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There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a HaremChapter 58


TL: Mina
Editor: Yuika


Today, it was Lu Chen, who was on duty again. When he saw Ye Zhizhou coming in, he still had some impression of him. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Is your tinnitus not improving? Have you listened to my advice, to drink less coffee and eat more vitamins?”

   “Not tinnitus.” Ye Zhizhou stepped aside exposing Xing Guan behind him and Wei Sihan on his back, and raised his hand to help set Wei Sihan down. “Doctor, my classmate fainted again today, and started to talk about some childhood things I’ve mentioned like it was his. He even grabbed my friend and said a lot of things. This time he must have really fainted right, not fake fainting? His eyes even rolled back. Right Xing Guan?”

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The ‘fainted’ Wei Sihan’s body stiffened the second after hearing Lu Chen’s voice, and his heart became overwhelmed.

   Xing Guan was confused by the familiar tone of Ye Zhizhou and the school doctor. He cooperated with Ye Zhizhou to set Wei Sihan down on the bed. His face was full of confusion. “What the hell is going on? What do you mean fake fainting?” LVhyPK

   Ye Zhizhou patted his shoulder and pulled him to the side, giving way to Lu Chen, whose face was all black.

As usual, he measured the body temperature, then he opened his eyelids and looked at it. He listened to his heartbeat. The upright school doctor lord then sneered, and squinted at his chest. “Well, Wei Sihan, are you addicted to fake fainting? You’re disrupting the order of the infirmary. I will report this school, will you believe me?”

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   “Is he really pretending to faint?” Xing Guan’s expression was stiff and stupid. Ye Zhizhou patted him comfortingly and then continued to add fire. “He ‘fainted’ last time when he was in military training. It was also when I brought him back…just then he was still on your back, ‘sleep talking’, right? The same was true last time, I was afraid that he would be embarrassed so I did not say anything.” 3F5WYs

   Xing Guan’s expression distorted.

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   Of course, he must continue his persistent efforts! Ye Zhizhou turned to look at Lu Chen, and looked worried. “Doctor, is my classmate really just fake fainting? But unlike last time when he was only ‘sleep talking’, this time it was really straightforward, pulling my friend and speaking nonsense, and his face was quite pale. Doctor, does he have an illness or is he delusional?”

“Sickness?” Lu Chen turned over the records and wrote a note. The curve of the corner of his mouth was very ridiculous. “Delusional? Him?” tUWA6b

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   “This brain-dead person, no medicine can treat him! Don’t worry about it, just leave him here, I will call 120 and have people bring him to the hospital, and the emergency treatment fee can be paid by him!”

   [The chances of Lu Chen and the protagonist’s love have dropped to 20%. Please continue your efforts host. ]

   Ye Zhizhou wanted to laugh again, but no, he has to hold back. Taking out his mobile phone from his pocket, he frowned and looked anxious. “He really was very sick and needs to call an ambulance. I’ll call them right now. Doctor, you worked hard.” 84vrde

   Lu Chen’s expression of a cold slag slightly calmed down. He glanced at him and said, “You are a good student, just too fast to believe in others! Didn’t I remind you last time? Some people’s heart are just bent. Ninety-eight degrees bent. Don’t know what to do everyday but to play others. This kind of person, even if they got into this good school, they still won’t be able to get a good job.”

Wei Sihan was bullied in this way, he became angry, his breathing became somewhat unstable, and he unconsciously clenched his hands.

   “That…” Xing Guan happened to see this, slyly holding Ye Zhizhou’s hand, whispered, “Don’t dial 120, I just saw him move. You, classmate, pretending to be a sick as a joke is not funny, stop pretending, Xiao Han is still worried about you, and you are completely wasting his feelings.”

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   Wei Sihan’s hands loosened, but continued to lie still.

   Ye Zhizhou couldn’t help but rub his face. Si Youqian was so insidious. How did he teach his illegitimate child to be this stupid, he couldn’t bear to watch it.

   Lu Chen didn’t even sneer, he saw Ye Zhizhou put down his mobile phone and didn’t dial 120. He got up and went to the desk. He picked up the landline and started dialing. After a while, he said, “Hey, hello, this B City University’s medical office, I have this habitually fainting student that I can’t figure out what’s wrong with him. Send a car to take him away. Yes, habitual fainting, please remember to give him a full body check, pick the most expensive test.” After finishing the call, he started to call the Academic Affairs Office. “Hey, this is the infirmary. I need a 201x-level student’s parent phone. The computer department, called Wei Sihan, OK, go on, I’ll write it down.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Actually going to inform the parents? ! The fainted Si Han became worried, and pretend to “wake up” and then directly flung himself onto Xing Guan, fearfully shrinking against him, and said with a pitiful trembling voice , “Xing Guan, Where is this? Why am I here… my parents?” QFmiex

   Ye Zhizhou, who was staring at Lu Chen’s phone, was speechless, and Xing Guan twisted his face and directly pushed Wei Sihan from his body. His face was constipated. “This classmate, the doctor did not actually dial… Since you are awake, just leave by yourself. Don’t play like this in the future, it is very offensive.”

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   “You’re finally awake?” Lu Chen put down the phone, smiled and looked at Wei Sihan. “Is the bed in the infirmary room particularly soft? Is the smell of disinfectant water particularly good? Wei Sihan, I think you actually tested into the wrong university, the film school is next door, if you want to transfer please do.”

   Wei Shihan’s face was red, and he endured but then he actually said, “Who are you? How can a faculty and staff member actually talk to students so much, not afraid of being reported?” aJZyM0

   “You want to report me?” Lu Chen smirked. “Welcome to report me, can you see my badge? Come, take a closer look.”

[The chances of Lu Chen and the protagonist’s love have dropped to 10%. Please continue your efforts host. ]

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   Ye Zhizhou pulled Xing Guan back and moved away from the battle circle. With the IQ of the protagonist, he feels that he doesn’t have to do anything. Lu Chen’s chance of falling in love can be finished by himself. So in the original plot, how did Lu Chen look at the protagonist… was it because he was bullied, so his sense of responsibility was awaken?

   “You, how are you still a teacher!” Wei Sihan was both embarrassed and angered in his heart, seeing Xing Guan and Ye Zhizhou “consciously” retreat to the corner of the infirmary, he was kind of relieved but was also very embarrassed, but was also curious if the two was reminded of anything by his earlier performance. He was so anxious that he became silent. He looked at Xing Guan anxiously with a pitiful face. 4Z8dq

   Xing Guan shook, moving sideways to avoid his sight, and quietly asked, “Xiao Han, how is this classmate of yours so strange.”

   Ye Zhizhou’s fake sighed, “Probably the condition of a small family is not very good. When he was in high school, he lost his mother… He said that his father is a middle school teacher. That his father was busy all the time, couldn’t come home very often. His brother is older than him by a few years, busy studying and earning living expenses, and no time to take care of him… Probably it’s because he’s been alone for too long, and there’s something with wrong him now, it’s sad.”

Wei Sihan’s face filled with anger and blushed. “The fake should be quiet and shut up!”

   “You should shut up!” Xing Guan glanced at him sideways, his face full of anger, his fists clenched. dLNAa2

   Wei Sihan was scared by this and fearfully shrunk backwards.

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   Lu Chen, standing on one side, suddenly stepped forward to grab his collar, and turned his body to face himself. The sneer on his face was severely replaced, his eyes slowly swept over his clothes, his eyes became colder. “Your father and brother are working so hard for you, you’re rewarding them like this? In college, you pretend to faint and play your classmates and teachers? Insulting the classmate that’s worried for you? And the clothes you’re wearing, family conditions are not good, huh?” After saying this, he loosened his collar, rubbing his hands, and too lazy to look at him anymore, went to the table and began to flip through the case notes. “I will inform your parent and the school about what happened today, prepare for the punishment. This is not a playground, everyone get out.”

   [The chance of Lu Chen’s love with the protagonist has dropped to 0%. The first flag has been removed. Congratulations to the host. Please continue your efforts host. ]

Ye Zhizhou was busy pulling Xing Guan out, and he sighed a little. He was right! In all the male leads, except for Wei Songning, only Lu Chen had the worst economic condition. His experience is similar to that of Wei Sihan. His mother also died in high school, and his father supported the whole family. However, Lu Chen’s father has been in poor health, so his life was particularly difficult. Although he has tried his best to support him, his father died after Lu Chen’s admission to B University. He learned that B University had exempted him from paying tuition and provided him with scholarships and part-time jobs on campus. So he was very grateful to the school and returned to his alma mater after completing his studies and internships, to become an ordinary school doctor. lXetS4

   Ye Zhizhou slightly sighed, he now understands a little bit about why Lu Chen had feelings for the protagonist in the original plot, probably because of similar experiences?

   In the original plot, Lu Chen later tried to compete with the other male leads, and left the alma mater, and went out to become a very successful doctor. He opened a hospital and became the dean… He didn’t know if Lu Chen was actually happy when he did those things. He just hopes that he can always do what he wants to do, and can live a happy life.

When Wei Sihan went out of the school’s infirmary, he ran away, probably panicked about his father being called. Xing Guan watched him run away, his expression was like he was swallowing flies. “Xiao Han, does it really not matter? It’s better to solve this problem of someone who always takes your memories as his own.”

   “Not needed for the time being.” Ye Zhizhou shook his head and refused. He looked at his watch and pulled him toward the south gate. “You came at the right time, I have something to tell you.” The Si family problems will get out sooner or later, and who knows where Xing Guan might hear it from, better to tell him the truth now. 82Hw9n

   Qin Mo was waiting until he felt a little worried, and couldn’t help but get off the car to go look for him.

   “Brother!” Ye Zhizhou pulled Xing Guan and ran close, waving and yelling hello, “Can you take us to a place? I’m in a hurry!”

   Qin Mo looked at his face flushed with red, his mouth twitched, and his eyes showed a smile. When he got up and raised his hand to help him smooth his hair, “What did you just call me?”

Ye Zhizhou felt a little embarrassed, uncomfortable avoiding his sight and pulling Xing Guan to his front. “This is Xing Guan, a good brother who grew up with me. I want to take him to a place.” z9QhVe

   Xing Guan was confused and alarmed by the intimate atmosphere of the two people. Seeing his friend introduce him, he quickly squeezed himself in front of Ye Zhizhou, with a serious expression on his face, looked at Qin Mo, and reached out to him, “Hello, I am Xiao Han’s good friend, who might you be…”

   “Qin Mo.” Qin Mo reached out and gripped his hand. His eyes swept over Ye Zhizhou’s hand on Xing Guan’s arm. His eyes moved and added, “Xiao Bao’s family.”

   Xiao Bao’s family? Who is Xiao Bao? Xing Guan is somewhat confused.

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   “Well, this is not the place to talk.” Ye Zhizhou pulled back Xing Guan and looked at Qin Mo. Although he was embarrassed, he still insisted on the previous title. “Brother, can you take us to a place? It’ll be very quick.” tEpk6G

Qin Mo glanced at his hand holding Xing Guan, pulling open the door “Go in.” Once Ye Zhizhou got on the back of the car, he stopped Xing Guan, pointing to the front. “You take the front seat” Then he went to the back seat and closed the door.

   Xing Guan raised his brows, and slowly clenched his fist. Is it an illusion? Why does he feel that this foreigner who he does not know where he came from is somewhat hostile to him?

   Ye Zhizhou took Xing Guan to the countryside place where the kidnappers back then used to hide them.

   “Xing Guan.” He stopped in front of the winding road in the mountains, and extended his hand to the Xing Guan whose face was filled with doubts. “I’ll introduce myself, my name is Qin Bao, my parents are S city people, and when I was five years old, I was picked up by Si Youqian. Taken into the family, then renamed Si Han. Now, I will take you to find the real Si Han.” XIp41h

   Xing Guan looked at him with a shocked look and unconsciously took a step back. “Xiao Han, what are you talking about, I don’t understand…”

“You suspected it before.” He took back his hand and pointed to his face. “Although the looks are similar, the words and habits are somewhat the same, but the voice, the accent, the habits, and the preferences… are all not the same, aren’t they? Including the lost memory before the age of five.”

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   Xing Guan seems to have been reminded by his words, breathing gradually became thicker.

   “I am not Si Han, my mother is Zhong Ke, she is Zhong Min’s sister. After the real Si Han disappeared, Si Youqian brought me back from the orphanage of S city, brainwashed me by making me watch the videos left by the real Si Han, mimicked his words and habits, and then set me in front of everyone with the identity of Si Han.” Ye Zhizhou moved sideways, revealing the road up the mountain, “The real Si Han may still be on this mountain, will you go up to find him?” Ju0 mr

   Xing Guan’s expression changed, then he looked at him for a long time, and rushed towards the mountain without looking back.

   “Are you sure that the real Si Han is still on the mountain?” Qin Mo looked at Xing Guan’s fast disappearing back in the distance, and his tone was unpredictable.

“Not sure.” He retracted his gaze and stepped up to the mountain. “But I think that he is here.” This speculation is giving Si Han a death sentence, but he looked through the original plot so many times. He regretfully has to check if the real Si Han may have died as early as the kidnapping case.

   During class, he re-examined the plot again. It is already certain that the kidnapping case was caused by Si Youqian and Fang Shuhe. At that time, this barren hill was the key search target of the police. Due to the pressure of the Xing family, they searched extremely carefully. If the real Si Han was hidden by Fang Shuhe and Si Youqian, then they basically did not have the opportunity to take someone away from this place under the eyes of the police. Later, the police withdrew most of the police force. Fang Shuhe had the opportunity to move people away. But at that time, most likely Si Han’s life has been lost already. Moving the body anywhere else would increase the risk of exposure. With that secretary’s caution and Si Youqian’s callousness, It is more likely that Si Han will be in the mountains. After all, after the police force is withdrawn, the most dangerous place is the safest place. tiKg D

   Various speculations flew in his brain  he poked Tongtian, and then spread his spiritual power quickly, trying to cover most of the barren hills.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qin Mo, who was behind him, suddenly raised his hand and touched his forehead. He then looked around him in doubt before looking at Ye Zhizhou in front of him. He couldn’t help but reach out and touch him, but he quickly pulled back. Frowning and holding his forehead, took out a painkiller from his pocket and swallowed it.

   Inch by inch, the gentle spiritual power is slowly propelled into the barren hills, and the light of the sky is entangled in the countless spots of light from the spiritual power, floating in the forest. This kind of scene is very beautiful, but unfortunately only Ye Zhizhou can see it.

   The spiritual power that is on Xing Guan shows that the other party has quickly rushed to the position where the kidnappers had kept them in the past. He relaxed his mind and concentrated his energy on finding people. i0IWvY

   Searching from evening to late night, Xing Guan also calmed down from his crazy impulsive behavior, and returned to Ye Zhizhou with his head low, his expression was not clear in the dark. Ye Zhizhou, who was slowly advancing, suddenly stopped and looked back at Xing Guan. His eyes flashed with a little bit of regret.

   Although he has already guessed the result, he still couldn’t help but feel sad when he found the body. Xing Guan probably realized what he was looking at, and looked up at him. His breathing became very messy. “No, don’t look at me like that. You didn’t look properly at all. You are lying to me.”

Ye Zhizhou sighed and retracted his gaze and pushing aside the grass and walked to a big tree. He found a stone with a sharp corner and squatted down to start digging.

   “What are you doing! Just randomly picking a place and you’ll find him? You are not allowed to dig!” IP mOt

   Qin Mo pulled back Xing Guan, who wanted to rush towards Ye Zhizhou, took out his phone and called to the assistant in the car.

   This was a place where the barren hills are relatively close by. There is a large orchard nearby that is owned by someone. A little more further away is also a place where workers are building roads. It seems that some people have bought the land and were building a resort here.

   An hour later, the assistant brought a few shovels, and Xing Guan, who was calmed down by Qin Mo, immediately grabbed one and went to dig.

   “Don’t move.” Ye Zhizhou stopped him, throwing the stone away and starting to dig with his hands. Mp5 Uw

   Xing Guan’s brain, which has just calmed down, began to fill with blood and fever. “Why are you stopping me! What do you mean?!”

At this time, the pit had been dug to a depth of one meter, bypassing the roots of the tree, and almost half of Ye Zhizhou’s body was in the pit. After dumping the soil, he paused and slowly got up and looked at the red eyed Xing Guan, “When he and you were separated, was he wearing an orange hooded t-shirt?”

   Xing Guan paused, his eyes full of anger, and pushed forward regardless of Qin Mo’s block. But after seeing the bottom of the pit, his body became stiff and collapsed on the ground, “Xiao Han… How can you be here, how can you I…” He buried his head and cried like a child.

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   Ye Zhizhou got up and finally took a look at the small skeleton that was dug up from the deeper bottom of the tree roots. He took out his mobile phone and found out the number of Si Yue. He dialed. qYpjTk

T/N: This was a sad ending. Poor Si Han, he was just a baby QAQ
This is only for July, we will go back to the usual schedule of 2 chapters a week after July ends!

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