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There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a HaremChapter 62


Translator: Mina
Editor: Yuika
Proofreader: Padam

Fang Shuhe didn’t take long to confess after seeing the pictures of Si Han’s body. She also provided some evidence that she had secretly left behind in case she needed to blackmail Si Youqian. Ye Zhizhou did not expect this kind of development. The kidnapping case was too long ago, and the evidence was very difficult to find. He had thought that it would be necessary for him to have grind the case for a while. 3yYGEO

   Si Han’s case got a lead, but in the case of the car accident, Si Youqian refused to plead guilty. Ye Zhizhou wanted to use his spiritual strength to continue to pressure him, but he did not expect Qin Mo to suddenly appear in the police station with his lawyer. An hour later, Si Youqian pleaded guilty and the car accident case was settled.

   “How did you do that? Did you find evidence?” The speed is so fast that it’s daunting.

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   Qin Mo shook his head and took him to the car parked on the side of the road. “A person always has a weakness. Si Youqian is no exception. Evidence can be found, as long as you are willing to spend time on it.” Whenever he returned to China, he would re-investigate the car accident, but every time, he would meet a dead end in the dead car driver. Now that he knows that the person behind the scenes was Si Youqian, it wasn’t difficult to connect the line between the points.

   “Weakness?” Ye Zhizhou got on the car and frowned. “He has a weakness? Is it Si Jimin? But Si Youqian is not very filial… If he was filial, he would not allow an old man to live alone in another community, one that he rarely visits…” Like father, like son. Si Youqian and Si Jimin were both not good people. Although Si Jimin may not have known in the beginning, he definitely knew later on. Since this person would also do anything for the sake of money, he just watched as Si Youqian did all of this, no human decency at all. krfh7c

   “Si Youqian has more than one illegitimate child.” Qin Mo also got in the car and extended two fingers. “He has a daughter and a son abroad, seven and four years old. The mother of the children is his first love. Ten years ago, the other party divorced, and Si Youqian deliberately approached her, softening the other party and sent the person abroad. The reason why his first love was divorced was because her husband suddenly became addicted to drugs, and even after going to rehab for a few times, he kept relapsing and did not quit. You can guess how her husband’s drug addiction started and continued.”

   Ye Zhizhou has no idea what to say, and silently mumbled, “Si Youqian did it..”

   “Xiao Bao is really smart.” Qin Mo smiled and raised his hand to touch his hair. “The last bit of humanity left in Si Youqian was placed on his first love and her children. If I let his first love know that her ex-husband’s drug addiction was caused by Si Youqian… Well, human nature is such an easy thing to exploit. If you look carefully, there will always be loopholes to drill.”

   Qin Mo’s touch on his head was warm and gentle, and Ye Zhizhou began to feel uncomfortable again. He turned his head to avoid his touch, and the mood felt awkward. This cheap brother always likes to do some very intimate actions on him. He doesn’t know if other people’s brothers are like this. Anyway, he is not used to it. W8cOXq

   Once again, he was escaping. Qin Mo’s expression grew darker, and he moved away from him. He pressed his hand against his forehead. “I need to return home for a while. Xiao Bao, you stay here and be good. I’ll come back to find you very soon.”

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   Ye Zhizhou nodded quickly to show that he understood, not daring to look him in the eyes.

   The pain eased, Qin Mo put down his hand, looked at him deeply, suddenly raised his hand and gently poked his head, “Xiao Bao, you were very cute when you were a child, very clingy. You would only stick to me.” He couldn’t go anywhere, he could only stay in his sight.

Ye Zhizhou raised his hand and held his head. He didn’t know how to answer to him. He could only stay silent. The original owner who had been so clingy with him when he was a child has already been reborn into a happy new life. GBv9nh

   Qin Mo returned overseas that night and he did not want anyone to send him off.

   After the accident, Wei Sihan did not come to school for a week. When he came back, he finally changed his way of copying the original Qin Bao’s dress style, and he started to wear the artsy and gentle style he always liked. He changed his name, then moved out of the dormitory and gradually alienated himself from his classmates.

   Wang Hu sighed at the empty bed. “Aiya, I don’t know if there is something wrong with Si Han. His whole person has changed and he also changed his name… but you two are really interesting. You changed your name and he also changed his name. But this is good too, now I don’t have to worry about what to call the two of you anymore.”

   Putting away the student IDs and documents that had been changed after his name change. Ye Zhizhou smiled and got up and patted him. He also began to pack his bags. “So remember not to call us by the wrong name again. His name is not Si Han anymore, call him Fan Si. And for me, you can call me Bao Ge.” LIi7zZ

   “Pei, you are obviously younger than me!” Wang Hu scolded him with a smile, then frowned again. “Wait, why are you packing your bags? Don’t tell me you are going to move out too.”

   “Not moving out.” Ye Zhizhou shook his head, then smiled and said, “There is something going on at home, so I want to spend more time with my mother. Well, I’m leaving now. I’ll come back to see you often.”

   Wang Hu sent him downstairs. When he came back, he looked at the empty bedroom. He couldn’t help but sigh a long sigh. “These two… What the hell is going on, it was just a holiday break…”

   After the name change, Wei Sihan completely lost his financial source. The Wei family no longer cared about him, and Si Youqian and Fang Shuhe were both in prison. The money he had received before had already been squandered. Now he moved out of the dormitory and has to pay rent. After several unsuccessful visits to find Wei Songning. He really has no one to rely on now. He had to go to a job-seeking center that specializes in providing students with part-time jobs. He needed to earn some money for living expenses and medical expenses. tfCWL7

   After he skipped the recruitment information of hard and unstable job flyers and various supermarket salesman, his sight fell on the column of tutoring. Due to Wei Jianguo’s teaching, his grades have always been good, and he’s good enough to be a tutor.

   The tutoring work was also divided into good and bad. It is the most tiring to tutor high school students, so he quickly skipped flyers about those. He stops on the last job posting.

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   “Requirement: College student, good temper, delicate, appearance above average and a pleasant voice, can easily get along with children, hourly salary of 500, fixed hours of six hours a week…” His eyes lit up. The conditions given by this person are really good, this job it is! Quickly writing down the information, he rushed to the front desk to search the information to get the other party’s contact information. He was afraid that this high-paying good part-time job will fly away quickly.

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   The staff entered the information he asked for into the system for a query, and then regretfully shook his head. “Sorry, this part-time job has just been picked up by a psychology major girl. The other side also agreed to hire her. The two sides have already negotiated, so please go look at some others.” m3Y dS

   Wei Sihan was somewhat dissatisfied and somewhat lost. He could only go back to the information board and continue to search.

   Ye Zhizhou used the Yi Rong Dan to stand openly next to him, and when he turned and left, he pretended to accidentally hit him while deliberately grumbling under his breath, “Why is this bar like this? They’re only hiring waiters that look good. This is discrimination against ordinary people.”

   Wei Sihan was hit by him and wanted to get angry. But after hearing this sentence, he paused and then looked at the mediocre appearance of the other person. He smirked and went to the information board that the other party had just read to search.

   [The probability of He Jing falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 60%. Please continue your efforts host.] Xgzekq

   Entering the bathroom to wash away the effect of Yi Rong Dan, Ye Zhizhou blinked his eyes and rubbed his chin. Destroying the opportunity for the protagonist and He Jing  to meet actually dropped the love chance by 40%. Sure enough, this flag is not difficult to pull! The remaining 60%… After the autism of He Jing’s daughter has improved, it should be able to slowly drop.

   In the lively bar, Wei Sihan skillfully shuffles through the crowd while serving drinks and chatting with the guests. Three streets away from the bar, in a children’s playground, Ye Zhizhou was wearing a puppet suit. He walked awkwardly towards a little girl, poked her shoulders, changed his voice to be sweeter, bent down, and asked, “Little child, do you like stars?”

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   The girl looked up at him and then turned away and hid from him.

   After he saw this, he quickly used a lulling spiritual power in his voice and continued to ask, “Little child, I have stars here, do you want it?” VsBnyR

   The girl reacted and sneaked a peek at him.

   He smiled and handed over the crystal star that was filled with his spritual power. A turn of his fat costume fingers and countless light spots floated into the air from the crystal star, circling around it before slowly disappearing.

   “Stars…” The girl’s eyes lit up, revealing a smile.

   “I’ll give it to you.” Putting the crystal in her hand, he patted the soft hair of the little girl, leaving a soothing spiritual power on her, then turned and left. KcWwF4

   With the soothing mental power, the girl felt very comfortable. She held the crystals and watched Ye Zhizhou walked away and turned her head. “The person who sent the stars… is he an angel?” But why is this angel so fat… he even fell while walking….

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

   He Jing looked around anxiously, and saw his daughter sitting on the bench on the side of the road. He sighed with relief and hurriedly took a step forward to hold her in his arms. “Baby, you scared me. Don’t just leave without telling Dad next time, do you understand?”


   He Jing was shocked, followed by immense joy. He retreated a little and looked into her eyes, cautiously asking, “Baby, what did you just call me? Are you willing to talk to Dad?” x92phc


   “Papa is here, Papa is here…” Putting his daughter back into his arms, he blinked the tears in his eyes away and bowed his head to his daughter’s head. Ever since his wife’s death, his daughter has never been willing to talk, and now finally… finally…

   The person holding her was too excited, the girl hesitated, raised her hand and patted his back, and then hid the crystal in her arms. Maybe… she would not tell Dad… Angel is the secret that belongs to her alone.

    [The probability of He Jing falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 50%. Please continue your efforts host.] ynbXeN

   Ye Zhizhou continue to have difficulty pulling his costume off, and his heart is broken. “Forget make persistent efforts. You first tell me how to take this off. The back is obviously has a zipper, but why can’t I open it?”

   The system seems to be embarrassed by his words, flickered, and then moved forward, slowly spat out two words.

   [Keep trying.]

   Ye Zhizhou rolled his eyes and then angrily turned off the light screen in front of him. L6dSTp

   Suddenly there was a pressure on his head, and he heard the sound of the zipper opening. After a slight pull, his head bound by the headgear finally returned to freedom. He breathed a sigh of relief, turned around with his hair a mess, and his face grateful. “Thank you, kind person! This headgear is too annoying, it was thanks to you, I finally…brother? Why are you here?”

   Qin Mo’s eyes carefully swept through Ye Zhizhou red face and chaotic hair from being stuffed in the headgear, smiling, “No cancer, not a tumor.”


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   “Xiao Bao.” Qin Mo steppped forward and held him up, and his attitude was very tough. His voice was soft and the way he said the words were gentle. But the words itself were not very beautiful. “I will not let go. You are mine. I want to tie you up. In this life, don’t even think about hiding from me.” EQigmj

   The strength on the back was strong and he was still wearing the costume. He found it a bit difficult to breathe. He pushed against him hard. “Brother, what’s up with you? Let me go, I can’t breathe.”

   “No.” Qin Mo’s eyes sank, and he picked him up like he was holding a child and stuffed him directly into the car parked on the side of the road. After he entered and locked the car, he clung to him. “Xiao Bao, you are mine.”

   This familiar line and overbearing behavior, coupled with the act of locking the other up forcibly…… Ye Zhizhou was stunned, and then shocked. “Qin Mo! Have you always had headaches?”

   Qin Mo saw that he was no longer struggling and was satisfied. He smiled. “En, but don’t worry Xiao Bao. This time I went back overseas to check the problem and there’s no problem. I still have my whole life to take care of you. I won’t leave you alone.” noNl8k

   Ye Zhizhou listened to his words and became even more stupefied. “Did you go back overseas to check your head? Because you always had headaches, did you suspect that you had cancer or a tumor?”

   Qin Mo did not speak, and continued to hold him tightly. It was completely different from aloof and reserved person who would only occasionally do some intimate actions. He was overbearing and sticky, and very shameless. “Xiao Bao, you are mine, you can only be mine. I knew since I saw you for the first time.”

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   “…So your gentle brother image was just an act? Because you thought that your brain had an illness and you suspected that you didn’t have long, and you didn’t want to hurt me?”

   Qin Mo directly buried his face in Ye Zhizhou’s neck. g9l8rk

   Ye Zhizhou was so dumbfounded that he did not question him again. He has met all the plot characters and had released his spiritual power in front of everyone, but he had never received any feedback. It’s not that he didn’t worry, but he can’t just use his spiritual power to spy on other people’s brains, and he’s been holding it back. He had been worried about whether if his lover’s spiritual energy was too much and was not able to follow… but it turns out his lover was right next to him acting like a big tail wolf.

   He almost decided to try to use his spiritual power to scan the minds of all the plot characters after pulling out the last soul flag… He even suspected that the last character He Jing was his lover…

   “Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you constantly had headaches?” Ye Zhizhou raised his hand and rubbed his hair. He laughed distressingly and used his spiritual power to surround Qin Mo. He moved it over his head little by little. “So you had a normal personality in this life.” So normal that he didn’t recognize it at all… No, there were signs. His spiritual power hadn’t alerted him everytime Qin Mo suddenly approached him… he can only blame himself for being too stupid… This is really…

   The pain in his brain gradually disappeared, and then slowly became a soothing and gentle feeling. Qin Mo did not know how to describe the sudden emotions in his heart, but he knew that his life was now complete. Holding the person in his arms tighter he opened his eyes and smiled silently. TfNKs5

   This is his baby, and he only belongs to him. he can spend his whole life with his baby.

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   Si Youqian recieved a death sentence. Fang Shuhe recieved a life sentence and will be accompanied by the nightmares for the rest of her life.

   Two years later, Si Youqian was executed. No one helped collect his body and no one visited him. Fang Shuhe was tortured by her nightmares into the sallow appearance that she once used to pretend to be. After hearing the news of Si Youqian’s death, her nightmares got worse. Wei Sihan was arrested by the police during a scandal and was expelled from the university. He then disappeared into B city.

      [The probability of He Jing falling in love with the protagonist has fallen to 0%. Congratulations to the host, this world’s mission is completed. Do you want to continue to the next world?] aSpbJT

   Selecting no, Ye Zhizhou put a bouquet in front of Si Han’s tombstone, and Qin Mo smiled to the side, “Let’s go, Auntie and Yue Ge are waiting for us.”

   Qin Mo took his hand and nodded.

   Three years later, Si Jimin passed away. Zhong Min sold all the things related to the Si family and followed Ye Zhizhou and Qin Mo abroad. Si Yue also moved his career abroad and started a new life.

   After being shocked by all the things that happened with Si Youqian, Wei Zhuang decisively gave up the idea of ​​returning to China and also followed them abroad, becoming a free and happy little detective. After working as a school doctor for 5 more years in B University, Lu Chen decided to join an international relief organization and started to chase his dreams. Xing Guan finally matured and took over the company at home; Wei Songning became a big shot barrister, brought his father from his hometown to B City, and then found him a easy job. Teaching children at the local orphanage. A relaxed work in his retirement; He Jing quit his job in the orchestra after his daughter’s autism improved, and opened a musical instrument store. He finally had time to accompany his daughter as she grew up. vtWYd4

   Ye Zhizhou turned off the system information, looked at his lover who was sleeping next to him, and stroke his golden hair and smiled. Ah, this is life… En, the golden hair of his lover in this life feels very good to touch.

   Zhong Min came in with some juice and smiled when she saw them. Then she took a glance at Si Yue who had just entered, holding some documents.

 Si Yue’s brow raised, but decided to pretend not to see.

“I really regret not finding the correct partner.” Zhong Min hated iron for not becoming steel and then shook her head. After shaking it, she couldn’t help but smile. She never thought that after getting rid of Si Youqian, her life can become so happy and comfortable. If only Xiao Ke and Xiao Han were still here… Getting rid of the sudden feeling of sadness, she gave the juice to Ye Zhizhou, and rubbed his hair. “Xiao Bao, thank you.” HqAlBh

   Ye Zhizhou was suprised, but then smiled back.

   A few decades later, Ye Zhizhou felt that his lover was very healthy and energetic, and he was relieved to sink into the darkness.

   Qin Mo kissed his face, lied to his side, and slowly closed his eyes.

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   The small mirror under the pillow suddenly shook, and then the screen popped up. LENf3Z

[Vital signs have disappeared. Entering the next world, the preparing soul… Detecting interference, the soul transfer is interrupted… the interference is lifted. Easy mode is ended early, difficult mode is turned on. Matching the task world… Matching completed, starting transferring of soul… Transfer is complete, reward has been sent and the task has been opened.]

   The light screen disappeared, and the mirror shattered into pieces that scattered in the air, disappearing into light spots.

   Ye Zhizhou was awakened by pain in his arm. He blinked and saw a cold handsome face and six small flags on his handsome head.

   “Slut! Don’t you love your brother the most, I’ll let him to die in front of you!” The handsome face was twisted, and the long sword in his hand was raised, and the tip of it pointing towards Ye Zhizhou’s eye. yFGzo2

   What the fuck?!

   “Don’t hurt him!” A slender white blur suddenly rushed over and stopped in front of Ye Zhizhou. Then the sword viciously came down and was inserted straight into the belly of the white shadow, and blood was spilled.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


  The shrill pitiful scream could shake the minds of people who heard it. nOq3oZ

   The handsome person’s face’s expression became distorted, and then he laughed gleefully “Ha ha ha, slut! You also have this day! Don’t worry, I won’t let you die today. Haven’t you always cared about your face? Today I will ruin it!”

   The tip of the sword was pulled out, and the girl who fell on Ye Zhizhou’s body twitched, and then there was no movement.

   Ye Zhizhou finally reacted, quickly gathering the girl into his arms. His hand raised to cover the wound in her abdomen, and rushed to spread his spiritual power towards the approaching man while also retreating with the girl. “Fuck off!”

   The callous handsome guy’s footsteps paused, and his expression changed. “You useless trash actually awakened your Wuhun?” Us6ZIl

T/N: Easy mode is ended early… I wonder what interfered with the system….

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Translator's Note

大尾巴狼; pretending to be a serious and decent person

Translator's Note

铁不成钢; hating that SYQ failed to meet her expectations

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