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There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a HaremChapter 101


The catfighting incident continued to stew, and although the male leads used their connections to clear away all the porn manhua from the internet immediately after they went offline, many of the resourceful netizens had already saved screenshots of it. Thus… The only thing that could be said was—accept your fate.

Thanks to Dreaming Continent’s popularity, the livestream of the Zerg Queen boss fight spread around at a formidable speed. The Wang Shu who was mentioned in Jun Zhenzhen’s last few sentences was deeply investigated by the netizens. Not even two days later, Gentleman’s Pavilion was closed for investigation and Jun Shujing was invited to the police station. Wang Shu’s big backer had withdrawn when he saw that things were getting out of hand, leaving Wang Shu and Jun Shujing, who had previously run roughshod over everyone while leaving behind a pile of black history, to accompany each other. 7FD3Pj

The reason why the protagonist developed so well was because of Wang Shu’s big backer’s protection, the accumulated in-game wealth and the support of the male leads in reality. Now Wang Shu couldn’t even help himself since his big backer had already pulled out. Her in-game business was done for, the male leads also hated her to the bone. Even if she thought of something right now, she was already on the brink of death.

The Imperial Feast recipe left by Jun Shujing’s mother was taken away as evidence. Ye Zhizhou used Ge Lu’s connections to get his hands on the recipes and found that the dishes on it were all normal, but hidden within the cover were many poison formulas. From the title, this should’ve been made by an ancient concubine who wanted to win the emperor’s heart, so she carefully found someone to make this.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It seemed like everything was sorted out, but it actually wasn’t.

Ye Zhizhou once again opened the plot information and looked over it carefully. He found that the protagonist and Wang Shu were actually just chess pieces. The chosen seven male leads might have been due to the protagonist’s preference, but it should’ve been influenced by the big back from behind the scenes. In the original plot, the huge wealth accumulated by the protagonist was destroyed because of a batch of problematic game pods which also implicated the seven male leads who had invested in her. Now that he thought about it, it seemed too suspicious. Although the seven male leads were a little brain-damaged after being poisoned, they shouldn’t have been so brain damaged as to allow problematic game pods that didn’t meet standards to enter the market. And when the protagonist was sent overseas by the male leads, she lived a little too unrestrainedly. After she left China, it seemed like she was no longer afraid of the domestic investigation. And where did she get the qualifications and resources to meet with the political leader and munitions tycoon? And then easily change her identity and flee to another country? What happened to the seven male leads who stayed in the home country? Why was there no explanation in the plot at all? 2ygaEm

The more he thought about it, the more suspicious he became, and the more he questioned it. He held the mentality of better safe than sorry, and so, he secretly revealed the news to the seven male leads—that there might be some people behind the protagonist that wanted to dig a hole for them. The male leads who were in the middle of a public relations crisis became alarmed when they received the news, and quickly contacted their family elders. Half a month later, Ye Zhizhou received some information back. It seemed that the big backer had made a mistake and left a trace of themselves in Gentleman’s Pavilions rapid development and expansion.

The information that the male leads gave him was too vague. No matter what, Ye Zhizhou couldn’t find out why the big backer needed to use the protagonist to deal with the seven male leads. Ultimately, it was Ge Lu who was more useful, straightforwardly telling him everything. The big backer was actually a spy. His purpose of mixing in with the upper class was to disrupt the domestic economy and political stability. The protagonist’s role was just him testing the waters. He was the first one to figure out that the poison in the protagonist’s hands had a bewitching effect.

As for how he found out… One of the protagonist’s in-game love targets was the big backer’s son, and the protagonist had once stupidly sent over a box of poison snacks to the big backer’s home.

After learning about this, Ye Zhizhou was stupefied, so this world summary was basically “one box of snacks caused the world to be destroyed”? KxkuWT

Since the task was already completed, whatever the male leads’ families did to look for supporters and connections to fight the big backer had nothing to do with him. He took Ge Lu to meet his parents, and then went to Ge Lu’s home to greet his parents. The two of them shed their pretense and started to openly display their affection.

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Another 2 weeks later, Fu Yuan’s business began to slow down after the burst of popularity, and Ye Zhizhou invited the male leads over for a meal. He gave each of them a pill to completely detoxify them.

Qi Xing shifted to Fu Xia’s side, who had accompanied her family member her, and said after a pause, “Xiao Xia, what happened back then… I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Fu Xia politely smiled at him, her eyes no longer showing their previous fondness and attachment. “You were poisoned and deceived, I understand. I also forgive you. I don’t blame you.” CXhMrN

Qi Xing sensed the change in her attitude and his hands tightened into fists, his eyes dimmed. “I’m sorry.” He had thousands of words, but he could only powerlessly say these. The original damage has already been done, the feelings between them had cracked and it was hard to repair.

Fu Xia picked up the bottle of wine and poured a glass for him, also topping up her own glass. She picked up the glass, gently clinked his and drank it all in one gulp. “One cup to repay it all. The last time. It’s ok.”

The last time… Qi Xing picked up his glass and drank it all down. “Something like that… I’ll never do it again.”

Fu Xia put down her glass and smiled, but didn’t speak again. Some feelings, once you missed it, you missed it. Clinging on would just cause more worry, rather than doing that, it’s better to just wash away the confusion with some wine. Afterwards, they can each live a proper life. sbFSJh

After dinner, Ge Lu had taken away the drunk Ye Zhizhou while harboring evil intentions. They kissed each other as soon as they entered Ge Lu’s apartment. The closer their bodies became, the less and less clothing they had on, and the warmer their body temperature raised.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

[Fluctuation of the protagonist’s soul has been detected. The small world is in danger of collapsing. Asking host to please pay attention! Asking host to please pay attention! ]

“Sc… Qtj?!” Tf Itlhtbe’r tjio-vjhfv ygjlc revvfcis yfmjwf mifjg-tfjvfv. Lf delmxis qertfv Xf Oe, ktb kjr bc abq bo tlw, jrlvf jcv gbiifv bnfg ab gewwjuf atgbeut atf mbja tf tjv atgbkc ab atf rlvf.

Qlat j vjgx fzqgfrrlbc, Xf Oe vgjuufv tlw yjmx jcv qgfrrfv tlw vbkc jujlc. Pc j vjcufgber abcf, tf jrxfv, “Rba kliilcu, fc?” k14D2F

“Wait a bit, I have something urgent to do!” Ye Zhizhou moved his hand over Ge Lu’s face and pulled out the phone from his coat. He wanted to call the police station to inquire about the situation.

“This is an urgent situation.” Ge Lu grabbed his cell phone and threw it to one side. He quickly stripped both of them of their clothing and had them face each other with their breaths intermingling. His left hand rubbed Ye Zhizhou’s waist, while his right hand moved further down. He tilted his head and sucked on his earlobe with his mouth before gently nibbling it.

Ye Zhizhou immediately threw himself at Ge Lu, completely lacking the power to resist.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Soul fluctuation ended. Testing task completion… Testing completed, task has been completed. Soul delivery channel is normal. Does host wish to enter the next world? ] UdKtXa

His body seemed to be floating high on a cloud while his rationality seemed to be crumbling. As soon as this prompt came up, Ye Zhizhou’s state of mind suddenly loosened and he stopped struggling. With a red face, he angrily stretched out a claw. “You good for nothing bastard full of obscene thoughts! Next time I’m going to harass you during your video conference!”

Ge Lu rapidly panted as he moved down to kiss him. “I’m looking forward to it.”

The next day, the phone call from Jun Zhenzhen solved the mystery of the protagonist’s soul’s fluctuation.

“She had somehow been released from the police station and came home to ask mom and dad for forgiveness, even personally brewing tea for everyone.” Jun Zhenzhen’s tone was very indifferent as if she was talking about another family’s affairs. “I kept an eye on her, swapped her teacup with mine and changed my parents’ tea for water. As a result, she fell to the ground not long after drinking the tea, her skin turning green. The symptoms were similar to the ones I had when I was poisoned.” BbLp8E

Facing the protagonist’s mentally handicapped behavior, Ye Zhizhou didn’t know what to say.

“In fact, my parents were already softhearted. Even my younger brother that lived in the school dorms came back a few days ago to ask if she had suffered in the police station…” Jun Zhenzhen momentarily went silent and then suddenly sarcastically laughed, “My parents were ready to put the rest of their remaining savings to help her leave this behind to reduce her sentence, but she really just wanted to poison us and kill us.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Zhenzhen, you…”

“That’s how it is.” Jun Zhenzhen interrupted his words, her tone recovering its indifference. “My Jun family never had such a person. Thank you. When I get back to my hometown, I’ll send you some local specialties.” TnKqOb

With a click, the call was disconnected.

Ye Zhizhou stayed frozen for a bit before letting out a long sigh.

Suddenly, there was a heavy weight on his body and he felt a warm breath on his neck, followed by some warmth on his earlobe before it was gently bitten.

Ye Zhizhou became angry and tried to turn over to swat him. “Get down! Not doing it anymore! I want to go home!” AsV0yD

“You’re mine.” Ge Lu pressed him down, his tone was domineering and unreasonable. “This is your home.”

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Fuck! He still heard this fucking line! Ye Zhizhou was so angry that he beat the pillow and once again resisted. However, it was futile, so he could only continue to be pressed down with indignation. This life was too degenerate and disharmonious.

Because there was Fu Yuan, this detoxification place, the protagonist’s poisoning was cured. However, due to this, her sentence was lengthened and she was doomed to spend her life in prison.

Half a year later, the commotion around this matter gradually subsided; one year later, Wang Shu was sentenced; five years later, Jun Shujing committed suicide in prison for unknown reasons. ZaLfCB

After another few decades, Dreaming Continent had been long shut down, and Dreaming Continent III had appeared. Ye Zhizhou nestled in his lover’s arms and slowly closed his eyes. Ge Lu bowed his head to kiss him, whispering his name until his voice disappeared and it finally became silent.

The dark world was suddenly lit up by a ray of light. Ye Zhizhou felt his body sink and his consciousness clearing. A mechanical voice then sounded in his ear.

【Constitution Rank: B. Spiritual Power Rank: A. Test completed. Please remove the device after confirming spiritual power is stable. 】

This was… OYb2EG

The machine opened with a click and after a blithe burst of music, the darkness faded. Gradually when his line of sight cleared, a huge screen was revealed not too far ahead of him and on the screen was a row of silhouettes.

“Pansy Cheseldine, 19 years old, A-rank Spiritual Power, B-rank Constitution, Beta gender, major… Mecha manufacturing?” The old man sitting in the middle who was looking through the data in his hand slightly frowned. “Your spiritual power stability is a bit poor, I personally suggest that you change your major.”

Ye Zhizhou was a little confused. He raised his hand to clumsily detach the device attached to his head and the connecting wire on his body. He stepped down from the machine and looked back. An aptitude detector… Although it looked a bit different from the one in his original world, it was indeed an aptitude detector. So this world…

“Pansy?” The old man once again called him but saw that his expression was still dazed. He helplessly shook his head. “It seems like he hasn’t recovered from the test. His spiritual power stability is worse than I thought… Take him to the side to rest and let the next student in.” vbCHmG

The staff who stood at the side heard his words and led Ye Zhizhou to the lounge next door. They considerately poured him a glass of water, queued up music that would help relax his spiritual power and set the earphones in his hand, softly saying, “When you feel better, press this button to call me. During this time you can think about your major. Professor Mahr’s advice has always been a benchmark for the students.”

“Thank you.” Ye Zhizhou finally recovered from the overwhelming sense of familiarity, smiled and sent the staff away. He then picked up the headphones to put them on, leaning back into the comfortable chair while touching the space ring on his hand. He silently asked in his mind, “Tongtian, is this actually a task world? Not my original…?”

And then his hand sank as a small mechanical-styled mirror appeared, followed by a light screen that directly popped up in his brain. [Do you want to receive the plot information?]

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Looks like this was really just a task world… It was just really too similar, aptitude detector, the method to relieve spiritual strength, the communication device on his wrist… He almost thought that he was back in his original world. 4Z maJ

He didn’t immediately receive the plot information. He opened his eyes and opened the system’s full body mirror function and looked at his appearance. Brown hair, blue eyes, thin and tall body, single eyelid, high nose bridge, pale skin, and light lips… It wasn’t his body.

He felt a little regretful as he closed the full body mirror and chose to receive the information.

This world was very similar to his original world. There were mecha, spiritual power, and Zerg. The only difference was that the people of this world had a special way of dividing gender. There wasn’t a distinction between men and women, instead, there were only differences between alpha, beta, and omega.

Alphas had the best qualifications in all aspects, but were unable to bear children; betas were more mediocre and similar to the average people he was familiar with, they could bear children but had low fertility; omegas had the smallest population and had poor constitution but strong fertility. UlNJsW

Alphas could mark multiple omegas, but not vice versa. Alphas and omegas were both affected by pheromones. If an omega goes into heat when there was only one alpha around, the scene would be very wonderful. Betas don’t have this problem, they have more freedom in that aspect.

After reading this, Ye Zhizhou felt that his just stabilized spiritual power began to fluctuate again. He asked in his mind, “Tongtian, what was this body’s gender?” The professor seemed to have mentioned it before, but he was dazed and didn’t clearly hear it.

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[The body’s name is Pansy Cheseldine, and the gender is beta. ]

Not bad, not bad. No heats. FadLNz

He let out a sigh of relief and continued to flip through the information.

This world’s protagonist was called Eddie Jepps. An omega that was an 18-year-old orphan who was admitted to the Royal Military Academy in the same year as Pansy. Although they were an omega, they had a rare SS-rank constitution and S-rank spiritual power. They were a very talented genius who carried a mecha manufacturing system, a golden finger that defied the heavens.

When they entered the school, they were in the limelight with their awesome qualifications. They then selected the majors of mecha repairs and mecha manufacturing, passing the two departments’ entrance exams with excellent results.

Wait, mecha manufacturing system? qpFxrh

Ye Zhizhou poked the small mirror. “This world’s protagonist also has a system. You’re both systems yet the other one can make mechas while you can only sell medicine, aiya.”

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The light screen flashed in displeasure.

“Why don’t you change into a mecha manufacturing system for me? Honestly, I really don’t know anything about mecha manufacturing. I get a headache when I see it, but the original host just had to choose the mecha manufacturing major. If I don’t cheat, I’m sure I’m done for.” That’s right, he was just that worthless! Although he had a good aptitude in his original world, he felt like sleeping whenever he touched any books related to mecha. The professor who taught him the history of mechas nearly beat him to death…

The little mirror was very angry with his disgusting behavior, so it shook and turned its light screen into a rainbow color. It popped up the screen right in front of Ye Zhizhou, smacking him to its heart’s content. Mp0uYt

The author has something to say:
Thank you Arriving in Dark Clouds, Jun Shi, 1 ° pudding and Du Zhuan for the mine! I love you so much =3=
PS: Happiness disappeared….Card was closed QvQ.

Mina: This arc was surprisingly really easy and wow the reason why the world got destroyed was a box of snacks….a box of snacks!!!! But anyway, new arc! We get some hints on YZZ’s real world!! This arc is already driving me crazy, I hate these names OTL

Divi: I hate the name Pansy. I hate it. The author removed male and female from the A/B/O so everyone except YZZ will be referred to as they. Have fun guys……



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