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There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a HaremChapter 59


Translator: Mina
Editor: Yuika


Si Yue came very quickly, and he was followed by Wei Zhuang, whose eye bags were as big as a panda’s.

   The temperature in the mountains at night was low, and the wind is still blowing. The mosquitoes are clinging around a few people and were annoying people, but right now no one cared about them. Qin Mo’s assistant sent a few flashlights to light up the bottom of the pit.

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   “My god…” Wei Zhuang raised his hand and rubbed his hair, and turned sideways to see his good friend. “Si Yue, you…”

   Si Yue slowly squatted down to the ground, and he touched the small figure next to the roots of the tree, clenched his fists and turned his head. EjnN8f

   Xing Guan was not crying anymore, and he sat listlessly in the side of the pit. His eyes were looking at the bottom of the pit and were red, his expression and lips were tight, and his face was pale under the light of the flashlight.

“The kidnapping case that year definitely had a problem.” Ye Zhizhou broke the silence and looked at Si Yue who was kneeling at the side of the pit. “Do you want to call the police?” Once this situation is reported, it will definitely alarm Si Youqian and Fang Shuhe, but if not reported… …

   “Report it.” Si Yue’s voice was very tight, and it was also a little hoarse, “But not now, mother’s body is very frail.”

   In this regard, Ye Zhizhou has also considered this, and there is a deeper level. If reported and the police can’t get any evidence against Si Youqian and the hidden Fang Shuhe, then they will miss this opportunity. It is very likely that there will be a hard battle to fight. knt7l3

   Converging these thoughts, he went one step further and continued. “There is still one more thing… I know Wei… I know who the mother of the illegitimate child is. The secretary of Si Youqian, Fang Shuhe, do you have information on her?”

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   Wei Zhuang squinted, “Is it really her?!”

Si Yue stood up and turned to look at them. “What do you mean?”

   Xing Guan suddenly looked up and asked, his voice hoarse,”Illegitimate child? What illegitimate child?” fzSYaC

   Ye Zhizhou first answered the question of Xing Guan. “The one who was saying some weird things to you today is the illegitimate child of Si Youqian. He wants to pretend to be the real Si Han and squeeze me away. Today he appeared in front of you, so that you would doubt my identity first, and then believe that he is the real Si Han, and have you help him deal with me.”

   “Dream on!” Xing Guan slammed his fist on the ground and his teeth clenched. “Nobody can take away Xiao Han’s identity! No one! I want to kill him!”

   “You calm down!” Si Yue stretched out his leg and kicked him. “I want to protect Xiao Han’s identity too. I want to get revenge for Xiao Han too! It’s useless to yell!”

   Xing Guan’s body shook, and then raised his hand to hit his head. “It’s awful and hateful! I shouldn’t have let Xiao Han leave me that year! I hate it!” sZlJGd

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   Wei Zhuang took out a tablet from the backpack and quickly tapped a few thing, and then handed it to the front of Si Yue. “Right before I got here, I had found some weird details about Si Youqian and Fang Shuhe. This is the record of the rooms when they were on business trips. In some cases, there are two rooms, but occasionally there’s only one. Then there is Fang Shuhe’s family status. Both her parents are dead, but she had a younger brother who was twenty years younger than her. He was named Fang Si, and died when he was five from a sickness. I found a photo of this brother from a report on a gathering in the village, and then compared the registration photo left by the illegitimate child when he was adopted by Wei Jianguo… You can see it yourself.”

   The photos from the report are obviously not taken by professional photographers, the pixels are very vague, or black and white. There is a little boy in the corner marked with a red circle. It is a side face, the facial features are somewhat blurred, but the outline is the same as the registration photo. The eight-year-old Wei Sihan has eight or nine points similar. As long as you aren’t blind, after seeing these two photos, no one will not suspect that the two children are not the same.

   The more Si Yue looked at the photo, the colder his eyes became. KE95l1

Ye Zhizhou sighed in his heart, took out the photo of Fang Shuhe, which was restored by the system, and put it on the tablet. “This is a photo after Fang Shuhe’s bangs, glasses and the sallowness on her face were erased… Do you need to do a paternity test? I can find a way to get the illegitimate child’s hair.”

   “No need.” Si Yue handed the tablet and photos to Wei Zhuang, took a deep breath, tried to keep calm and said, “It is her. I have been investigating the identity of the mistress these past years. I once suspected her, but she disguised herself too well… Wei Zhuang, is there a way to temporarily suppress the news that Xiao Han has been found, so that my dad doesn’t know?”

   Wei Zhuang heard this and grabbed his hair in distress. “This is a bit difficult… my contacts are mostly abroad, I haven’t transferred them yet…”

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   Qin Mo, who has been silent for a while, suddenly stepped forward and said, “I have a way.” Then he took out his mobile phone and made a phone call. After a few conversations in English, he hung up and looked at everyone. “The child’s body will be temporarily stored in the funeral parlour, the reason is that they can’t find the age of the skeleton to confirm the identity. In the police registration, the name will be marked unknown and the age will be older. After you have handled everything, you can decide to officially open the case and let the forensic doctor re-confirm the time of death and change the previous error back.” wTB9p2

   Wei Zhuang was stunned, “…smart idea.”

   Ye Zhizhou is also stunned. “Is a bit powerful.”

   Si Yue took a deep look at Qin Mo, and did not oppose this decision. Xing Guan was still a little confused, his mouth has been muttering something, and his eyes are bloodshot.

   The group waited until the police came over and took the body to investigate and left the scene. Xing Guan’s mental state was very bad. He was violently stunned and carried away by Si Yue. Wei Zhuang was deeply involved in the investigation. In the returning car, he kept burying his head on the tablet and tapping on it. After arriving at the office, he did not even take his bag and just got off the car. M73Acs

   Ye Zhizhou closed his tired eyes, leaned back, and took out an Anshen pill. Today, the search in the mountain took a few hours, and his spiritual strength was slightly overused.

   “Xiao Bao, you know more than that, right?”

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His forehead was touched by  warm fingers. He opened his eyes and looked at Qin Mo. His brain was a bit slow after his spiritual strength was overused, and asked, “What?”

   Qin Mo blinked, his face was a little unclear, and his tone was still mild. “Mother and father’s death is related to Si Youqian, right? Xiao Bao, tell me, don’t be alone.” SUbRC7

   He groaned, and his mind flashed through the original plot. Qin Mo’s mad revenge against Si Youqian and the male leads after learning the truth, he sighed in his heart, hesitated, and nodded, “Just before…I, I had a dream. My parents were taking me out of a supermarket, and then suddenly, a big truck came out from the corner of the street… Dad pushed the stroller I was sitting on. Later, I saw Si Youqian’s face on the glass window of the supermarket…”

   “Xiao Bao.” Qin Mo interrupted his words, and he took him into his arms and touched his hair. “Don’t be afraid, I will protect you, don’t be afraid.”

Ye Zhizhou was somewhat uncomfortable, broke out of his arms and rubbed his face. “It is not very scary… this will definitely be paid back. In fact, today I still have some things to ask Si Yue carefully, but the situation did not allow me…when their mood has stabilized in a few days, I want to talk to them again.”

   Qin Mo glanced at the arm that has been pushed aside, and slowly took it back. He tightened his fist slightly. “En, I will accompany you.” QC3atW

   The next day, Ye Zhizhou received a phone call from Si Youqian, saying that he should return back home next weekend. He wanted to celebrate his birthday again, to make up for missing it last time. He also specifically mentioned that Zhong Min wanted to make it more fun, so that he should ask several students to come too. It is best to invite all his roommates to come and build their relationship, so the next four years would be easier.

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   After hanging up the phone, Ye Zhizhou flipped through the calendar and raised his eyebrows. This weekend, because of the holiday on the eleventh, he will take classes on Saturday and Sunday, and then start the holiday on Monday afternoon, until Sunday. Si Youqian, is this shortening the time in the resort, and time with Zhong Min? Also, “It is best to bring all the roommates to come over.” What do you want, to shock Zhong Min so much that she ends up in the hospital?

Sneering and deleting the call record, he glanced at the Wei Sihan walking behind hm for the third time, deliberately turned his head and asked, “Wei Sihan, do you have a urinary problem? This is your third time going to the toilet, how about I take you to the school doctor’s office to see?”

   Wei Sihan’s footsteps were stiff, and then pretending that something was on his hand, he said, “What, Xiao Si, you are really joking. I just got ink on my hands when I was writing, I couldn’t wash it off…… and, I just heard it’s your birthday when you were on the phone. Is your birthday coming soon? Do you want to go out and have a good meal together?” dsSE82

   Ye Zhizhou turned his chair to face him, smiled and shook his head. “You probably got it wrong, and it’s not nice to just listen to a roommate’s call. I have to go out to do something, you wash your hands slowly, I am leaving.”

   The bedroom door closed, the smile on the face of Wei Sihan disappeared, and he resentfully glanced at the table of Ye Zhizhou, and his heart was a little annoyed. Did this counterfeit figure out something, why has he been acting stupid?

 Just after walking out of the school door, he received a call from Si Yue about his make up birthday party. The cousins ​​were separated by phone, both silent and then sneered. Now towards Si Youqian, Si Yue’s heart is completely cold, and there is no respect in his tone like before.

“Let’s find a chance to pick up my mother, and the three of us can go have a meal together.” Si Yue said after being silent for a while. gTe1W3

   Ye Zhizhou agreed, raised his hand and called a taxi, and then continued, “In fact, I have something to ask… forget it, wait until we meet, I can’t explain clearly on the phone.”

   The taxi stopped in front of Wanxiong Law Firm. After Ye Zhizhou paid the money, he got off the car and looked up at the office’s very shiny signboard. He stepped in and smiled at the front desk. “I had a car accident and I want to consult about the compensation. I heard that you have a lawyer named Wei Songning. I am his schoolmate and would like to hear his opinion.” Now that the good drama is about to start, the flag of the future barrister should also be pulled out.

   Ending the exchange with Wei Songning and agreeing on a place and time to meet again. He walked out of Wanxiong, glanced at the bank card and sighed. In order to entice the eager to return home Wei Songning to stay in B City on the 11th, he had to pay a lot… This student is very poor and his heart is bleeding.

   On the 11th, Si Youqian went out really early, and Ye Zhizhou and Si Yue looked at each other and went down to Zhong Min. 0GdJI6

“How did the both of you brothers get up so early? You should sleep late during the holidays.” Zhong Min smiled and greeted him. She first helped Si Yue neaten his neckline and then touched the head of Ye Zhizhou. She said, “Although your father needs to attend to the customer and can’t celebrate with us, it’s okay, because mother made a delicious meal for you, and prepared gifts for you! Are you happy?”

Si Yue’s facial lines softened, and held Zhong Min’s hand. “Mom, let’s go out and eat today.”

   “Why do you want to go out and eat?” Zhong Min held his hand and smiled and pinched it. “I even made soup. Look at your hands, they’re so thin, you should eat more.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

   Ye Zhizhou looked at her eyes full of happy concern, and he felt sad for her as he took her arm and led her to the door. “It’ll be the same soup when we come back. Let’s go, let’s go on a date today! We’ll come back and eat later!” ldLzWr

   Si Yue also put a hand on Zhong Min’s back and helped Ye Zhizhou take her outside. “Xiao Han is right, we are going on a date today.”

Zhong Min was tossed by these two people. She raised her hand and patted one, then patted the other. Her face was full of joy. “What date, you two stop fooling around! This good soup will be greasy after being on the fire for so long. It won’t be good to drink.”

   The two looked at each other with a tacit understanding and continued to take her out.

   Although they made up their mind to tell Zhong Min the truth today, before that, they must make Zhong Min happy as much as they can. hYWO5i

   They visited an exhibition in the morning, ate Japanese food at noon, and went to a newly opened botanical garden in the afternoon. Finally, at dinner time, the two brought Zhong Min to a five-star hotel, booked a room, and accompanied her to eat well.

   After dinner, Zhong Min was somewhat distressed about the money spent for the meal, and her brow was slightly wrinkled. “It’s not easy for you to make money. You don’t have to treat me to such expensive food.. Your dad, too, I said to let him put some of the company stock in your name. As a result, he kept putting it off, I don’t know what he is thinking.”

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   “Mom.” Si Yue moved the tea cup in front of her a little bit and gently held her hand. His voice was as gentle as possible. “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” Zhong Min naturally held his hand, her brows still wrinkled. “Is there any difficulty in the newly established company? Don’t be afraid, you have mother.” GOsF2Q

Si Yue couldn’t help but tighten the palm of his hand, his face turned to the side, as if he didn’t know how to open the conversation.

   Ye Zhizhou sighed and took out a folder from his backpack and pushed it to Zhong Min. “Mom… No, Auntie, the family members you have been looking for… In fact, there was already news.”

   The smile on Zhong Min’s face went stiff, and she looked down at the folder that was pushed to her. She loosened Si Yue’s hand and picked up the folder. She quickly looked over the information in the folder and her face gradually turned pale, her eyes were full of disbelief, “Xiao Ke is already… dead?”

   “Mom.” Si Yue moved closer and comfortably patted her back. o6H3B9

   “That, then she…” Zhong Min lowered her head and read the information again. She looked anxiously at Ye Zhizhou. She stretched her hand and pulled at him. She didn’t consciously drop her tears. “Where was she buried? And her child. Where is her child?”

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   Ye Zhizhou leaned over and held her hand, and he couldn’t bear it. “Auntie…”

Zhong Min shook, as if she had heard something terrible, slowly retracted her hand and covered her ear. “You, what are you calling me?”

   Si Yue hugged her gently from the side, and his voice was almost inaudible. “Mom, Xiao Han has been found… just under a tree on the edge of a barren hill.” xXEi7e

   “No…” Zhong Min closed her eyes and pushed him hard. Her tears continued to flow down. “What are you talking about, Xiao Han obviously is next to to you, he’s saying some weird things, why are you also saying weird things.. You brothers are trying to scare me to death, please don’t scare me… Xiao Han obviously has been found, obviously has been found…”

   Ye Zhizhou raised his hand to cover his eyes, and his heart was full of oppressive sadness.

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