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GLCLF Character Information


–Characters Guide–


Our Main Couple

  • Le Yao

A young man who transmigrated to an interstellar future world after being hit by a truck. He became someone with the same name, an omega, the third young master of Le family who was known for his arrogant and rude attitude. He was assigned a marriage arrangement with Xu Yao. He could see supernatural beings and has the knowledge and experience of dealing with the dead.

  • Xu Yao

An alpha, the General of the 12th Army Air Force, the Flying Wolf Division of Tarot Empire. Known for his fierceness on battlefield; thus called the King of Hell. Stays in Planet Huaxia with his subordinates and has become its local tyrant. 


Le Family

  • Le Feishan 

An alpha, Le Yao’s father. 

  • Jiang Xinduo

Le Yao’s stepmother, sweet on the outside but cunning on the inside, a white lotus. She married  Le Feishan after being widowed with a child.

  • Le Tianyu

Le Yao’s stepbrother, an omega, who strived to be better than Le Yao at everything, but for his appearance, in which Le Yao far outstrips him. 

  • Wang Hao

Le Yao’s bodyguard before he came to Planet Huaxia.

  • Old Chen/Chen Bo

Le family’s housekeeper, who worked as Le Feishan’s bodyguard before, but then became ill. So he was employed as his housekeeper.


  Flying Wolf Division & The 12th Army

  • Yan Jie

A beta boy who is working as a hacker for Xu Yao. Had some prejudice towards Le Yao since the first time they met. A foodie. Changed his attitude towards Le Yao after he showed them his special ability and cooking skills. 

  • Uncle Ming/Ming Shan

Xu Yao’s housekeeper, but like a family to him, because he took care of Xu Yao from childhood. Nice to Le Yao from the first time their met. Dependable and kind hearted.

  • Tang Ye

Lieutenant General of the Flying Wolf Division and Xu Yao’s best brother. He was possessed by an evil spirit and tried to attack Xu Yao. Later, he was saved by Le Yao with his spiritual methods which exposed the existence of ghosts to everybody there.  

  • Guan Xuefeng

An alpha, the Marshal of the Air Force, the Commander of the 12th Army Corps, and Xu Yao’s teacher. 

  • President Liu

The hospital dean, his wife works as a botanist in the cold shed.

  • Zhang Xuwei

The head of the Light Mecha Regiment, a competent subordinate who Xu Yao considers a brother.

  • Ke Yang

The vice-head of the Light Mecha Regiment.

  • Liu Yi 

The head of the Heavy Mecha Regiment.

  • Li Chenfei

The vice-leader of the Heavy Mecha Regiment.


Ghost Squad

  • Ji Fengyu

Le Yao’s best friend on Earth. Has the appearance of a 17 or 18 years old boy, is quite handsome with his pale face and neatly cut hair. He died after being stabbed by his father, so holds grievances to the world and thus can’t reincarnate.

  • Song He

Ji Fengyu’s best friend in the Underworld. He died at the age of 32, had a big body and a bald head. He looks like a butcher. Before he died, he opened a supermarket chain. His supermarket chain, ‘Songhe’, was said to be very popular at that time.

  • Wang Feixia

Ji Fengyu’s best friend in the Underworld, he died at 28 years of age. He was originally a programmer but then inherit his family business when he was still alive. This man has the opposite build of Song He. Song He has an iron tower like statuesque, while Wang Feixia is as thin as a bean sprout.

  • Rong Gui

A ghost from ancient times, has a frightening appearance of a sixty or seventy year old man with white hair, and has whiplash marks on his face and skinny body. He possessed Tang Ye because he had disturbed his house. Later, Le Yao built him a grave and a house, and they have a relationship like that of a master and soul soldier.

  • Bei Hongli

One of the new soul soldiers. He killed his uncle who had murdered his wife and child. He asked Le Yao to help him find his lost loved ones. Later, his family was found and so he regarded Le Yao as his benefactor.

  • Bai Yan

One of the new soul soldiers.

  • Zhang Yuan

One of the new soul soldiers.

  • Shang Ting

An alpha, a one-armed ghost, who was the former Captain of the Flying Wolf Division’s Medical team. He died on the battlefield at Fuhe Mountain when defending Huaxia from the Sarnas. A bit talkative, and is completely opposite to Shen Weilin’s character.

  • Shen Weilin

An alpha, and a ghost with a hole piercing through his chest and abdomen, who was Xu Yao’s former adjutant. He died on the battlefield at Fuhe Mountain when defending Huaxia from the Sarnas. 

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