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A Beta Has Dreams TooCh3 - The Beta’s Brief Encounter


Since the beta had passed the final assessment, he was accepted into the academy. Upon reaching his assigned dormitory room, he opened the door and was met with the sight of two old acquaintances – the tall guy and the shorty.

The beta relaxed, exhaling a sigh of relief.  Thankfully, he shared a dorm room with other betas! p (#  ̄ ▽  ̄ #) o wMGbqE

Tall guy: “…”

Shorty: “…”

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The two looked at each other, puzzlement etched on their faces.

Each dormitory room only held four people, and they’d already greeted their two other dormmates earlier. How was this guy assigned here? MnFVi

An awkwardness settled over the dorm room for a moment until someone knocked on their door.

Before the beta could properly get to know his two beta dormmates, the adjutant took him away.

The beta’s heart pounded violently, but he feigned calmness and didn’t ask whether he could really see the marshal. Instead, he questioned, “I didn’t see any other betas in the fighting grounds earlier. Are there only us three beta students?”

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Adjutant Pu Buhan was speechless. He could only vaguely respond with “Yes, only the three of you.”


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With a grave look on his face, the marshal said, “There’s an emergency at the frontlines. We’ll take off in twenty minutes.”

Thus, the adjutant once again ran off to pack his things. 72uTv

The beta’s heart started thumping again. He wanted to take a look at the marshal but didn’t dare to do so.

Before leaving, the marshal turned to the beta. “Raise your head, beta! You’re not at all inferior to any alpha!”

Awe, gratitude, and a motivation to work hard welled up inside the beta, as well as many other emotions that he couldn’t name.

He saluted at the marshal in a particularly sloppy manner and shouted, “Yes, sir!” LgRnDd

The marshal’s eyes warmed. “You’re the only beta among the academy’s first batch of students. I’m very optimistic about you, so don’t let me down.”

The beta blinked. Huh, the only beta? That wasn’t right… But the marshal was incredibly busy, having to deal with tons of matters. He probably just remembered it wrong. “Yes, sir!”

“Eighteen years old this year, right?” asked the marshal.

The beta grew a little surprised. He even knew his exact age. TbWjz3

The marshal’s lips curved into a slight smile. “You’re quite good. Your two brothers and your fathers are outstanding soldiers, and you don’t lose to them. Train well and don’t get knocked down by the competition.”

A surge of happiness rushed through him. His brothers and fathers were indeed outstanding. They also loved him very much.

But they only told him, “You’re a beta, so just live a beta life,” “Don’t go to extremely dangerous places,” “Don’t think about complicated matters.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The beta didn’t think that there was anything wrong with betas. Why must he live a “beta-like” life? ddhurz

Could he really… change his destiny?

Seeing the bewilderment and conflict floating in the beta’s eyes, the marshal patted his shoulder. In a softer tone, he said, “Persevere. Whenever you feel hopeless, grit your teeth and persevere. Succeed, or die without regrets.”

Tears filled the beta’s eyes, but they also gained a more resolute glint. “Yes, sir!” This time, his voice was louder and more determined than the previous times.

The marshal nodded, then took off his military cap and placed it on the beta’s head. “I’ll be waiting for you.” He then made his way to the spacecraft hangar with wide strides, clearly rushing to go to the frontlines. Q1lsg2

The beta stood in place for a long time as he watched the marshal’s spacecraft lift off and disappear.

For the somewhat skinny beta, the military cap was a bit too big. The shadow cast by the hat’s bill covered half his face.

The beta raised his head and rubbed his face, before letting out a soft laugh.



Translator's Note

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Don’t judge me if I’m wrong though. I’m just following what this picture says >_< u7GMlN

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