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When an Alien is Bound to a World Saving SystemCh9 - Zombie world (1)


The Alliance Town is too clean!” The black-haired youth grumbled. “There’s no garbage, no plants, there’s not even soil!”

System 2d14: [Lord Host! How about we go take a look at those Big Boss gardens?] ldC4dy

A certain alien: “How many points for the cheapest garden?”

System 2d14: [2 billion……]

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A certain alien: “Forget it, I can’t afford it.”

System 2d14: [Lord Host! A saviour doesn’t have to return to the Alliance Town. You can just continuously carry out salvation tasks. After you complete your personal profile, you can directly proceed to the next mission world! There is sure to be more organic matter in the mission world than the Alliance Town!] 19vTsC

“This plan is pretty good!” The black-haired youth praised.

Having been praised by its own host, the system excitedly asked: [Lord Host! Do you want to immediately complete your personal profile?]

The black-haired youth: “Yes.”

System 2d14: [Ding! Host, please confirm that your full name is correct. If it is incorrect, please immediately change it. System default name: Alien.] JGlVwo

System 2d14: [Ei? Lord Host! Your name is so strange~]

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The black-haired youth was unfazed as he said: “The system registrations are wrong. Immediately change it. My name is…… en…… Xiao Yi. The Xiao in Da Xiao, the Yi in Yi Xing.”

System 2d14: [Ding! Change has been applied. Host, are you an ability user?]

The black-haired youth: “No.” 8Sn0AX

System 2d14: [Not an ability user. Please fill in your specific strengths.]

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The black-haired youth vaguely described: “Synthesising one type of organic matter into another type, and also converting between very few inorganic compounds.”

System 2d14: [Lord Host! Don’t you also have that tentacle ability?]

Ktf yijmx-tjlgfv sbeat mbcalcefv ab vfmflnf tlr raeqlv rsrafw: “Cgfc’a ws afcajmifr atf bgujclm wjaafg rscatfrlrfv ogbw ujgyjuf?” AYGcpj

System 2d14: [Oh, right. Ding! Profile update has been completed. You can now select a world with a maximum difficulty coefficient of 10 as your second mission world.]

Ktf yijmx-tjlgfv sbeat: “Pr atfgf bcf klat j vloolmeias mbfoolmlfca bo 10? P kjca ab jmmeweijaf qblcar ab yes j tberf.”

System 2d14: [Ding! There is currently only one world with a difficulty coefficient of 10 available: C planet’s zombie apocalypse. Do you wish to apply?]

Ktf yijmx-tjlgfv sbeat: “Tfr.” NJ6gbU

System 2d14: [Ding! You can deduct 10 points to choose your transmission location. Otherwise, your transmission location will be randomised. Do you wish to……”

Ktf yijmx-tjlgfv sbeat: “Qtja vb sbe atlcx!”

System 2d14: [Oh. Random transmission has been applied. Countdown in 10, 9……]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

2 wlceafr ijafg, J Uijcfa 0mVkPB

The black-haired youth appeared out of thin air in a desolate alleyway. However, the boundless organic matter he had expected to see was nowhere in sight. In fact, it was now late autumn. Besides the bricks, cement and chilling wind in the deserted alleyway, there was nothing else.

A certain alien wearing short sleeves could only hug his left shoulder and tremble. So cold ah!

The black-haired youth was now just an ordinary human boy. His five senses were not sharp, and he also didn’t dare to rashly change back into his true form. What would happen if there were other native ability users around?

But he couldn’t give up hope. A certain alien carefully crossed the wreckage and broken glass of various vehicles before reaching the end of the alleyway. Around the corner, he finally found a swaying zombie! fZ BUQ

A certain alien’s eyes flashed with green light as he stared at the zombie dragging along its intestines, excitedly running towards it. Just when the black-haired youth was about to pounce on the zombie and give it a passionate hug……

“Child, be careful!”

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Along with this shout, a certain alien was instantly swept to the side by a sudden wind, moving further away from the zombie that almost within his grasp. Bang! The zombie crashed into an abandoned motorbike, making a series of clinks and clanks before rolling onto the cement floor.

When it got back up, the sluggish zombie spotted the alien. Swaying from side to side, it rushed towards him, but was then hit by three fireballs flying over from behind the black-haired youth. The zombie fell to the ground and rolled around, the fire burning its body. Vz0KxD

A certain alien turned his head back to see an old uncle and aunt rushing over to his side.

“Child, are you alright?” A dumbfounded alien was helped up by the aunt who had shouted the warning earlier.

However, before the youth could respond, a series of rustling sounds mixed with beast-like growls broke out from all directions, gathering towards the three of them. The noise caused by the crash just now was just like a stone dropped into a serene lake, instantly stirring up the originally quiet alleyway and surrounding residential buildings.

“Not good! We’ve attracted the second level zombies nearby!” The uncle who had just shot out fireballs immediately became tense. He grabbed a certain alien and placed him between himself and that aunt, protecting the youth in the middle. t410SX

At this moment, four or five zombies have already appeared within their line of sight. They were clearly a lot more agile than the previous zombie that had already been burnt to ashes. Their rotting flesh was also not as severe. Letting out a collective roar, the zombies rushed towards the group of three!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The black-haired youth watched as the aunt shot out a burst of wind to slow down the two zombies running at the front of the pack. The uncle immediately threw out two fireballs, but these zombies were clearly much stronger than that previous lone zombie. As soon as these zombies rolled onto the ground, most of the flames were extinguished, and the other zombies behind them were still steadily rushing over! The two adults could only continuously use their abilities, casting out wind and fireballs to barely withstand the attacks.

System 2d14 anxiously shouted in the black-haired youth’s mind: [Lord Host! Hurry up and help them!]

A certain alien’s heart was also tangled: Should he just reveal his terrifying nature and change back into his original form to save the lives of two people? 680UAN

At this moment, the uncle and aunt have already exhausted all their strength, their wind force and fireballs becoming much weaker. They watched as a zombie was about to pounce onto the uncle!

Keeping his human form, a certain alien took a deep breath and directly charged at that zombie. Just when its fangs dripping thick fluid were about to bite into the uncle’s neck, the black-haired youth embraced the zombie and knocked it to the ground. Taking advantage of the situation, he hugged the zombie and rolled under an abandoned van.

“Child!” A worried cry came from behind the black-haired youth. However, the two parent figures were currently tied up with the swarming zombies and had no time to attend to other things. They could only helplessly watch as the youth was captured by the zombie and dragged under the van, disappearing from their line of sight.

And at this moment, the black-haired youth was firmly pressing down the zombie under his body. His right hand that was wrapped around its waist instantly morphed into black strands and happily absorbed the nutrients. tQdbUG

Sensing danger, the unlucky zombie bit towards the youth’s cheek that was almost within reach, attempting to make a final struggle!

A certain alien listened to his stupid system’s frightened screech in his mind. Enlarged before his eyes, he saw the zombie’s rotten mouth open wide like a sacrificial bowl. Desperate, he had no choice but to morph his mouth and bite down on the zombie’s chin! Then, with a forceful tear, that pitiful zombie’s lower jaw was instantly separated from its skull.

The black-haired youth spat out the zombie’s jaw onto the ground and looked at the zombie with only its upper skull remaining.

System 2d14: [Blergh!] tukZOL

At this moment, the black-haired youth noticed that from the corner of the alleyway, a sturdy young man had dashed over at a speed of 100m in 5 seconds to join in the fight, directly knocking aside the zombies blocking his path. He punched the head off a second level zombie that was about to bite someone and then crouched down beside the van. Grabbing a certain alien’s right foot, he started to forcefully pull him out, wanting to take back the black-haired youth from the scary zombie’s hands!

A certain alien reluctantly gave up on the half-dried zombie and quickly changed his mouth back to human form. A rotten stench instantly swept over his senses. The black-haired youth could only hold back his human body’s desire to vomit. At the same time, he morphed his right hand into black strands and clung to the ground under the zombie while pretending to desperately call for the young man. He then seamlessly lowered his head and spat out his tongue, lips, teeth and oral mucosa that were covered in the zombie’s sticky fluid (System 2d14: [Oh my God!!!]). After that, a new mouth instantly grew on his face.

The discarded parts that were spat onto the ground diligently morphed into black strands and camouflaged into the surroundings.

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Only then did the black-haired youth take back his right hand and was easily dragged out by that strong young man. The young man then helped him up and pushed him into the middle of the three people, tightly protecting him. BEsg7k

Soon after, with the addition of this strong young man, the tide of the battle instantly reversed. After several minutes, the three of them had eliminated the remaining seven or eight zombies.

“Child! It’s all my fault! If it weren’t because you wanted to save this old man, at such a young age, you also wouldn’t have……” The uncle was filled with remorse as he turned to look at the zombie-bitten youth, but after seeing that there wasn’t the slightest bit of harm on the youth’s face, his voice instantly jammed.

“Child, how are you?” The aunt was still worried and asked.

“It didn’t bite me.” The black-haired youth said, a little embarrassed. It was me who bit it…… EiLDg7

“Child, you are really too careless! How could you just rush over to that zombie!” After the aunt saw that the youth was fine, she immediately let out a sigh of relief and switched to berating him. However, when she glanced at the black-haired youth’s left arm……

“Child, you must have suffered a lot! You were all alone and you also don’t have an ability. Back then, our family’s Xiao Yong was also bitten in the arm by a zombie…… Although he then chopped off his arm, he still couldn’t endure it in the end. He was about the same age as you are now…… Ai, seeing you is just like seeing our family’s Xiao Yong again.” Huang Shen Er’s eyes teared up. Standing beside her, Uncle Chen and that strong young man were also emotional.

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And at this moment, the black-haired youth was blankly staring at his left arm that was missing half a joint. Grieving in his heart, he thought: In order to not drop my vest, you might never be able to grow back!


Translator's Note

Hm. Expression of surprise.

Translator's Note

Um. Process of thinking.

Translator's Note

Da means big. Xiao means small.

Translator's Note

Yi Xing means alien.

Translator's Note

His ability is not a superpower. It is part of him.

Translator's Note


Translator's Note


Translator's Note

Mucous membrane lining the inside of the mouth.

Translator's Note

Drop disguise/show true identity

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