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There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a HaremChapter 94.2


“You have the novice protection.” As the cold-faced handsome man said this, he raised his sword and swung down fiercely. In the next second, Ye Zhizhou’s body suddenly emitted a light that surrounded his body and directly reflected the sword, killing the cold-faced handsome man immediately.

Player Side Account 001 has been killed. You gained 10877 experience. Congratulations to the player for leveling up to level 10. y9hmxQ

A bubble appeared over the dead cold-faced handsome man laying on the ground.

Side Account 001: Stay here and don’t move, wait for me.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The air distorted again and the cold-faced handsome man’s body disappeared.

The weeds in Ye Zhizhou’s hand fell to the ground. So, this brother came here to give him EXP? Who is this guy again? An EXP baby sent by the GM? tApLOR

Two minutes later, another cold-faced handsome man fell in front of him, his ID was Side Account 002.

Ye Zhizhou wiped his face and asked, “Side Account brother, what exactly are you trying to do?”

“Helping you level up. The holy level quest has a level requirement.” Ye Zhizhou saw the cold-faced handsome man in ancient clothes standing in a modern small garden summoning a…  big sparrow. He then took the lead to get on the sparrow and waved towards Ye Zhizhou. “Get on, I’ll take you to grind instances.”

“… Can I refuse?” zxv62e

The cold-faced handsome man’s eyes sharpened and he drew out a sword. “Why would you refuse? Unless… You want me to kill you back to level 0?”

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Ye Zhizhou adapted to the circumstances and climbed on top of the sparrow. He looked all over but didn’t see a place where he could hold onto. So, he could only resentfully sit up straight and try not to get close to the grumpy side account comrade in front of him.


“What?” XnIKoe

“Considering your identity, I’ll allow you to hold on.”

The next second, the sparrow flapped its wings a couple of times before flying straight up towards the sky. Ye Zhizhou couldn’t care about being too intimate and close to a man anymore. He tightly pressed his lips together to muffle his scream and hugged the cold-faced handsome man in front of him.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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World channel.

I Love Crayfish: Which kind-hearted brother went to find Ye Zhizhou and helped him level up? I remember that 20 minutes ago, he was still level 5. How can he already be level 23 now?! What happened in these 20 minutes?!

Chrysanthemum Eye: A double EXP talisman and the extremely expensive growth rate elixir, along with speedrun grinding of Centipede Grotto with no injuries or deaths. This speed is only possible if a side account brought him along to grind EXP…

Angel Wings: It’s Ye Tang baby. Only Ye Tang baby can grind Centipede Grotto with a newbie without any deaths or injuries. uf1EJa

I Married for Wealth: Baby your sister. Really no cure for fangirls.

Jun Shujing looked at the scrolling messages on the world chat channel, her expression was a little ugly as she asked, “Is that Ye Zhizhou still ignoring you?”

Tang Ye, who was resting his eyes, opened his eyes and then opened the private chat window. He looked at it and shook his head. “Nothing, the private message sent by Qixing and the others didn’t receive any response either. The other person still has their friend function turned off.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“This person’s so…” She massaged her aching head, feeling very upset. “I don’t know what happened recently. Nothing is going well. The new restaurant branches’ business has suddenly become very bad. Instead, the Fu Yuan restaurant that was almost bankrupt somehow made a comeback with some kind of Imperial Feast dishes. Their business is getting better and better. Where do you think they got their recipe from? Where did they get such high-quality ingredients? I heard people say their ingredients’ quality was better than our store’s ingredients.” Zz PXF

Tang Ye glanced at her with disapproval. “Shujing, you care too much about the Fu family, and the recent expansion speed of Gentleman’s Pavilion was too fast. You’d better slow down, or something will definitely happen.”

Jun Shujing choked a bit, pulling up the corner of her mouth to smile at him. She put her hand down. “Indeed, I’ve been a little impatient recently… Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s find Ye Zhizhou first. It’s a holy level quest. I heard that there’s a special reward.”

Tang Ye nodded with little interest, taking a bite of the desserts on the table and closed his eyes again. “Don’t worry, he can’t kill the Zerg queen alone.”

Jun Shujing looked at his expressionless face, a trace of dissatisfaction flashed in her eyes. g2qeMO

Half an hour later, Ye Zhizhou leveled up to level 30. He had no idea what to say anymore.

“Side Account brother, you helping me so selflessly, I…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Finish the holy level quest quickly.” The cold-faced handsome man traded a lot of things to him but then pulled out the long sword and shook it in front of him. “Otherwise, I’ll let you go down the same way I raised you up.”

“I’ll leave you the mount.” The cold-faced handsome man put away his sword and sneered. “If it wasn’t for the fact that those people would continue to affect the balance of the game… Obediently complete the quest. If you don’t log on for half a month again, I’ll go to your house and force you to play.” pijfYx

Ye Zhizhou replied boldly, “You can’t possibly know where my home is.”

“I can find out.” The cold-faced handsome man looked at him up and down and directly logged off.

Your friend GM Lu is online.

GM Lu: If you get bullied, directly call a GM. Before the holy level quest is completed, don’t even think about dropping a level. QP4ijD

Your friend GM Lu is offline.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“…” Fuck! The EXP baby was actually the GM! Can this broken game work properly! A GM threatening the players! He wants to report him!

The golden characters in the air suddenly changed, showing that the first level of the holy level quest was unlocked. Ye Zhizhou only saw that everything in front of him turned dark and when he opened his eyes again, the surrounding scene had become a kitchen with a complete set of tools. There was a bowl of rice and two eggs in front of him.

Level 30 attained, the first task of the quest unlocked. Time: Half an hour. 】 04Tkox

Ye Zhizhou was dumbfounded for a while but then resignedly picked up the egg. 20 minutes later, a delicious egg fried rice dish was cooked. As the task completion was 100%, the reward was doubled and he directly gained a level. Then, the second task was unlocked. Five minutes later, he gained another level. Task after task, level after level, the rewards continued to be doubled and his name began to furiously burst into existence in the world chat channel.

Congratulations to player Ye Zhizhou for completing the first task of the Holy Level Quest. Unlocked buffs for green quality fried rice type food items.

Congratulations to player Ye Zhizhou on completing the second task of the Holy Level Quest. Unlocked buffs for green quality egg type food items.

Congratulations to player Ye Zhizhou on completing the 20th task of the Holy Level Quest. Unlocked buffs for blue quality chicken type food items.Msfou8

World channel.

I Love Crayfish: It hasn’t been long and they’re already at stage 20… Bowing down to the great god!

Chrysanthemum Eye: Gaining a level for each stage. Oh my god, this holy level quest is breaking the rules.

I Married for Wealth: This should be the target of the fans. Great God, I love you! Hahaha, finally, I don’t have to go to that profiteer to buy food, I can make it myself now! ZMz9k4

Jun Shujing, who was staring at the world channel, couldn’t help clenching her fist. Damn! Who exactly was this Ye Zhizhou who came out of nowhere? If all the food was unlocked, then her business… Damn damn damn!

She didn’t know that Tang Ye had opened his eyes and also began to look at the world channel. He squinted as he said, “I wonder if the dishes made by Ye Zhizhou are delicious…”

Jun Shujing was startled. She took a new snack from her inventory bag and set it on the table. She said with a smile, “Who knows? Right now he’s only making some basic dishes. Later, the stages will get harder and harder. I don’t know if he’ll get stuck.”

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“En, we should help him if he gets stuck.” Tang Ye’s attention was quickly diverted. He took a bite of the snack and squinted his eyes in contentment. “Shujing, weren’t you always worried that you couldn’t make the buffed foods popular? Now there’s Ye Zhizhou. You can finally relax. In the future, play less. Reality is more important.” dhP bv

“… Yes, then I’ll be able to relax more.” Jun Shujing replied with a stiff expression. Her teeth were almost broken from how hard she was clenching them. Help him? Right now, she was looking forward to seeing this Ye Zhizhou fail and be stuck on the quest forever!

After finishing the 25th stage, Ye Zhizhou chose to log off to go to sleep.

There was nothing to worry about at Fu Yuan, so he slept all the way until noon. After getting up and eating lunch, he didn’t enter the game but drove to the main branch of Gentleman’s Pavilion in the most prosperous area of B city.

He took another Yi Rong pill and went into Gentleman’s Pavilion at the reserved time. After being brought to his table, he ordered the most expensive and famous Imperial Feast dishes at Gentleman’s Pavilion.  Half an hour later, all the dishes were served. He smelled the seductive fragrance in the air and slowly released his spiritual power, letting it float in the air as he opened the system. j9hriX

When he went on his business trip to other places, he also visited the branches of Gentleman’s Pavilion. He didn’t find anything wrong nor think that the taste of Gentleman’s Pavilion’s dishes was so unforgettable as described in the original plot. Later, when he pondered over the plot carefully, he found that most of the loyal customers of Gentleman’s Pavilion only loved to eat at the main branch in B city. Additionally, when Fu Xia came to the restaurant to try their dishes, she was able to recognize the protagonist’s skill in just one bite. This basically confirmed his thoughts. There must be something wrong with the protagonist’s food, but she’s very careful and only gave the food in question to important guests. Now, it’s time to uncover the secrets of the protagonist’s unforgettable cooking skills.

The author has something to say:
Thank you Iceberg for the two mines! Thank you Senior Bell, Jun Shi and 1 ° pudding for the mines! Love you all very much! =3=
PS: Fat fat, fly fly ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Editor comments:
Divi: I usually don’t make notes, but I was so tired of typing the “Cold-faced handsome man” like 91823091823 times (it was actually 14 times). Taking a wild guess at the ML, lol.

Guess we met ML today :blob0w0: next up exposing the protagonist’s secrets :blobpeek: BmoRaZ

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