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When an Alien is Bound to a World Saving SystemCh15 - Zombie world (7)


“You motherfucker!” For the first time in his life, a certain alien exploded with a curse. Propping up his body, he turned his head and looked at Hu Yang who was still aiming the gun at him, prepared to shoot at any time.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Hu Yang fired three shots in succession while shouting at the top of his lungs towards his subordinates outside the door: qmvXhd

“Attention all team members! There’s an extremely dangerous alien parasite in this location! For the survival of humanity, all members must immediately return. At all costs, we must kill…… mmph.”

Black strands firmly covered Hu Yang’s mouth and tied his arms behind his back. Looking at all the remains of the zombies that had been enveloped and sucked dry by the black strands, Hu Yang was scared out of his wits, frantically trashing about and putting up a struggle.

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The black-haired youth wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth (a bullet had just penetrated my chest……) and stood up from the ground. Slowly walking towards Hu Yang, he directly reached into his own chest that had alienated into a black mass and fished out the bullets one by one. Arriving in front of the vice leader who was so scared that he peed his pants, he finished taking out the four bullets and casually threw them to the side. Patting Hu Yang’s shoulder, he said:

“Don’t you know that the soundproofing here is very good?” spAv06

The black-haired youth glanced at the tightly sealed door and continued:

“They can’t hear you at all. In fact, they’re now occupied with using everything they have to barricade the door and retreat to the corridor.”

“Also, I want to clarify. A parasite is referring to a creature living in the body of a host. But as for me, this is my original form.” The black-haired youth pointed at his own chest.

“Those zombies I absorbed are food.” The black-haired youth pointed at the dense pile of zombie remains. rwRaBZ

“There is no one here who can be a host, so I am not living like a parasite, do you understand?” The black-haired youth concluded.

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Hearing this, vice leader Hu Yang trembled uncontrollably, lying limp in the embrace of the black strands. Unable to take it any longer, his eyes rolled back and he passed out.

The black-haired youth no longer cared about him. Flying past the shelves, his speed left afterimages as he packed another 40 barrels of fuel. Then, he alienated his entire body into black strands and passed through the slit in the door, rushing towards the outside. (System 2d14: [Eh? The perspective now is so strange! It’s just like Lord Host’s entire body is covered with eyes!])

At the same time, the rest of the Raging Flames Squadron had already fled to the corridor. Taking advantage of the darkness, a certain alien quietly appeared amongst the troops who were pushing and shoving each other as they ran towards the outside. o5yb6e

A group of soldiers frantically ran out of the courtyard and towards the van, followed closely by a large horde of zombies.

“Hurry up and drive!” The ability users who got onto the van started to shout one after another. After the last person got on, the van abruptly accelerated and sped towards the edge of the town.

“How many people have returned?” One of the ability users who stayed behind asked.

Hearing this, the members who had just recovered from their shock started to look left and right, checking if anyone was missing. VfZlI7

Hua Lian and Leader Hu aren’t here.” One person said.

“At that time, Hua Lian’s neck was bitten off by a zombie. Leader Hu was running at the very back. There were also a few third level zombies inside……”

Silence spread in the van. They didn’t expect that this mission would cause them to lose their vice leader.

“That space ability kid came out!” Someone finally remembered what their mission was. zs4nTa

“Did you pack any fuel?”

“How much fuel did you load?”

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Ciatbeut akb qfbqif tjv vlfv, atf gfwjlclcu jylilas erfgr ralii mjgfv nfgs wemt obg atf oefi jcv tegglfvis jrxfv atf sbeat.

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Ktf yijmx-tjlgfv sbeat mbcmlrfis jcrkfgfv: “10,000 ilagfr. Tbe uesr ufa 9000.” QprxjO

Jbcrfdefcais, bc atf kjs yjmx, atf jawbrqtfgf lc atf njc ribkis yfmjwf ilnfis jcv mtffgoei jujlc.

Qtfc atfs jgglnfv ja atf qijmf ktfgf atf wlilajgs agemxr jcv Affqr kfgf qjgxfv, atf Ejulcu Mijwfr wfwyfgr uba boo atf njc jcv jccbecmf atf ibrr bo akb wfwyfgr ab atflg mbwgjvfr kjlalcu lc atf agemxr. Ktf yijmx-tjlgfv sbeat jirb xfqa tlr kbgv jcv abbx bea 9000 ilagfr bo oefi ogbw tlr rqjmf. Ljcvlcu atfw bnfg ab Ejulcu Mijwfr, atf akb rlvfr atfc qjgafv kjsr.

After the trucks drove away, the members of Chang Feng base all surrounded the black-haired youth, carefully checking him to make sure he hadn’t suffered any injuries from this dangerous kidnapping. Even Wu Yi, who had previously suspected him, blamed himself as he said to the black-haired youth:

“Our Chang Feng’s few attack type ability users are really too useless! We can’t even protect our own team member!” qvY3hK

Huang Shen Er was even more distressed as she berated: “Silly child. How can you fire a gun at yourself! What if you had accidentally……”

Xu Yun Cheng patted the black-haired youth’s back, sincerely praising: “You did quite well today.”

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A certain alien watched as each and every member of Chang Feng base looked at him as though he had suffered the might of heaven. Opening his mouth, he corrected:

“We didn’t suffer any losses right? For this mission, Raging Flames had sent more than 20 people and two of them had died. We had only sent one person and also didn’t sustain any injuries. In the end, Raging Flames gained 9 barrels of fuel, but we obtained 40. No matter how you look at it, they are the ones who suffered a big loss!” aNhBI0

Hearing this, the other members agreed with him:

“Right! Two of them even died!”

“It’s like we gained a lot of fuel for free!”

“How is it for free? Xiao Yi risked his life for this!” x2hCT5

Then, someone finally captured the key point: “Xiao Yi, how much fuel did you just say???”

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“40 barrels. Each barrel has 1000 litres. My space can hold 50 cubic metres, but these plastic barrels take up space. There’s also several hundred kilograms of food I haven’t taken out, so I could only load 49 barrels of fuel. After giving 9000 litres to Raging Flames, we still have 40,000 litres remaining. Now, I’ll have to trouble everyone to repack your luggage. There’s only 9 cubic metres left in my space, it might not be able to fit everything.” The black-haired youth said as he looked at that tattered pile of junk.

The Chang Feng base members: “……”

After a moment of silence: ylioZA

“Xiao Yi, you are too powerful!”

“Wow! Chang Feng has really struck gold this time!”

Everyone was pleasantly surprised and praised a certain alien one after another. They couldn’t believe that this gentle and quiet teenager had just obtained dozens of tonnes of fuel for their base! Everyone excitedly chatted away as they tidied up that pile of junk. Having already known everything, Xu Yun Cheng just stood to the side and silently smiled.

Half an hour later, everyone had sorted out their luggage and once again put them into the black-haired youth’s space. They also learnt a lesson from this encounter, placing some old clothes and expired oats in the van as a form of disguise. Afterwards, the group cheerfully chatted as they continued on their journey south. n5Dkvi


In Huai An town’s fuel depot

Hu Yang woke up in one of the staff dormitories surrounded and sealed off by the black strands.

“Help!” Hu Yang abruptly jumped up and shot out vines like rain, stabbing towards the black filaments all around him. YBHg4A

The surrounding black strands completely ignored this, indifferently throwing a box of clean water and a pack of biscuits into the room. They then continued to remain motionless, standing guard over the room.


That night, Chang Feng base settled down in the buildings at a highway rest stop. After eating dinner, exhausted from everything that happened today, each member returned to their room to sleep.

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A certain alien also returned to his room. After closing the door and assigning a few black strands to keep guard, the black-haired youth then called out to his system. But he didn’t expect 2d14 to suddenly cry out: NCb5xz

[Wah! Lord Host! Why did you point a gun at me today? You almost blew me up with one shot!]

A certain alien felt somewhat guilty. If he had really shot himself, it would be fine if he just used the black strands to reconstruct his body, but as for the system bound to that lump of organic matter, it would……

The black-haired youth: “If a system’s host dies, what would happen to the system?”

System 2d14 cried: [A system can only have one host. If the host dies, then the system would return to the host computer and be formatted! The Salvation Alliance currently only has several hundred thousand saviours, but the system serial numbers have already reached zz plus 4 symbols after it! This is because after the previous saviours died, their systems were also destroyed. Those serial numbers are all just empty numbers, wah!] kK4tZG

The black-haired youth: “Don’t worry, I will never die. If this body accidentally dies, I will use my filaments to alienate another body and come back to life. At that time, we can rebind, okay?”

System 2d14: [Okay.]

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After finally realising that it seemed to have gained immortality, 2d14 became happy again. It started to chat away, recommending to a certain alien the benefits of the Salvation Alliance forum:

[Lord Host! How about we owe another 20 points and gain access to the Salvation Alliance forum!] 2ILTiA

A certain alien: “Why are you so obsessed with registering for the forum? You’ve been like this since the last mission world.”

System 2d14 guiltily replied: [N-no, I haven’t.]

A certain alien was too lazy to press his system: “Forget it, let’s register!”

[Yes, Lord Host! Ding! Access to the Salvation Alliance forum has been granted. I have already helped you find the thread for this C planet mission world! There’s a summary pinned to the top of the thread: Those saviours who have already been around for several years seem to always be helping the big bases eliminate zombies……] DG3q47

A certain alien didn’t have much interest towards this: “Oh.”

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Seeing that his host was impatient, System 2d14 weakly asked: [Lord Host! I’ll stop reading this out then…… That, can I post in the forum like the other new systems? I just want to record down our journey so far! I won’t use our real names!]

A certain alien couldn’t care less: “Do what you want.”

Hence, System 2d14 secretly posted on the public board of the forum: 9OA6 P

<< The Salvation Records of Lord Host and I >>

[As a new system starting with zz, I am writing a post to record the first novice mission of Lord Host and I~

5 days ago, I bound with Lord Host and arrived at B Planet, which has a difficulty coefficient of 0.3. We were pleasantly surprised to find that for our novice mission this time, our supervisor was actually the person I have worshipped for a long time, SSS rank god ‘surnamed H’……

…… Lord Host and I completed the mission and received: 389.33 x 200 x 40 x 0.3 x 100% = 934,392 points. In the future, Lord Host and I will continue to work hard~] pTCucA

1st floor: Sofa~ Also a newbie starting with zz. Came here to huddle for warmth.

2nd floor: Bench~ Fake newbie starting with zy also here to huddle. So far have only accumulated 100 points, wah~


10th floor: Did everyone upstairs only look at the title and not the contents? This person obtained 930,000 points in their first mission! How is this seeking for warmth, this is clearly showing off! SBWNul


50th floor: Looking at god from the front seat!

51st floor: Looking at god!

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52nd floor: Having only accumulated 70 points after three missions, I came here to huddle for warmth. But after I finished reading this post, I can only hug my shivering self…… rblcRt


100th floor: Am I the only one who noticed that the landlord‘s mission contribution level is 100%? Doesn’t that mean the SSS rank god received 0 points?

The forum instantly exploded!

…… BNtxg9

2998th floor: I was shocked to hear that the legendary SSS rank boss received 0 points. Looking at god!

2999th floor: Ding! Sightseeing group checking in~

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com


9999th floor: Long post: << Digging into the identity of this legendary ‘surnamed H’ boss >> r5yQnW


Z planet

System 099: [Ding! Friend Xiao Yun has sent you a greeting: Huo Li, have you been okay recently?]

System 099: [Ding! Friend Xiao Shui Di has sent you a greeting: Huo Li, there’s no problem with your mental strength, right?] 5bWjAM

System 099: [Ding! Friend Xiao Mao has sent you a greeting: Huo Ge, if you have encountered any difficulties, you must tell us!]

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In the middle of a conference discussing the attack strategy on the Zerg‘s mother planet, Huo Li had no choice but to cut short his speech. Apologising to the several hundred high-ranking military officers in the room, he hurriedly walked out of the conference hall.

“099, what is going on?”


Translator's Note

Nickname for the man with the tattoo. Means ‘painted face’. It referred to those masked male characters in chinese operas.

Translator's Note

Chinese online comments are called floors. When someone says ‘that floor above’, they are referring to the previous comment.

Translator's Note

Means first commenter. Forum threads are referred to as floors/buildings. The original poster is the landlord. There are many ‘guests’ so they must find a place to sit. First guest claims the sofa.

Translator's Note

To gather together and help each other since they are all newbies. Penguin huddle.

Translator's Note

Second commenter takes the bench. Refer to previous translation note about ‘sofa’.

Translator's Note

Owner of the post

Translator's Note

Means little cloud. Xiao (little) is often added as a nickname.

Translator's Note

Means little water drop

Translator's Note

Means little cat/kitten

Translator's Note

Brother Huo

Translator's Note

Insect-like creatures often seen in interstellar/ABO novels

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