bucket! Ye Zhizhou rolled his eyes and raised his hand to cover his face. “What’s so handsome about your fake face? If you have the guts, use your real face!”

【Your friend Side Account 007 is offline. 】

Ye Zhizhou: “…” uZgi6Q

【Your friend GM Lu is online.】

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The air suddenly distorted. Ge Lu appeared in front of him, wearing the special GM only red robe. He directly stretched out his arms and dragged him into his embrace. Ye Zhizhou was now eye to eye, nose to nose, and could feel Ge Lu’s breath on him, “From now on, you can only look at me.”

The male leads looked down at the snacks in their hands one by one… So, did these snacks also have the nickname of dog food?

That evil and bewitching face, paired with his flirtatious air and red robes… This handsomeness… Ye Zhizhou unreservedly returned his lover’s hug, wildly drooling. “I’m looking! Only looking at you. You’re the best looking!” iWgRIX

Ge Lu smiled and the male leads all choked on dog food.

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Thank you Jun Shi, Iceberg, Me (Little angel this name of yours is too easy for people to misunderstand) for the two mines! Thank you Arriving in Dark Clouds, Demeter, Lotus, Du Zhuan, Drizzling All My Life, 1 ° pudding for the mine! I love you so much =3=
PS: Temperature is going down, stay warm everyone(*/ω\*)

Ahahaha all that dog food
Also wow the protag this time is vicious, so much poisoning


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