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There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a HaremChapter 86


With the two living clues named Zhang Lin and Cao Yu, Shen Zixia quickly found out about Fan Lang. With a black face, he took the information back to the hospital and gave it to Cen Yuebai. After giving him the data, he went to the side and silently sat down in a daze for a long time.

Was Shen Zixia like this because he had found out that the person he had feelings for was actually a man, and was scared to the point he doubted his life? Ye Zhizhou leaned comfortably on the bed, petting the little cat’s ears and pulling at the fake ears of Tongtian while whispering, “Mengxi, this little mirror is our secret, okay?” 7dbCfc

The little cat tilted her head in doubt, leaning over to rub against him while letting out a soft meow.

Aiya, how can this sister be so lovely! He couldn’t help but reach out and pet her again! However, knowing that there was a human soul inside the cat’s body, he had some restraint. He only touched her head and neck, not daring to touch her anywhere else.

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[The system has the function of blocking the world’s biological images and replacing them with another scene. Please be at ease, Host. ]

With a low hum, he picked up the little mirror and stuffed it into his pocket. He said in his mind, “Ok, ok, I know you are powerful. You’re the most powerful.” lrzNWY

The false ears moved, looking a little proud.

[The probability of Su Yu and protagonist falling in love has dropped to 30%, may the host persist in his efforts.]

The system prompt had just popped up when the room’s door was violently pushed open. Su Yu stood at the door, panting, and looked around the room before running directly to Shen Zixia. He grabbed his collar and urgently asked, “What’s the meaning of the text you sent me?! What do you mean the person in Mengxi’s body isn’t Mengxi? Where’s the real Mengxi then?!”

The little cat lying on the bed lifted her head after hearing him and let out a meow. c7iXdH

“Xiao Yu.” Shen Zixia brushed his hand aside and looked at him doubtfully, “Why are you… Calm down. Mengxi is next to Zihao. ”

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It was only then that Su Yu realized that he seemed to have been too agitated. He stiffly moved his hand and a little thought arose in his mind… He was almost seen through, so embarrassing. He quickly avoided Shen Zixia’s sight and went to the bedside. His eyes scanned all around Ye Zhizhou and his brows became more and more wrinkled. “Zihao, where’s Mengxi?” Didn’t Shen Zixia say that Mengi was right beside Zihao? How come he couldn’t even see her shadow?”

The little cat stepped onto the blankets as she walked to the side of the bed. She raised her head to look at him before reaching her paws out to pull at him. She meowed again.

“Why is Cen Yuebai’s cat still here?” Su Yu’s face didn’t have his usual smile, and he seemed anxious. He directly reached out, gently pushed the cat away, and continued to ask, “What about Mengxi? Did she go out? ” 1AVHDK

Ye Zhizhou looked at Su Yu and then at the little cat. He guessed in his mind, this Su Yu… did he like the real Shen Mengxi? Then, five years later, why did he still go to find Fan Lang? He should’ve really hated Fan Lang, the bastard who robbed his sweetheart’s body.

Furthermore, Shen Zixia currently looked like he paid attention to his family with an affectionate attitude. He’s also as straight as possible. Right now, he simply learned that he had those kinds of feelings towards a man and he already doubted his life. In the original plot, how could he bend just like that? He also didn’t show any concern about where Shen Mengxi’s soul went…

“Zihao!” Seeing that he was distracted, Su Yu became increasingly impatient and couldn’t help moving forward to touch him. Thinking of his injury though, he took his hand back. “Zihao, where exactly is Mengxi? How is she right now? Is she hurt? ”

The little cat that was just pushed aside by him plopped her butt on the blanket, staring blankly. Then, she reached forward again to pull at him with her paws, meowing several times. dPyXAG

Su Yu once again reached out and pushed her aside.

Ye Zhizhou snapped out of it after hearing Su Yu’s words. He was a bit embarrassed by his untimely thoughts and quickly replied, “After Mengxi’s body was taken away, her soul entered this little cat’s body. There was no injury, but this little cat’s body is too small and weak. We should take care of it carefully.” This little cat was still a baby, it needs milk to live.

Su Yu paused, and then quickly looked down at the little cat that was coincidentally pushed unsteadily by him. This time, she fell backwards, making all four paws face the ceiling and exposing her pink belly, while also letting out a few frightened meows.

After Mengxi’s body was robbed, her soul entered the little cat’s body… This sentence echoed in his mind. The cat in front of him gradually became human. If it’s like that, then it exposing its belly is the same as… UHiq1z

After a bit, Su Yu’s face became completely red. He turned his head, took off his coat and covered the little cat with it. He stuttered his reason, “H-how can girls not wear clothes? This won’t do, no way, this is out of the question… I, I will go buy you some clothes!” After saying this, he rushed out of the room without giving anyone time to react.

The little cat struggled for a long time before she was able to push the coat that was covering her body aside. She looked at the room door doubtfully and meowed.

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[The probability of Su Yu and the protagonist falling in love has dropped to 0%. The third soul flag has been pulled out. Congratulations to the host, may the host persist in his efforts.]

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Tf Itlhtbe qgbwqais abbx j qliibk ab mbnfg tlr ojmf jcv qgfrrfv vbkc atf ijeutafg atja gertfv ab tlr wbeat. Cmaejiis yiertlcu joafg rfflcu j mja’r yfiis… l3CVdt

“Ktlr Wljb Te lr…” Vtfc Ilzlj ibbxfv ja atf mja bc atf yfv, atfc ibbxfv ja tlr ygbatfg, ktb kjr teuulcu j qliibk jcv ijeutlcu. Coafg olueglcu la bea, tf klqfv tlr ojmf klat tlr tjcv yfobgf mtbxlcu bea, “Wljb Te, tf…ilxfr Zfcuzl?” Rba atf ‘agslcu ab wjxf tlw ulnf eq mtjrlcu tfg ilxf’, yea ufcelcf ilxf? Ccv atf bcf tf ilxfr lrc’a atf ojxf, yea atf gfji Zfcuzl?

The little cat froze for a bit before turning back to look at him, her cat eyes wide and her small body stiff, “Meow, meow, meow?!”

More than two hours later, Su Yu and Cen Yuebai came back together. One was carrying all kinds of cat toys, cat clothes, cat snacks, and the other was carrying a big thermos bottle. When they stood together, they had a strange CP feeling… Something like the quiet and cold male god gong and the cheerful cute boy shou…

Ye Zhizhou put aside the vinegar bucket that had formed and smiled. En, babyface really is noticeable. It’s annoying. Picking up the cat and putting it in his arms, he waved at Cen Yuebai. “What did you find while you were out? Come here, I’m hungry.” 8dbKLn

“How could you hug Mengxi!” Su Yu quickly rushed over, grabbing the little cat from Ye Zhizhou’s arms and holding it protectively in his arms.  He also glared at Cen Yuebai fiercely, “And you! You also held Mengxi before, despicable! A big man who doesn’t know how to avoid arousing suspicion! ”

Cen Yuebai glanced at him indifferently, then lowered his head and kissed Ye Zhizhou, sitting down beside the bed.

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Su Yu was shocked and was just about to say something when he suddenly felt pain from his chest, he looked down. The little cat was looking at him and had its claws clearly visible, the hair on her neck was all puffed up. “Meow!”

He didn’t understand, but it seems like she was very angry. h2c48U

The body in his arms was small and warm. His brain started to automatically turn the cat into a girl, and then quickly calculated which cat parts represented which human parts, so the part on his arm should be Mengxi’s butt and what’s leaning on his chest should be Mengxi’s shoulder… then, the small legs hanging on his arms was…

The delicate baby face became red once again, and this time there was even smoke.

Shen Zixia, who felt that he had eaten two big bowls of dog food, got up from the corner, took the cat from Su Yu’s arms, and then smacked his head. “You, calm down! Mengxi still needs our help right now. If you are seen by Fan Lang like this, you will directly expose Mengxi!”

The little cat was already not afraid of Shen Zixia. She smoothly nested in his arms before leaning over and sticking out her paws to grab at Su Yu again. liCrth

Su Yu happily covered the paws grabbing at him, blushed and said seriously, “Don’t worry cousin, I’ll definitely protect Mengxi well!”

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He’s hopeless.

Shen Zixia was a bit tired. He took the little cat to the sofa and sat down, clumsily petting her head while saying seriously, “Mengxi, I will help you return to your body. Don’t worry.”

The little cat raised her head and rubbed against his hand, quietly meowing. HzbXW5

With a foolish face, Su Yu watched on the sidelines. He was rewarded with the cold back of an annoyed cat.

This room was full of pink bubbles, but the atmosphere in the room of another unit upstairs was not so wonderful.

“Hateful!” Fan Lang looked at his increasingly haggard body and pulled at his hair impatiently. “Ever since Shen Zihao got injured, Shen Zixia, Su Yu and Cen Yuebai have surrounded him as if they had taken the wrong medicine. Their attitude towards me has become very cold. Could it be that they found out that I’m not the original?”

Zhang Lin tousled his hair roughly, moving closer to trap him against the wall. “Shen Zixia and Su Yu are Shen Zihao’s brother and cousin. When their brother gets injured, it’s only natural that they should pay more attention to him. As for Cen Yuebai, that abnormal person, why do you bother with him? It’s better if he doesn’t stick to you. Xiao Lan, don’t be afraid, brother Lin will protect you. ” fEGK8c

“Stop using those tricks you use to pick up girls on me!” Fan Lang pushed him away and straightened his clothes. “Damn it! It’s so annoying being a woman. I, this big lord, has to deal with these physiology problems! ”

Zhang Lin watched him use the young and beautiful body to say those crude words. He felt more and more itchy, wanting to move forward. Cao Yu came in carrying a lunch box, and upon seeing the mood, smiled and said, “You guys are so lively in here, while I was used as a messenger. Okay, okay, come over and eat. We still need to go to class after.”

“It wasn’t easy making it to the third year of university, not to mention graduating. I didn’t expect after changing bodies, I need to start as a second-year again!” Fan Lang became increasingly angry as he said these words. He waved his hand impatiently. “I’m not going to afternoon classes. Let’s go drinking later!”

Zhang Lin and Cao Yu looked at each other and smiled meaningfully before quickly chiming in. Their good friend’s new body is really high quality. Every day, their hearts felt itchy when they looked at her. It’s just that their good friend was unwilling to be pressed down, and hated how being a woman was worse than being a man in all aspects, so they were not able to touch him. Besides, there were always other men around their good friend, but now… Their chance was coming! WyJEd7

Yin Feiyu, who was leaning against the wall outside the room, heard the conversation clearly. A faint smile appeared on his lips before he turned towards the elevator. He was really unwilling to treat this kind of garbage.

Cen Yuebai suddenly stopped moving his chopsticks in the middle of eating and Ye Zhizhou also immediately put down his chopsticks as he looked towards the room’s door. Shen Zixia doubtfully followed their actions and stopped as well. Su Yu was completely focused on feeding the little cat, so he didn’t notice their actions.

Yin Feiyu pushed the door open and glanced at them. He raised his finger and motioned upstairs. “I know you guys have already investigated things. Friendly warning, Zhang Lin and Cao Yu are currently encouraging your sister to drink.” After saying this, he turned around and left, leaving them looking at his confident and relaxed white back.

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Su Yu paused before raising his head, his expression dark. “What do they want to do to Mengxi’s body!?” 9OvoXx

Shen Zixia’s face was also dark, getting up and looking like he was about to charge out.

“Don’t be impatient.” Cen Yuebai took out a thread of black silk and wrapped it around the little cat’s leg, folded a paper talisman onto the string and murmured a few words. Then, he picked up his chopsticks and said, “Sit down and eat, Shen Mengxi’s body is very safe.”

The little cat meowed in agreement. Shen Zixia hesitated for a moment before turning around to sit down. Su Yu still couldn’t let it go, but seeing that the little cat was staring at him, he could only suppress his worries and sit down with her.

Ye Zhizhou looked at the scene and then secretly poked Tongtian, asking in his mind, “Tongtian, didn’t I get a Huanhun pill from a mission reward?” vNYHOc

[Unused Mission Rewards: Huaxing pill, Huanhun pill, Purple Void cultivation method. ]

Purple Void cultivation method?! He was so surprised that he almost dropped the chopsticks in his hand.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Limited by the authority of the host. Only the basic chapter of refining medicine and making talismans is opened in the Purple Void cultivation method. Does host wish to claim the reward? ]

Refining medicine and making talismans were more than enough! He nodded wildly in his mind, then looked at Cen Yuebai, who was next to him, with a grin. His lover in this world can play around with talismans, now he can learn too. Nice! cTVSs3

Cen Yuebai poured a glass of water for him, the corners of his lips turning up into a smile unconsciously.

At midnight, Cen Yuebai, who was accompanying him, had fallen asleep. Ye Zhizhou quietly poked him and then played the harmonica that he took out from his space. After confirming that the other party was completely asleep, he lifted the blanket and got up, leaving the room.

The hospital was very quiet at midnight, the only room that was brightly lit was the doctors’ and nurses’ duty room. Under the cover of his spiritual power, he easily made his way to Fan Lang’s ward. He pushed the room door open and then stuffed the Huanhun pill into Fan Lang’s mouth. Outsiders couldn’t hurt the protagonist, but it was okay to help them. No matter where the protagonist’s soul had gone, he now had to obediently come back. Wasn’t that very helpful?

[Fluctuation of the protagonist’s soul detected… Fluctuation ended.] Q nUm8

His heavy heart immediately became lighter and he poked at the light screen with laughter. He continued to use his spiritual power to cover him as he went back to his ward. On the way back, he also sent Su Yu a text.

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Cen Yuebai’s tense body relaxed as he sensed the familiar spiritual power returning, and he broke the black thread in his hand.

In a car not too far from the hospital, Zhang Lin was still trying to persuade his friends to go drinking. “Xiao Lang, you were the one that said you wanted to go drinking, now you’re saying that you don’t want to go. This joke isn’t funny at all. We wasted a whole afternoon in the hospital and now we already drove the car out. What do you mean you don’t want to keep going?”

The further away he was from the hospital, the more obvious the feeling of his leg being pulled by a rope. Fan Lang didn’t have time to listen to Zhang Lin and smacked the back of Zhang Lin’s seat while shouting, “I don’t want to go, so we don’t go! Go back to the hospital! Even if you park the car all night, I still won’t go! Turn back to the hospital!” 2YvhFb

“Did you guys discuss what to do yet? I’m sleepy.” Cao Yu frowned, his eyes full of impatience. “It’s already midnight, let’s just give up and go back home to sleep.”

Zhang Lin looked at him full of discontent. “The nightlife has just begun! What sleep! Look at that laziness of yours!”

“Fine you don’t need to turn around, I’ll just get off and walk back myself!” Suddenly his calf started to hurt, Fan Lang was in a hurry. He reached out and pushed the car door open. He didn’t know what was going on, but he’s been unsettled since the afternoon. He doesn’t want to leave the hospital, and when he did leave, he keeps thinking about going back. He also has the feeling that it would be dangerous to leave the hospital.

Zhang Lin leaned over to pull him back and locked the door. He said with a dark face, “Fan Lang, what are you doing?!” TVhbUr

“Don’t think I’m not aware of your ideas!” When Fan Lang saw that he couldn’t open the door, he became extremely flustered. He turned his head and glared fiercely at Zhang Lin. “You dare to have ideas about me. I think you’ve become very courageous! Your family’s business idea still depends on my family’s support. Don’t provoke me or I’ll have you dealt with!”

Zhang Lin’s complexion changed. “Fan Lang, are you intending to shed all pretense of cordiality and end our brotherhood?”

“What are you guys doing!” Cao Yu looked at them inexplicably. “To go this far just for a matter of drinking, you can’t just dissolve the many years of affection between the two of you. Both of you, calm down!”

“You can stop pretending to be a good man!” Zhang Lin interrupted him with this sentence and sneered, “This idea was mentioned by you first. You’re always hiding in the back like a turtle, waiting for me to come out and then you take advantage of it. Cao Yu, you’re just like that father of yours. Just a little pretty boy who only knows how to kiss ass!” Y5d3DL

Cao Yu’s expression became sinister and he clenched his fist. “Zhang Lin, you’re courting death.”

Fan Lang cursed a few times, he was done with this. He took the chance while they were fighting to open the car lock and pushed the door open, running out of the car, towards the hospital. Seeing this, Zhang Lin and Cao Yu stopped fighting and got out of the car to chase after him.

“Xiao Lang, listen to me.” Zhang Lin managed to catch up to Fan Lang and grabbed onto his shoulder, ready to explain, but the space under his hand suddenly became empty. Fan Lang had collapsed to the ground.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“What’s going on?” Cao Yu, who was just a step behind, was stunned. tMm1hu

Su Yu, who had been hiding in the darkness and observing the situation, rushed out to hold Shen Mengxi’s body from the ground, taking out his mobile phone to directly dial 110. “Hello, this is XX street in front of the third city hospital. Two people are trying to abduct a girl…”

Zhang Lin and Cao Yu were confused by his baffling actions. They rushed to grab his cellphone after they realized what he was doing. The hospital security guards timely rushed in to subdue the two and brought them to the hospital security room.

The next morning, the news of Fan Lang regaining consciousness came out with the news of Zhang Lin and Cao Yu’s arrest.

“Where is Mengxi’s body now?” 3HcJXt

Cen Yuebai helped him to pour some porridge and gave him the spoon. “In the next ward, Su Yu is watching over her.”

“Ah.” He nodded his head, and then sighed with an exaggerated exclamation, “God really has eyes. Everyone was just thinking about how to get Mengxi’s body back, and then the soul suddenly swapped back by itself. It’s really worthy of a celebration.”

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Cen Yuebai glanced at him with a joyful expression in his eyes. “En. God is very powerful.”

It takes a few days to prepare the materials and talismans for the soul returning ceremony. During this period, Shen Mengxi’s body and soul could only stay separated. Unexpectedly, things took a different turn and became simpler, so now the matter of returning her soul to her body is just around the corner. Everyone’s tense nerves relaxed and they began to watch the show on Fan Lang and Zhang Lin’s side. NJnMtO

A person in a vegetative state is very weak when they wake up from a coma. To recover, they have to go through a long period of recuperation and rehabilitation. At the moment, there’s no time for Fan Lang to play around. Zhang Lin and Cao Yu forcibly abducted a girl on the street. They even caused her to end up in the hospital, unconscious. This crime was enough for them to stay at the police station for a long time. It seemed like they didn’t have time to go do something with the protagonist.

Ye Zhizhou was relieved, while Su Yu and Shen Zixia sneered. They felt very frustrated when they thought that those two people once tried to take advantage of their sister/sweetheart. So, they kindly delivered the news that Fan Lang had already regained consciousness but completely didn’t care about them and even made trouble for their release on bail.

[The probability of Zhang Lin, Cao Yu falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 50%, may the host persist in his efforts.]

[Soul flag fluctuation detected…The removed third soul flag has been restored. The flag has been transferred to the soul of Yuan Yao. Asking host to please pay attention! ] hjmvpO

The perfectly satisfied Ye Zhizhou that was eating some fruit was so startled by the light screen in front of him that he dropped the small fork in his hand. Yuan Yao, wasn’t this the name of the big boss’s daughter?

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The author has something to say:
Thank you Qiaozi for the grenade! Thank you for One Cat, Licking Screen Mushroom, Cang Leng for the mine! I love you so much = 3=
PS: I love sweet story. Sweet story loves me.

Translator's Note

化形, form changing

Translator's Note

还魂, return soul

Translator's Note

还魂, return soul

Translator's Note

Actual text: 吃了熊心豹子胆
Lit. to eat bear’s heart and leopard’s gall.

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