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There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a HaremChapter 61


Translator: Mina
Editor: Yuika
Proofreader: Padam


   On the day of the birthday party, Si Youqian was very diligent, running around to help arrange the hall, and also helping to prepare the birthday cake. He was acting like a loving father who was perfectly happy to be busy for his son. Zhong Min still talked to him about the children as usual, but she never looked him in the eyes again. Every time he happened to come over, she would turn away or excuse herself to do something else. Si Youqian did not find anything wrong about her behavior, he continued to busy himself happily.

   Si Yue looked away from the newspaper he was reading, set it down, and patted Ye Zhizhou, who was next to him.

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   “Don’t worry.” Ye Zhizhou did not even lift his head from his phone. He was eating a popsicle, so his speech was a bit muffled. “It’s still early, only nine o’clock, and I told Wei Sihan to come at ten.”

   Si Yue glanced at his mobile phone screen and saw that he was actually playing Gluttonous Snakes. He couldn’t help but be speechless. He simply didn’t bother him anymore. He got up and greeted Xing Guan who had just walked in. l8p2hP

   After having more than a week to calm down, Xing Guan’s mental condition has become much better, but his mood is still somewhat noticeable. When he saw Si Yue, his face became gloomy.

   “Control yourself.” Si Yue turned sideways to block the sight of Si Youqian, brought him to the sofa and threw him a tablet. “Play by yourself, and if you don’t know what to play, you can ask Xiao Bao.”

   Xing Guan now knows who Xiao Bao refers to, and became less depressed and gloomy. Looking at Ye Zhizhou next to him, he was slightly awkward and uncomfortable. Ye Zhizhou just passed the last level of the game he was playing, looked up, saw him sitting next to him, and excitedly patted his shoulder. “Perfect timing, let’s go online to play that racing game together. I can’t pass a certain round.”

   The earlier mood was suddenly dispelled by his easy attitude. Xing Guan relaxed his tight body, showing a smile on his face, and nodded, “En, I’ll definitely help you pass that round.” No matter who the other person is, their memories of growing up together from childhood are not fake, and they can still be good friends in the future.


   When Zhong Min came out to give them fruits, she saw the two boys squeezing in front of the TV to play the game. She couldn’t help smiling. She was just preparing to go tease them when Si Youqian came over, and there was nothing good said the moment he opened his mouth. “Look at Xiao Han like this, he only knows how to play all day, and I don’t know when he’ll be more obedient.”

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   “I think he is fine like this.” The smile on Zhong Min’s face faded, she turned to go get the tissue box on the cabinet. “The sons I raised all have good character, and they never do anything against their conscience. I am very glad that they are like me.”

   Si Youqian looked at her, baffled. “What happened to you today? You have been cold and distant, are you tired? But when you said that they are like you, I disagree. Xiao Yue obviously is more like me, but Xiao Han somehow grew up like that. Not like you or me. I almost suspect that I found the wrong child that year…”

   Zhong Min slammed the tissue box in her hand and turned to look at him coldly. “Si Youqian! Do you think that I, Zhong Min, will be stupid enough to recognize a bastard who is not related to me as my son?” puG9QX

   The two words of bastard son directly poked the nerves of Si Youqian. His face sank and he yelled. “What are you talking about!? How can you say that about your son!”

   “I clearly was talking about the bastard son!” Zhong Min retorted. She quickly forced herself to calm down, sorted out her hair, and restored her usual gentle and kind look. “Our child’s birthday party should be a happy occasion, so don’t make a fuss. Go and set the table, I will go greet the guests.”

  Si Youqian, who was rarely treated by the other party with this commanding tone, frowned slightly, and his anger increasing. “What guests do you need to greet? Didn’t we just invite some of Xiao Han’s classmates and roommates today?”

   “Of course it’s a very important guest.” Zhong Min no longer looked at him, directly walked towards the front door. 6 TsBz

   Si Youqian watched her leave, his heart full of anger. He swore, “What a bad temper!”

   Zhong Min opened the door and Fang Shuhe stood there with a gift, the smile on her face thin and polite.

   Zhong Min carefully looked at her sallow skin color and old-fashioned glasses, and smiled with enthusiasm. “Shuhe is always on time, come in quickly. I liked the mask you brought me last time. You are so considerate.”

   “As long as Madam likes it.” Fang Shuhe kept her voice professional and politely entered the house. CNhsrK

   Si Youqian came out of the kitchen with some dishes and his brow wrinkled when he saw Fang Shuhe. The two’s eyes briefly met each other, then they looked away, pretending to have just seen each other. They greeted each other politely. There seemed to be nothing wrong with their behavior.

   But the other people in the room who were quietly watching them act, inwardly their eyes nearly rolled up into the sky. Ye Zhizhou was afraid that Zhong Min’s emotions would get out of control. He had been using his spiritual power to surround her to keep her calm. But it seems that she was very calm and focused, and her breathing was not affected at all.

   This camouflaged emotion is… did her heart blacken?

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   At ten o’clock, Wei Sihan finally appeared. He held a basketball in his hand, his hat was backwards, and he wore an orange hooded t-shirt. The smile on his face was sincere and sunny. “There was a traffic jam on the road, so I came late. I’m not the last one to come right?” YEpwHf

   Ye Zhizhou quickly suppressed the emotions of Xing Guan that had started to stir up again. He smiled and welcomed him. “No, there’s still some people who haven’t arrived yet. You arrived right on time, my mother just made some juice.”

   “Then I got lucky, I like to drink juice.” Wei Sihan wiped the sweat on his forehead, then smiled and said hello to everyone in the room, looking very polite and well-behaved.

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   During his greetings, Si Yue acted indifferent, Xing Guan did not even turn around, and was completely focused on madly pressing his game controller. Fang Shuhe looked as if she was meeting a stranger and only nodded as a response. Si Youqian had a blank absent minded look, as if Wei Sihan’s appearance had made him remember something.

   How did the father and son act the same when putting on a show? Ye Zhizhou had to resist the urge to vomit, and arranged Wei Sihan to sit down next to Fang Shuhe.  “You sit first, I’m going to help my mother bring out the juice, and I will come back later.” SjI vM

   Wei Sihan nodded quickly, but his heart was racing, and he could not help looking at Si Youqian who was sitting across from him. Si Youqian frowned and avoided his sight, and then glanced at Fang Shuhe. Fang Shuhe understood and quietly pinched the thigh of Wei Sihan to get him to restrain himself. She was inwardly very satisfied with how Ye Zhizhou had arranged their seats.

   In the kitchen, Zhong Min was putting the juice into cups and placing it on the tray. When Ye Zhizhou came in, she asks, ”Is everyone here?”

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   “Yes.” Ye Zhizhou stepped forward to help her pick up the tray, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Auntie, you should be mentally prepared, the illegitimate child …he’s dressed like Xiao Han.”

   Zhong Min paused in the middle of picking up the straws. She took a deep breath then smiled at him. “It’s ok, today… no one will be let off.” eO4dPW

   In the living room, Si Youqian and Fang Shuhe pretended to chat about official business. Wei Sihan acted as a classmate and stranger. From time to time, he answered Si Youqian’s questions. Xing Guan finally let go of the game controller, and sat next to Si Yue with his arms crossed. The two’s face are cold like they’re facing King Yama, but the picture they make is a bit beautiful..

   Ye Zhizhou smirked and looked away from them. He followed Zhong Min as they went to the sofa where Wei Sihan was sitting. When they walked close enough to see Wei Sihan’s face, Zhong Min stopped. Her hands lost their grip on the tray, and the snacks and cups of juices fell into the ground with a clatter.

   Si Youqian stopped talking, and Fang Shuhe’s body became tense and then she tilted her head to see what had happened. Wei Sihan quickly put a look of concern on his face and asked, “Auntie are you ok? Did you hurt your hand?”

   Zhong Min suddenly spoke. “Xiao Han…” iXe498

   Si Youqian’s expression shook, Fang Shuhe’s breathing became softer, and Wei Sihan’s eyes flickered with joy, and his face showed a trace of doubt at the right time. “How do you know that my name is Xiao Han, did Xiao Si tell you? Coincidentally, my name is almost the same as Xiao Si’s. When we were in the dorms, it took a long time to decide what to call the both of us.”

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   Si Youqian interjected at a timely moment, and he anxiously asked. “Your name is Xiao Han? How do you write that Han? What is your full name?”

   “It’s written with the Han from frigid, and my full name is Wei Sihan, but Wei surname was added after i was adopted. It’s my foster father’s surname, and my registration information in the orphanage is Si Han.”

   “Orphanage? You are an orphan? How did you go to an orphanage, and how old were you when you were adopted?” 4uatkG

   “Because I don’t have memories before the age of five, I don’t really remember how I went to the orphanage..but I was adopted twice. The first time was when I was five years old, and the second time was when I was seven, almost eight.”

   The two echoed one another asking and replying all on their own and Si Youqian’s expression became more and more excited, and his breathing became quicker. He stood up and walked forward like he wanted to take a closer look at Wei Sihan’s appearance. But he looked back at Zhong Min and stopped, excitedly speaking, “Xiao Min, Xiao Han, is our little…”

   “What are you two getting so excited over?” Zhong Min coldly interrupted him, picking up a glass of juice from the tray that Ye Zhizhou was holding. “I was talking to Xiao Han to hand me the juice. This classmate, did your teacher never teach you that when you go to someone else’s house, you do not just answer anything they ask?”

   The expressions of Si Youqian and Wei Sihan fell. AZ cDN

   “And also…” Zhong Min stepped forward and handed the juice to Fang Shuhe. Fang Shuhe felt that something was wrong, but she did not dare to show it. She quickly reached for the juice, but did not expect Zhong Min’s hand to move away. She was puzzled and then was splashed with juice.

   “Your teachers never taught you that, did your mother never teach you that either?” Putting the juice cup back on the tray, Zhong Min picked up another cup, and turned towards Fang Shuhe while smiling and said. “Sorry, my hand slipped.”

   Fang Shuhe’s question was held back in her throat. There was some suspicion in her eyes. She couldn’t tell whether her previous sentence was unintentional, or if she know something and had said it on purpose.

   “Ah, auntie, you…” Wei Sihan was scared by the murderous glint in Zhong Min’s eyes, and he unconsciously moved towards Fang Shuhe. lGb3zd

   Si Youqian finally returned to himself and was angered, “Zhong Min! How are you treat guests! How can you pour juice on your guests!”

   The response that Zhong Min gave him was a cup of juice over his head and a resounding slap.

   “Si Youqian, back then, I was able to use money to make you the boss that you are today. Now, I can make you leave this house without a penny and then sit in prison! I advise you not to mess around!”

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   Si Youqian was shocked by her outburst, and after he was knocked out of his shock, he was furious. “What do you mean?!” 0dwh4G

   “It means that I want to divorce you!” Zhong Min did not fear his anger, and she waved her hand slightly toward the already standing up Si Yue. “Xiao Yue, restrain him.”

   He listened to her words, and pressed him down onto the sofa while holding down his hands.

   “What are you doing? I am your father!”

   Si Yue looked at him with a cold face, and shook his head. “No, you stopped being my father from the day you killed Xiao Han..” SDLAJr

   Si Youqian’s reprimand was quickly stopped, and his eyes widened. He unthinkingly looked at Fang Shuhe, but he saw that the other side’s eyes was also full of disbelief, and he couldn’t help the sinking feeling in his heart.

   Zhong Min came forward and turned his head to face her. She raised his hand and gently helped him to remove a fruit stain on his face. Her voice was soft. “Youqian, you want money, I can understand that, but why did you need to harm my Xiao Han? He was only five years old, and he also had your blood in his body. Was his body still warm when you buried him in the depths of the tree pit? Was his eyes wide open, silently calling dad?”

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   Si Youqian couldn’t help but shake his head and trying to hold her like usual. “Xiao Min, did your illness relapse gain? Don’t be afraid, I will accompany you for treatment. Xiao Yue, quickly let me go, your mother is ill and needs to go to the hospital.”

   Slap! WEeAkq

   With a loud sound, Si Youqian’s head was whipped to the side by a slap.

   “This slap is for Xiao Han.” Zhong Min shook her hand, and then backhanded him again. “This slap is for Xiao Ke.” Then slapped him again, “This is for Xiao Bao who was used by you.”

   While Si Youqian was slapped silly, Fang Shuhe couldn’t help but want to go forward, but was then directly pressed back down by Ye Zhizhou’s spiritual power. As for Wei Sihan, who had been stunned, he has been cornered by Xing Guan at the sofa. He was so scared he didn’t even dare to fart.

   Slap! Slap! d1WigN

   After the two loud slaps, Zhong Min’s hand was red and swollen, and her hand was slightly trembling. “Those were the two left, one for Xiao Bao’s father, and one for myself! Si Youqian, I, Zhong Min, was blind to have chosen you back then, and now I can only blame myself for being blind, but Xiao Bao and his parents were innocent! Xiao Han was innocent! You caused the deaths of my family, so I want your family to never rest!”

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   Si Youqian’s face was swollen and red, and he was probably mad. He took a few breaths and then finally said, “I don’t understand what you are talking about! Xiao Yue, you let go of me! I am your father! Let go of me!”

   Zhong Min did not want to look at this man who still denied the truth, and turned to face Fang Shuhe, who was panicked.

   “I, I am not…” YMbTXn

   “Not what?” Zhong Min reached out and wiped her face, and then rubbed the cosmetics on her fingers onto her clothes. “You aren’t the mistress? Didn’t you plan the kidnapping of that year? You didn’t kill my son, you didn’t intend to use your illegitimate child to impersonate him?”

   Fang Shuhe tightened her hand, and wanted to make a sharp rebuttal, but she felt a sharp pain in her brain the moment she tried to say anything and didn’t dare to speak.

   “And you.” Zhong Min got up and looked at Wei Sihan in the corner of the sofa. She looked up and down and sneered. “I have always liked children very much, but you are so… Unfortunately for your adoptive father, if he knew that you are such a white-eyed wolf, I don’t know how sad he would be.”

   She observed them one by one, picked up the remote control on the coffee table, and slowly spoke. “The police should be on the way. Until they arrive, I’ll give you some wonderful things to watch.” She looked at Si Yue and others. “After you tie them up, go upstairs, so it doesn’t dirty your eyes.” w HN20

   Probably guessing what she wants to put on, Ye Zhizhou and Si Yue quickly got up, first tying up the screaming Si Youqian, and then tying up Fang Shuhe’s hands. They walked over and dragged the innocent Xing Guan aside, tied up Wei Sihan, and took Xing Guan upstairs.

   The shading device that should have been used while they were blowing the candles was now being used. The room got dark. Zhong Min pushed the cake out,  put in five candles, then sat next to the cake and opened the projector.

   The happy birthday song was sung in a lively tone. After the song, the picture turned sharply and turned into a light-filled bar, and a familiar figure appeared in the picture.

   Wei Sihan’s face turned pale and his heart panicked. Isn’t, isn’t this the day he went to pick up men… da9XCj

   Zhong Min put down the remote control, picked up the plastic knife used to cut the cake, and waved it. “This was after you left the resort. I asked someone to film this for your good son, it was really amazing. Later there will be some footage from a few days earlier. Don’t worry, I won’t let you guys miss a second of this.”

Si Youqian and Fang Shuhe looked at each other, and their emotions were slightly suppressed by doubts. They didn’t understand what she was trying to do.

   The video quickly changed from drinking to *, and then to an scene of male and male rubbing intimately against each other

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

   Si Youqian was shocked at first, and then filled with anger and embarrassment. He yelled at Wei Sihan. “So you like men?! Little bastard! You are actually willing to be topped by other men!” JS1Zs4

   Wei Sihan was shaken by him and couldn’t help but turn to Fang Shuhe, but she looked away, her face pale and full of disgust.

   “I forgot to tell you.” Blowing out the candle, Zhong Min began to cut the cake. “The man who was with your son was specially picked up by me. That guy seemed to have some problems. Make sure to take your son to the hospital after today.”

   “No, impossible!” Wei Sihan screamed and shook his head. “I, I made sure to have him wear a condom!”

The screen on the projector changed again and became the hotel room. Because it was a sneak shot, the picture was always fixed at the same angle, but it did not hinder the viewing. AiVzm3

   The sound of sex echoed in the living room, Wei Sihan thought of a possibility, and his voice couldn’t help but shake. “Could it be…” for some STDs, by mouth … could also be contagious.

   Zhong Min turned the video volume down and picked up a piece of cake. “Quiet down, can’t let Xiao Yue and them hear these bad words, they are all good kids.”

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   “You bitch!” Si Youqian has completely lost his senses and struggled wildly. “What you’re doing is illegal and against the law! I am going to send you to prison!”

   “Sure, I’ll be waiting.” Zhong Min put the sweet cake directly on his face, and her expression looked a bit eerie under the dim projector light. “But before that, I will make you go to hell! This is the birthday cake that Xiao Han wasn’t able to eat at his fifth birthday, so you eat it well as his father!” 4TkNtd

   Si Youqian’s gaze was covered by the cream on the cake, and he began to shake his head madly, then yelled with fury.

   “And, Xiao Yue has already applied for a change of surname. After all this, his surname will be Zhong, not Si.” She turned and walked to Fang Shuhe, and she lowered her voice. “I heard that there is a way to make someone have the same nightmare for a lifetime. Xiao Han is so cute, how about letting you dream about him forever?”

   Her brain felt a sharp and stabbing pain, and it felt as if she was the little child that died that year. She shook and couldn’t help but scream.

   The picture on the projector was still going on. Wei Sihan, who was completely infected by his parents, suddenly cried. “No! I’m not Wei Sihan, I am Si Han, I am the real little master of the Si family! The others are fakes! Fakes!” QvJVzo

   Zhong Min glanced at him coldly, picked up the remote control and turned off the projector. She fixed her messy hair and clothes, and walked toward the second floor.

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   The police arrived at lunch time, with Wei Zhuang.

   Si Youqian, who had been cleaned up, rushed to the police and angered and condemned Zhong Min’s imprisonment and abuse. The police looked him and frowned. “You look fine all over, and your face is more rosy than mine. How do you look like you’ve abused?”

   Si Youqian tensed up and felt his face. “Police, look at my face, it’s been beaten up by that crazy woman! She is mentally ill, and my hands were tied up…”  stretching out his hand, he found the skin is normal and with no traces of injury. His words broke, and he was busy reaching out to touch his face. He did not feel the redness and swelling, and the pain was all gone. XZrCut

   Ye Zhizhou smiled, the Jin Chuang pill the system produced is very effective, the red and swollen wrists, how could they let these things appear in front of the police.

   “No, they obviously tied me up for a long time, I…”

“Si Youqian.” The police interrupted his words impatiently, twisting his hands and handcuffed him. “You have been suspected of a kidnapping and two murders. Come with me.” The sound of the handcuffs clicking announced that he is no longer free.

   Fang Shuhe was so scared that she wanted to hide, but she was also shackled. Pqddb

   The police came quickly and left quickly. Si Yue and Zhong Min accompanied the police. Wei Zhuang was left behind. He looked around the messy living room, and then disgustedly swept his eyes on the sofa. “Da Bao, what about this guy? Why didn’t the police take him away?”

   “Because he didn’t get the chance to commit the crimes.” Ye Zhizhou shrugged and shouted at the second floor. “Wei Songning, don’t stay upstairs, come out! We’ll hand this person over to you, didn’t you say you wanted to have him repay your father?”

   Wei Sihan heard the familiar name and finally recovered from his chaotic emotions. He looked upstairs incredulously and then stupidly asked, “B-brother? Why are you here? I, they were bullying me, I’m not, I ……”

   “Don’t call me brother.” Wei Songning interrupted his words with a cold face. He went straight to him and grabbed his collar and dragged him up. “You don’t deserve to call me brother, nor do you deserve to be father’s son. He taught you how to be a good person for more than ten years, but it couldn’t resist the inferior genes in your bones, you can not be saved!” Ol7TdJ

   “No, brother, brother, don’t do this, I didn’t…” Wei Shihan grabbed his hand and his tears fell. “It’s all them, I didn’t, brother, you have to believe me…”

   “Still lying and defending yourself.” Wei Songning threw him away and wiped his hands. “It seems that I don’t have to take you to repay Father. From today on, my Wei family does not have a person like you!”

   Wei Sihan was thrown to the ground. After hearing that sentence, the last trace of blood on his face disappeared.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

T/N: Zhong Min went off this chapter, get that revenge for your son and sister eQS38

Translator's Note

A phone game

Translator's Note

杂种 is what she said but it can mean son of a b*tch, bastard son, mixed breed and hybrid so Si Youqian is hearing things or is he>.>

Translator's Note

金疮药; Golden Sore

Translator's Note

礼义廉耻;sense of propriety, justice, integrity and honor, basically how to be a decent human being

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