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There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a HaremChapter 102


Ye Zhizhou, who was blinded, said a lot of praises to try to greatly appease the angry Tongtian. He didn’t dare to tease it anymore and obediently looked at the plot information.

After entering the military school, the protagonist was assigned to a four-person dormitory. They became roommates with Chigita and Anuot Reed, the twin alpha grandchildren of the master mecha maker Brenda Reed, and the mediocre beta Pansy Chezeldan who came from a small family. The protagonist’s personality was cheerful, and soon they became familiar with the twins who were alpha leads one and two, while Pansy gradually became a wallflower in the dorm because of his personality. LE3oC7

Soon, the freshman training started and the protagonist was unluckily assigned to Ned Jenkins, the third alpha lead, who was known as a devil drillmaster. They were baptized by high-intensity training every day and suffered a lot. The protagonist’s strong constitution attracted the attention of Ned, this handsome person, and they began to privately train the protagonist. During a practice session the two of them had, the protagonist coincidentally discovered that Ned’s spiritual power had a hidden wound. Feeling sympathetic, they thought about secretly treating Ned with the spiritual power training method which they had learned from their mecha manufacturing system.

Ned very quickly discovered the protagonist’s subtle actions and their own spiritual strength improving. They were both pleasantly surprised and moved, and thus paid more attention to this little student. When the twins saw that the protagonist and Ned were getting closer, they became a little upset. At this time, Pansy happened to poke at their sore spot and complained that the protagonist was secretly going to the drillmaster’s room every day in order to treat Ned’s hidden injury, too noisy. When the twins heard about it, they exploded, and Pansy was isolated afterwards.

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Ye Zhizhou speechlessly thought, so why was Pansy isolated…?

After the completion of the freshman training, the protagonist and the Reed twins were assigned to Class A, which was the best, and Pansy was assigned to Class D, which was the worst—because he had the lowest results in the freshman training. 2ZL6pE

Although the protagonist had two majors and was thus in two departments, they still had a good balance between studying and resting. After classes, they even worked part-time at a mecha component manufacturing factory. With their cheating mecha manufacturing system, the components they produced were always much better than others. Later on, they also keenly discovered an irregularity in one of the new components. They stubbornly insisted that the supervisor modify the new component, to prevent any loss to the factory. This mecha component manufacturing factory was actually just a tiny insignificant speck of dust in the Bafton family’s mecha manufacturing kingdom. The protagonist’s discovery this time saved a large amount of the Bafton family’s upcoming new product. After learning of this, alpha lead number four—Carol Bafton, the heir of the Bafton family, personally went to the factory to thank the protagonist, and from there on, the two of them got to know each other.

Halfway through the semester, the annual routine of cross-grade training began with a bang. The protagonist met the fifth alpha lead during the training—Chris Palle, a second-year senior in the command department, and also the second royal child of the Empire. The two coincidentally ended pairing up with each other during the entire training routine. The protagonist was surprised at the second royal child’s approachability, while Chris appreciated the protagonist’s effort and unwavering spirit of not admitting defeat. The two people quickly got familiar with each other and became friends after the routine training ended.

Afterwards, with Chris’ recommendation, the protagonist entered the military college’s student union and became the assistant of alpha lead number six—the student union’s president, and the marshal’s child, Dale Arden. Dale Arden, who was already a senior and was about to start an internship with the army, had been looking for someone to be the next student union president. Chris wasn’t interested in managing the student union at all. Seeing that the protagonist and Chris were familiar with each other, Dale took the initiative to get close to them, hoping that they could talk some sense into the stubborn Chris.

While the protagonist was busy, the semester came to an end. They bid farewell to the reluctant twins and the second royal child who had invited them to the palace to play.  They arrived at the mecha manufacturing factory and began to work hard while also learning how mecha were made. From time to time, Carol would run to the factory to discuss mecha designs with them. Gradually, Carol was won over by the protagonist’s outstanding knowledge and their relationship became better.


After the new year, school started again. Several large universities and colleges jointly held the kick-off to the mecha league competition. This kind of competition usually had nothing to do with the freshman, who just started school and barely had any foundation. The protagonist thought so too but didn’t expect Chris to invite them to be their team’s mecha repairer. The protagonist was thoroughly surprised but accepted the invitation and quickly gained the trust of Chris’ teammates with their excellent mecha manufacturing knowledge.

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We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Pc atlr mbwqfalalbc, atf qgbajubclra atbgbeutis wjvf j cjwf obg atfwrfinfr. Ktf aklc’r ugjcvqjgfca, Zjrafg Dgfcvj, abbx j ilxlcu ab atf qgbajubclra jcv abbx atfw lc jr atflg ijra raevfca. Qlat j wjrafg jr j afjmtfg, atf qgbajubclra’r wfmtj wjceojmaeglcu rxlii yfujc ab gjqlvis qgbugfrr. Ca atf fcv bo atf rfwfrafg, Zjrafg Dgfcvj, ktb kjr ugfjais regqglrfv ys atf qgbajubclra’r qgbugfrr, rlucfv atfw eq obg atf peclbg wfmtj wjceojmaegfg fzjwlcjalbc. Vb, lc atf rewwfg bo atf qgbajubclra’r olgra sfjg, atfs rfa obba bc atf rqjmfrtlq ab atf fzjw tjii.

On the spaceship, they met the disguised alpha lead number seven, who had come out to play by themselves—Egbert Gilivan, the head of the interstellar pirates. The two of them had a nice chat and found that their destination was the same, so they decided to go together.

After the spaceship arrived at the destination, the two briefly separated. The protagonist went to the exam hall to register, while Egbert went to meet their friends. At dinner time, the two of them met at the agreed hotel. The protagonist was surprised to find that Egbert was injured and was very worried, wanting to take them to the hospital, only to be directly refused by Egbert. Unable to convince them, the protagonist helplessly took Egbert into their room, ready to help the other bandage their wound, but didn’t think that their own body would be stimulated by Egbert’s pheromones leaking from the blood. The protagonist gradually showed signs of their heat. t6BNSm

Egbert had also noticed something was wrong with the protagonist. They wanted to leave, but were affected by the pheromone and ended up losing their rationality. The two people’s pheromones affected each other, and they were about to heat each other up, but unexpectedly, the door was suddenly kicked open. The Federation’s general, Audrey Bastion, also the eighth alpha lead, who had been chasing Egbert, had rushed in. Egbert was so startled that their brain, which had lost rationality from the pheromones, cleared up, and they started fighting with Audrey.

The fight between the two became increasingly fierce, and both of them became injured and started bleeding. The protagonist failed to find the heat suppressants in their luggage, so their heat became more and more overwhelming. The two people fighting were affected by the protagonist’s even stronger pheromones and gradually stopped fighting. Audrey was the first to be seduced, rushing over to press the protagonist down. Seeing this, Egbert managed to hold onto their last bit of rationality, and stunned Audrey, before running away themselves. The protagonist took the opportunity to push Audrey away before running into the bathroom to take a cold bath, to try to get through the sudden heat.

An hour later, Audrey woke up and couldn’t help smashing the bathroom door open. They were doused with cold water and then their rationality somewhat returned. They left the bathroom and called for their subordinates to send over a suppressant. After helping each other through this ordeal, the two people became acquainted.

After this, Audrey went back to the Federation to arrange a hunt for Egbert. The protagonist took the junior mecha manufacturer exam with the suppressant provided by Audrey and got the certification with an excellent grade. oj aUW

Summer vacation had ended and the second school year started, the protagonist grew even more outstanding. Master Brenda felt that the protagonist’s knowledge had already exceeded their current grade, so they arranged for the protagonist to skip a year. Thus, the protagonist once again entered the limelight.

The mediocre Pansy, who had to spend strenuous efforts to learn and study, was very jealous of the protagonist. They took advantage of the protagonist’s long absences, due to their work at the mecha factory, to sneak into their room to steal their notes. In the end, Pansy wasn’t able to find any notes, but instead, found the protagonist’s hidden suppressants! Pansy became greatly pleased by this surprise, and quickly went to find Professor Bell Rackliffe, a long-standing rival of Master Brenda, and reported that the protagonist’s enrollment information was inconsistent with their actual information—a suspicion of fraudulent records.

The secret of the protagonist’s gender was revealed. Although Master Brenda and the alpha leads fought hard against the school for them, in the end, the protagonist was expelled. The alpha leads were heart-broken and hated Pansy who had reported the protagonist. Thus, Pansy’s school days became increasingly difficult.

The expelled protagonist was depressed for a while, but they soon picked themselves up and entered Carol’s mecha company, becoming an intern mecha researcher. Additionally, the several alpha leads felt bad about the protagonist’s misfortune and thus supported them in every possible way. 4MJWI7

A few years later, the protagonist became the youngest mecha master in history. Their  Hurricane mecha series swept through the Empire and the Federation. Alphas were fascinated by the protagonist, while omegas looked up to them. The Imperial Military College that had expelled them had seriously regretted it. Pansy, the one who reported them, had become a total failure, so much that they couldn’t even get enough credits to graduate.

Afterwards, there was a Zerg outbreak. The Empire and the Federation cooperated to fight against the enemy, and the eight alpha leads gathered together for the first time. The war was particularly tragic, with heavy military losses, and the alpha leads, fighting on the front line, almost lost their lives several times. At this critical moment, the protagonist joined the battlefield with their newly developed super mecha and tried hard to desperately save them, which helped the alpha leads and the army succeed in their counterattack against the Zergs.

When the war ended, the protagonist became the national icon and savior. After experiencing life and death in war, the alpha leads understood a lot more. They all decided to stay with the protagonist and not be jealous of each other anymore. The protagonist was very moved and got together with all eight of them.

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Very good. Eight “male” leads, one more than the Calabash Brothers. s8bo3z

Ye Zhizhou turned to Pansy’s ending, and after seeing the words “escaped before the war and was dealt with by military law”, he was speechless. How did the original owner, who didn’t even graduate and was a half-baked mecha manufacturer end up on the front lines? How did they escape before the fight? They didn’t know how to use a mecha nor how to fly a warship. They might be able to operate an escape pod, but how exactly did they escape?

The music from the headphones was still trying to soothe his spiritual power, but it clearly had little effect. The plot was too irritating, so his spiritual power couldn’t settle down… He silently digested the fact that there were eight “male” leads in the world. After making sufficient mental preparations, he looked at the part of the plot where the world was destroyed.

After the war, the Empire and Federation both needed to urgently recover. For this reason, the protagonist and the alpha leads were constantly on the move, working very hard. A few years later, another Zerg outbreak happened, and the scale was even bigger than last time! The battle started again. The protagonist carefully developed a new mecha for this wave of Zergs, but just before the last part of the mecha was finished, the protagonist was killed by the more clever Zergs who had secretly infiltrated their base. The alpha leads were furious and filled with grief, and began to fight wildly on the battlefield without regard for their lives… Then, in the span of a month, they died one after another.

Ye Zhizhou: “…” SaYydl

Losing the army’s main force elites, the Empire and Federation’s armies became more confused and demoralized, and the war became a one-sided massacre by the Zergs. With one last hope, the army urgently finished the design by the protagonist and had soldiers use the new mecha on the battlefield. However, it was easy to make mistakes while rushing, so the new mecha suddenly broke down on the battlefield, and the soldiers were killed by the Zergs without any resistance. After learning about this, Master Brenda, who was responsible for completing the mecha design, committed suicide.

The Zergs completely dominated the war. Within a few years, the Empire and the Federation were flattened by the Zerg, and the human race became practically extinct. The once beautiful and rich planet was completely devoured by the greedy Zergs. It became a dead place, no longer filled with life.

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Ye Zhizhou read through the information in disbelief several times, flabbergasted.

They all died? After going through the war, they didn’t start their sweet and happy lives, but unexpectedly had to once again fight in another war? And then died? The plot was simply… So, the protagonist and the “male” leads’ first great scene of overcoming the hardships was just to make their deaths more miserable? LEf9wO

After he wiped his face, Ye Zhizhou dazedly leaned back into his chair, poking at the mirror. He said angrily, “What relationship does this world’s destruction have with the protagonist?! Isn’t it supposed to be harems destroying the world? But the destruction of this world isn’t related to the harem at all. It’s obviously a Zerg problem! Are you sure the plot information is correct?”

[The system has given all information, please trust the system.]

“…” How was he supposed to trust it?!  He still remembered that the plot information in the last world was completely different from the actual events…!

Thank you Iceberg for the two mines! Thank you Arriving in Dark Clouds, Du Zhuan, Jun Shi and 1 ° pudding for the mine! I love you so much =3=
PS: A bit short QvQ
PS: Will try to fatten up in the next one!
PS: I will pay more attention to the plot holes pointed out by you little angels, love you guys =3= wFarvZ

Divi: Oh my god. The names in this arc SUCK! The three gendered system which results in neutral terms is so difficult! I hope you guys don’t get confused with all the they going around. At the very least, it seems like the protagonist is kinda okay for now.

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Mina: This arc sucks in general LOL. Also don’t get your hopes up about the protag :blobsmilesweat:

Translator's Note

Divi- Despite saying there was no male and female, the raws had this as handsome uncle.

Translator's Note

Divi- The second prince….

Translator's Note

Divi- Using the apostrophes because YYZ considers them male leads, while we just translate it as gender neutral.

Translator's Note

Divi- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calabash_Brothers
A series about 7 gourd brothers.

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