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When an Alien is Bound to a World Saving SystemCh32.1 - Machine rebellion (4.1)


The black-haired youth’s expression remained calm as he revealed a deeply concerned smile to the young man called Branson, saying:

“It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re fine.” T3IB2N

He patted his back and gently pushed him back into the crowd. He then turned to Red Beard who had come to greet the two of them. He was called ‘Red Beard Jack’. Huo Li had promptly notified the youth in his mind. The black-haired youth subsequently revealed a warm smile to Red Beard and said: “Yes! Jack, Mister Huo and I have just returned.”

Behind the youth, ‘Mister Huo’ took the opportunity to control the conversation and help Xiao Yi temporarily end this awkward unscripted play: “Is everyone in the mine okay? Mister Yi and I can only stay a few days this time. How is the production of food? Have you prepared everything according to my instructions?”

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“Mister Huo, there are now more than 800 kilograms of dried purple algae. If the drones continuously come to investigate, so long as the time doesn’t exceed a week, then the 103 people in our mine would still have enough to eat. However, if the purple algae can’t be produced for a long time, then we would have to tighten our food supply.” Red Beard Jack replied, while Xiao Yi listened on in confusion.

“Jack, leave today’s food and then tell Benjamin and Brown to move all the purple algae out of the cellar. Hand them over to Mister Yi so he can carry out food transformation. Mister Yi and I will go and take a look at your purple algae cultivation.” Huo Li intimately sent Red Beard Jack away and walked with the black-haired youth into the middle of the sunlit jars at the bottom of the pit. rU95az

“This is their daily food? This kind of purple algae? When the drones are scanning the area, they also need to use those grey cloths to cover everything up to prevent being discovered?” The black-haired youth asked. He felt that this was too tragic. No wonder the humans on D planet were almost extinct!

“Yes! After the apocalypse arrived, the D system launched a carpet bombardment on the entire planet. Practically all vegetation was destroyed in that calamity. Later, the land became controlled by mechanical soldiers; the survivors couldn’t grow crops on the ground. After the food produced before the apocalypse were all consumed or became rotten, only survivors close to the seas and lakes could barely survive by relying on aquatic products.

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Because the living conditions were extremely poor, the lifespan of humans has also shortened a lot. It is difficult to continue surviving when their physical capabilities begin to decline after the age of 40. Amongst the 103 survivors in this base, there is only one 51 year old named Hardy who was born before the apocalypse, but he was probably still being breastfed at the time. So, no one in this mine base has seen bread before. They have only ever eaten purple algae.”


The black-haired youth reached out and scooped up a handful of the sticky purple algae carrying a strong fishy smell from inside the plastic jars. Lifting it to his nose to take a light sniff, he frowned and said: “It doesn’t matter. Give me 10 hours. Tomorrow, not only can they eat bread, they would also be able to eat fruit and roast chicken.”

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At this moment, Red Beard Jack brought over eight young men who were each carrying a basket of dried purple algae. They placed the baskets beside the group of large jars. The black-haired youth walked over and then put all of them into his space. He left Huo Li to deal with everyone and jumped several times off the wall of the pit towards the surface.

He controlled the black strands to quickly digest the purple algae. His black strands have now grown to 815 kg. The black-haired youth manipulated the black strands to extend out in a spiderweb-like manner with the mine in the centre. He them formed a sheet of flat green chinese cabbages on top of the black strands. The entire area around the mine looked as though it was covered in a fluffy green carpet. The youth looked at the cabbages in full bloom and thought for a moment before quickly walking to the side of the pit and shouting down:

“Mister Huo, come up for a moment!” d2 YJ4

Hearing this, Huo Li, who was promoting the mission objective of the Salvation Alliance to the crowd of survivors, promptly finished his speech and controlled his wind ability to fly up the pit.

The black-haired youth said to Huo Li: “This tender green colour is really too eye-catching. Use your consciousness to help me keep an eye on the situation within 10 kilometres of this location. If a surveillance aircraft approaches, I’ll immediately change their colour.”

Huo Li: “Xiao Yi, you don’t need to worry. When I focus my perception, I can immediately detect any movement within 13 kilometres of my location.”

The black-haired youth looked at Huo Li who was in high spirits and showing off his mental strength. He was a little surprised and asked: “You…… you now don’t have any psychological shadows towards altering other people’s memories? Cough, I mean, your psychological barrier?” kp5UEC

Hearing this, Huo Li helplessly asked: “You…… don’t hate my ability, right? Although I can control anyone at any time, including you, but you should understand that I don’t feel proud of it and I also won’t use it whenever I want……”

The black-haired youth: “Oh, I understand. Your psychological shadows still haven’t been cured.”

Huo Li: “When I was young, I was actually very satisfied with my ability, but afterwards, I would specially restrain myself from misusing my mental strength. Xiao Yi, just then, I only tampered with two days worth of memories of those 103 people. I didn’t cause them any psychological damage. And now with this mine’s approval, we can also quickly integrate into other bases without needing to alter any more memories……”

The black-haired youth let out a laugh and waved his hand as though surrendering towards Huo Li who was speaking non-stop to explain his own actions. “Alright, alright. No one is saying that your actions were bad. I was just asking, but then you became nervous and explained so much! I called you up just for a chat. So, in their memories now, what did we do in the past two days?” dykiLu

Seeing the smile that was still in the black-haired youth’s eyes, Huo Li finally let out a sigh of relief and said: “Two days ago, the people in this mine base received a message from the alliance that carries out salvation missions on this planet: Two high level saviours, ‘Mister Yi’ and ‘Mister Huo’ will soon arrive. Then, the survivors warmly welcomed us yesterday and introduced the basic situation of the mine. The first step of our plan is to use your plant ability to carry out food transformation and cultivate vegetables.”

The black-haired youth wondered: “So there really is an ability in the world that can transform plants into another kind?”

Huo Li: “No…… The Salvation Alliance has some extremely unique growth abilities, but their levels are all very low.”

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Thus, during the day, the two of them kept watch beside the cabbage field, always wary of surveillance drones. The black-haired youth commanded the cabbages to carry out high-speed photosynthesis while also controlling the black strands to absorb the scattered pieces of coal on the surface and underground. An hour later, just when the black-haired youth was feeling drowsy: XGwKac

“There’s a drone cluster!” Huo Li warned.

The black-haired youth manipulated the black strands under the expanse of cabbages to surge up and absorb everything before drilling into the ground. The youth also alienated himself into black strands and followed in the cabbages’ footsteps, drilling into the soil and hiding. Huo Li had already jumped into the deep pit and warned the survivors to be vigilant.

A few minutes later, after the drone cluster circled several times overhead and didn’t find any abnormalities, the rumbling sound finally left. The black-haired youth then drilled back out of the ground and controlled his black strands to turn back into cabbages.

Half an hour later, the same thing happened again. tzFYby

In the evening, the setting sun finally shed its last rays of light. The youth pressed down his anger as he controlled the black strands to swallow up the cabbage field that had gone through nine searches today. More than 3400 kg of strands were produced and put away into his space. He then jumped down the mine to join with everyone else.

“D system, just you wait. I will control you sooner or later!” Having been bothered the entire day, the black-haired youth fumed as he quickly walked into the mine cave. Passing through a dim tunnel that was a dozen metres long, the youth then arrived at a big hall that was about 300 square metres in size. In fact, it was just a larger man-made cave lit with oil lamps, but the people of the mine were extremely proud of this construction.

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  1. you know… not to be nitpicky but… soil contains carbon… hmmmmm oh well, one should refrain from poking holes at the plot…

    Thank you for the translation!

    • Lmao +1 Sometimes he can digest “nonorganic” matter and sometimes he cant? Or was it that he could dissolve inorganic matter but didn’t gain anything from it?

    • lol maybe I shouldn’t have used the word soil in the translation. They’re mainly surrounded by sand and stone which are inorganic